The Spirit of Martin has led the creatures of Redwall Abbey through war and peace for seasons millennial.

Until now. In a single night, of the Abbot's Grand Jubilee, the stoat mercenary Captain Blant and a horde of seasoned pirates, slavers, and fellow sellswords flying his crimson banner swept into the Abbey, routing the peaceful Brothers and Sisters of the Order and taking their Abbot as a prize of war. The vermin have quickly adapted to their new home, and their home to them. A blood-colored fortress, impenetrable and foreboding.

Those Abbeybeasts who escaped with their lives, exiled from Redwall Abbey to the forests and caves of Mossflower Country, eventually returned and began the process of retaking their home; and for five long, bloody seasons of war and ruin, Blant has held the Abbey against the Redwaller and woodlander siege.

In recent seasons, the red sandstone Abbey has earned itself a new name and infamy for the countless lives- the dark blood of whose deaths has stained its ancient, mighty walls: Bloodstone.

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