Redwall Wars Wiki

The Redwall Wars Wiki has very little official protocol. The main points:

Basic Ethics

1. Do not speak ill of your fellow users. This may include gossiping about a user in private chat. While we are unable to discover whether a user has gossiped in private, you should feel guilty if you have done so. Profanity and arguing with another user also fall under this category. If an admin or chat moderator catches a user in the act, they are to be let off with a warning if this is their first time violating this rule. If not, the admin should kick them from the chat room.

2. The use of profanity is forbidden on this wiki. There is a list of words that are not to be used on the wiki later in the protocol. You are not to offend others. If a user is offending you, report them to an admin. Even if a word isn't a curse word, please try to not use rude language.

3. Spamming is also not allowed. Spam is the posting of excessive amounts of text in a chat room. Role-playing in the room should also be controlled. While it is allowed, don’t let it become too chaotic in the chat room if others are attempting to chat. 

4. Treat your fellow users in a courteous manner. Being courteous means to be respectful and polite to others. If a troll appears, do not engage it. Simply ignore it and report it to an admin, and we will take care of it.

5. Even if there is a subject we didn’t address here, you can still be punished for it. Every user has a brain and is expected to use common sense.

6. Do not argue over politics or religion. You may talk about both topics, but if disagreement arises, end the discussion. Criticism towards religious groups and political beliefs/or parties is also uncalled for.

7. Non-Redwall RPGs and fan fiction do not belong here. This should be fairly obvious since this wiki is named the Redwall Wars Wiki. (Update: Rule modified to allow non-Redwall related RPGs and fanfiction, provided it involves anthropomorphic animals.)

8. If you are banned from chat or from the wiki, you are not allowed to create alternate accounts to avoid the ban. Punishment for doing such is an additional ban to your main account and any alternate account that might have been created.

9. If you are having trouble with users on other wikis, do not bring the conflict here. We do not wish to carry the burden of another wiki on our shoulders.

10. All submission to this site must be your own content or content you have permission (from the creator of the content) to use. This means you may not post any videos/images/writing that is not your own or that you don't have permission to use. If you post a Redwall image or excerpt, you must give credit and do not claim as your own. The same goes for all content that you have permission to use. You must tell who it comes from and credit them. No videos/images/writings on your user page or otherwise that you do not have permission to use or are not the creator of will be allowed.

11. Every user must sign with a signature. To sign with your basic signature simply place four tildes (~) at the end of your message. You can experiment with a more complex signature you could use at the sandbox. Don't be scared to ask for help in the comments.


Apparently there is some ambiguity on these. Worse words are left to your COMMON SENSE, but here is a list of some banned words that people don't think are swear words:

  • Da**
  • Fa* and Fa***t
  • Sh**
  • Fu**
  • Bi***

Note: Any variation of the aforementioned words also count as swearing.


There are six categories we use to define stories and games on the RWW: Fighting RPG, Action and Adventure RPG, Strategy Games, Randomness, Stories, or Other. Please classify your stories and games under these headings.

Redwall and Non-Redwall Material

Non-Redwall RPGs and fan fiction do not belong here. If a user creates one here, they will be notified so that they may remove the RPG or fan fiction. If they fail to remove it, aforementioned RPG/fan fiction shall be deleted. (Rule modified, see rule n# 7 above.)

The Admins

They are wise. Listen to them:

Agreement to Terms

Follow the link below and sign it if you agree to follow the terms and rules documented in the protocol.

User Agreement