Northern/Highland accent (aka scottish accent): "Ach, mah bonnie lass. Hauld yer wheesht, laddie! Whit aer ye doin'?

Hare accent (e.g:The Long Patrol of Salamandastron): "Pish tush, m'gel, I'll say it's bloomin' good scoff, eh wot? Quit th' bally fussin' y bloomin' windbag!"

Dibbun talk (aka baby talk): "Gimmee all dem strawbees, Muvver Avvess, dey be's all mine!"

Searat accent (aka pirate talk): "Give yer ol' matey that flagon o' seaweed grog, afore I carves yer eyes out! Tis fer me, Cap'n said. Arr, that's th' stuff t' curl yer whiskers!"

Corsair accent (e.g: Corsairs): "Draw yore carver, shipmate, or join the rest in `Ellgates!"

Hedgehog accent (e.g: The Hedgehogs of Peace Isle) "Hurting thee was not mine intention. Th' art a fool and a low-born scoundrel! Prithee wouldst thou spare a morsel, for I am an hungred. Why dost thou vex me so?"

Mole talk ( e.g: Foremole & Co.): "Gudd to meet ee zurrs. Oi on'y bees an 'umble moler. Doant ee bee a'playen wi' thet thur knoife, young maister Furrbly!"

Vole talk (e.g: Various voles) "Come now, me ould tater, spare a smile for yer ol' Da."

Otter talk (e.g: Skipper and his crew) "Haharr, mates, let's whoop their tails afore supper! Come, cullies, today bein' the day o' the Abbot's feast, ye'd not be wantin' yore fur all grubby like that, now!"

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