Rhiannon Galedeep

Nickname: "Rhia"

Species: Sea Otter

Gender: Female

Birthplace: A small holt on the Far North coast

Occupation: Warrior

Accent: The otter's highland accent is typically faint, nearly imperceptible. When her adrenaline is high or emotion is strong, though, it becomes much more marked.

Family: Her mother, Vanora Galedeep, died in childbirth. Her father, Dagro, was murdered when Rhia was just a cub.

Appearance: Rhiannon has forest-green eyes and heavily-callused paws. She stands 6'1". Pale, whitish scars form almost a lattice on Rhia's dark brown fur, almost too many to count. She rarely smiles, and when she does, the scars on her face twist her features into a grotesque expression that looks more like a grimace than a grin. Rhia's form is lean, her muscles taut and wiry, her posture suggesting a constant readiness for action, like a tightly wound spring ready to release at any moment. She usually wears a blood-red tunic, a green kerchief tied around her neck and a red and green kilt.

Personality: Rhiannon is a veteran warrior of many seasons, with a hardened soul blocked from most emotion. Too many sorrows have scarred her and made her cold, so cold that to some goodbeasts she seems as heartless as any vermin. She has absolutely no pity for vermin, and no mercy when it comes to fighting them.

Weapons: Rhia uses the twin blades of her ancestor, Finnbarr Galedeep, they were passed down to her by her mother. After hearing his story, she swore to wield them with honor. She was never able to use a sling in her life, though she tried.

Appears in: User_blog:Biggren/The_Silvir_Conquest,

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