Rose Darkpaw is sinewy and slightly stocky. She is one inch taller than the other mice Brothers and Sisters of Redwall Abbey. She is black furred, which is odd for a mouse. Her eyes are a pale silvery blue, almost transparent. She smiles and laughs alot and is very friendly. She usually dons a red tunic or a blue habit.


Rose Darkpaw is quiet and collected. But, she can be sarcastic and cold when needed. She cares a lot about her friends, often trying to cheer them up with jokes she makes up when they feel down.


Rose's weaponry is mainly a rapier or a poisoned dagger. She was also taught how to box by Colonel Sandtail, a warrior boxing hare in the Long Patrol. It is rumored that Rose may be a decendent of Mariel of Redwall, mainly because Rose uses Mariel's Gullwhacker, a large knotted rope. She's very good at using it.