The Sacred Order-League of the Redwall Wars Temple Warriors was founded on 2 June 2010 by Thornclaw Braveheart, and was named for the headquarters of Braveheart on Pluto in the Second Redwall Wars. This Order-League consists of those that ally with Braveheart and are true Redwall Warriors.


We must all form a league in the Third Redwall Wars. Yes Lord Marshal Slytung, that means you. You must be on my team in this fight.

We are recruiting. If you wish to be in the same team as another group forever (maybe not, but if that happens, you're excommunicated (No I'm not catholic but everyone knows what that means).), please join.

Despite what some people have said, this Order-League is not entirely devoted to destroying Neildown. It's devoted to staying in the same team for as long as we are members of Wiki.

The Order-League has allied with Neildown, ending a near year-long feud and forging a wondrous future!


Grandmaster (Only Thornclaw Braveheart, founder of the Order-League, can be a Grandmaster)

Grand Abbey Knight

Knight Commander




Sign here if you are a member, and please put your rank as Novice. I will edit if you are promoted to another rank.

Grandmaster Thornclaw Braveheart Through the Fire and the Flames we carry on!!!!!!! 23:45, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

Lord Marshal Bane Slytung Evil Fox Warlord 05:21, June 4, 2010 (UTC)

Novice Talanquel 09:42, November

Novice Brigadier Bartholomew Billberry B.B.B.B.B.B.B.B.B.B.B.B.B.B.B Bowstring.

Novice Snowstripe the Fierce