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Sahaz Marlfox
Sahaz by Jump.JPG
Basic info
Owner Llamao
Gender: Male
Species: Marlfox
Weapons: Double headed battle axe, four small pointed blades hidden in vambraces, spiked metal claws
Birthplace: Marlfox Island, on the Great Inland Sea
Faction: The New Marlfox Army
Stories In: None
RPGs In: A Disappearing Act


Sahaz was born in a time when the breed of Marlfox was thought extinct. His mother died a few years after he was born, leaving him alone, abandoned by unknown siblings. He led the life of a persecuted creature, being chased out of territories on many occasions. He became a criminal, stealing and thievery plaguing Mossflower wherever he went. He soon became the leader of a sizable group of thieves and scattered vermin around Mossflower. And then, he found the Great Inland Sea, and the island that lay within inhabited by eagles and ospreys, and other such birds. But their old empire was soon put to an end, and the island became his. His new life of power was set on finding those who had ever treated him like an outcast … and killing them. And then his sights were set upon Redwall …


Sahaz is a tall lithe beast with long lean legs and muscled arms. His fur is the color of flecks of steel, and can sometimes become a darker gray as well. His eyes are an uncanny shade of crimson red, adding a fieriness to his evil personality. Two black vambraces with silver swirling designs are on each arm, along with a red cloak that is tied around his neck by a button.


Sahaz Is not too rash, but he is also sometimes quite impatient, especially and usually when things are not going his way. However, when he is in a state of mental stability, his focus can become very intense, and his cleverness will reach a peak. At times like this, he is an almost indestructible warlord and opponent. He uses sly tactics in order to lure the enemy out of its hiding before striking, and can lie in wait for days, spying on the enemy, developing a foolproof scheme. It is only in battle when his true viciousness is revealed.