After seeing the recent surge of poems here on this good Wiki, I've decided to throw one of my more popular ones int' the mix.

This be sung, as the title states, by the vixen Shiphra, first known of her name.

Spin among the treetops,

Dash among the glade,

Swords swing, arrows fly,

Blood splatters, beasts cry,

As I sing this lullaby.

I'll tell you of the fox dance,

Where one makes two and three,

Where green turns to red upon twice a turn,

A wing's length away.

Listen well at night,

To the hawk's cry in the glade

When wars are wars,

And beasts are beasts,

Of warriors and moonlit blades, both mighty and true.

Spin among the treetops,

Dash among the glades,

Hold thy breathe and watch the night,

As beasts of black do wing

Across a moonless sky.

Now come a little closer,

Hold your paw against my heart,

And watch in wonder

As my soul and body do part.