Name: Shizuka Mayumi

Gender: Female

Species: Fox

Weapons:  a yumi (two meter high bow) and yatzuzu (cylindrical quiver) packed with bamboo shafts.

Appearance: Mayumi has dark black fur, forest-green eyes and a tall build. She wears a black and silver kimono with the kanji for

Along with her weapons, she carries a tsurumaki (a flat yo-yo-shaped carrier made of woven bamboo that holds spare bowstrings), and wears a soft yotsugake (four fingered version of the yugake, the right-handed archer's glove) on her right paw.

Mayumi's a Kyudojin, a practitioner of kyudo, the martial art of archery.

Background: Her family name, Shizuka, means quiet. Her given name, Mayumi, "true bow". (Mayumi Shizuka)

Affiliation: Empire of the East

Appears in: User_blog:Sirlegoman/Rise_of_the_East-RPG

Character background: (author note) I know the Empire of the East is Chinese rats and foxes, but I thought a Japanese name would fit her. Chinese but with a Japanese name?