This an idea I had similar to Hollyfire's idea of giving good fanfic writers and stories an award for how good they are, but I decided to have something similar to the Oscars or Golden Globe Awards, but about fanfics on Redwall.

The Rules

These are are not as much rules as they are guidelines, but here they are.

  • Each fic must be nominated in order to get an award.
  • A fic cannot be nominated if it is not finished first. A fic can only be considered finished if the author says it is.
  • However, a fic that is not finished can be nominated for an Honorable Mention.
  • A fic can only be nominated once. Please check to see if it has before nominating.
  • You can nominate your own fic. However, only two fics per user, and if so, said user may not win an award for both.
  • Pleae ask the writer of the fic before you nominate their fic. If they do not answer until Nominating Time is over, the fic is an automatic Honorable Mention. However, if you never did ask the author at any time, the fic is disqualified unless the author brings proof.

How this is gonna be played out

Okay, so this how we're gonna do this:

  • First, there will be a one to two week span called Nominating Time. One can nominate any fanfic for any category. We'll get to categories in a sec.
  • There are four categories: Prequels, Sequels, Stand-Alone Stories, and Best in a Trilogy. If a fic is a prequel and is best in a trilogy or something like that, it can only go in one category.
  • In order to nominate a fic, you have to fill out this form:

Name of Fic:

Brief Summary:


Author: (put user's name even if you are the author)

For: (write if it's to be an Honorable Mention or is in to win an award)

  • After Nominating Time is a Five-Day Period called Thinking Time. During this time, I myself will read each fic myself and see which I think is the best, second best, and so on.
  • After Thinking Time is up, there is a one-day period called Announcing Time. They will be released at the bottom of this page and I will notify the author of the fic that won an award or Honorable Mention.
  • There will also be a Winter Fanfic Awards competition which has the same rules applied that starts on December 1st and ends on December 20th. The winners get their awards as an early Christmas Present.

The Awards from greatest to least

The Golden Mole Award - This award is given to the first place winner as the grand prize. This is of the highest honor and whoever wins this award truly must deserve it.

The Silver Goblet Award - This award is given to the second place winner. It is encrusted with sapphires and is the same silver goblet that Mellus Badgermum gave to Furrtil and Mousebabe after they won the Abbot's Jubilee Singing Competition.

The Golden Hare Medal - This award is given to the third place winner. It is to be worn on the jacket and is solid gold with a hare and Salamandastron carved into it.

The Juskarath Dagger - This ward is given to the fourth place winner. It has a silver blade, an amber hilt, a reddish-brown leather strapped on the handle, and a beautiful blue pommel stone on the handle's end.

Badger's Shield - This award is given to the fifth place winner. It is a shield made of steel collected from a fallen star and will have the winner's first initial carved into it's center.

Verdauga's Crown - This award is given to the sixth place winner. It was donated by Squire Felix Gingivere and his family and is the crown once worn by Verdauga Greeneyes. It is solid gold and has emeralds encrusted all over it.

The Mousethief's Treausre - This award is given to the seventh place winner. It is a gold ring with a huge ruby in the center. It was given by Gonff the Mousethief as a gift to his wife Columbine upon their wedding day.

Gabool the Wild's Prize - This award is given to the eighth place winner. This is a transparent crystal that was carved into a perfect diamond by Gabool's most skilled diamond carvers.

The Lost Pearl - This award is given to the ninth place winner. It is the only Tear of All Oceans ever found after Abbess Tansy threw them all into the ocean. It was washed up on shore and Skipper Riverdell donated it to the Abbey to be an award.

The Final Chest - This award is given to the tenth place winner. It is a small chest of treasure that originally owned by a resident of Kotir some time before the downfall of the Greeneyes dynasty.

On top of all regular awards, each winner is given a gold medal made from the final remnants of Verdauga Greeneyes' treasure, as well as a suit of armor made at Salamandastron.

All Honorable Mentions get a gold and silver medallion also forged at Salamandastron.

Good luck!