Tallion O'Rallaghaigh

Main storyline bio

Tallion used to live in peace in a nice little holt on the Northeast coast with his beloved wife Dalanora  and their four baby kits, sons Jir and Varon and daughters Driana and Acair.

He had two affectionate nicknames for Dalanora, he called her "Dally" and his "Black Angel".

He was killed in battle while helping another holt, run through with a vermin sword from behind.

As Tallion lay dying, his last thoughts were of his wife; his final words were to her:

"Dally. . . ah love ye. Dinnae ken ah ever wilnae. . . . Ah may gae tae. . . . the oother side. . . o' the Gates, but though. . . . we're apart physically, ah'll. . . . always be with. . . an' love. . . . ye an' the. . . . kits, mah precious. . . Black Angel. Remember . . .et, Dally. . . . " His last breath came on her nickname.

The other holt brought Tallion's body home to the O'Railey survivors. Seeing his body devastated the family. He was buried in a twin grave near the holt, the other grave plot pre-readied for Dalanora in a joint decision she and Tallion came to before his passing. The marker reads:

"Tallion and Dalanora Ó Raghallaigh: We lived together in happiness, we rest together in peace."

Tallion and Dalanora planned after they were mated to be laid to rest together when they died.

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