Welcome to the camp of Mossflower. You can do anything here, chat, fight, drink, and insult those woodlanders who are @&$?$@ and constantly insult us. Just goof around and have fun. Got inspiration for this from The Salty Ferret on Go check them out since there great and mostly don't bite. Just go to the Redwall forums and you should see them second to the top. 


No swearing thanks to to the wikis $@&?!# rules. (Jk) ;)

If you kill someone they can always come back no matter how torn apart and dead they are.

This has no plot what so ever so do whatever you want.

If you are OP make sure it works in redwall so no dragons allowed.

All ?#&$& woodlanders shall be killed and driven off.

Have fun or die. 


Various announcements go here.

1.If anyone wants to make a picture of the camp please do and put it up below the announcements. It just has to be at night and have a nice big bonfire in the middle of a clearing.