Welcome..To the Christmas Contest. Hosted by Rawfan56. Redwall only people! Also, a varying degree of something like winter or Christmas. (Maybe snow or something?) The contest will be judged in a series of votes or one vote. Now remember, if you vote on yourself, we'll know. If you kindly would record every vote and change you make, we will be happy, so we can detect deceit.


If I'm not on when you join, just paste in Comments orOn my talkpage. Don't you dare mess with the other contestants work. If you do, you are out of the contest, and shunned for life.

You have a one thousand word limit. Try to round it up, or make a cliffhanger at the very end. That will get you more votes.

If you cheat, like said above, Lath can seriously damage you.

It starts Wednesday, 21, and you have to have it in before January Third.


None yet!