This story takes place in the time of the Great War which happened in Mossflower between the vermin tribes that joined together and the tribes of otters, mice and the badger lord and his hares who joined forces in protection of all innocent beasts. Now, differing from popular belief, all vermin weren't evil. Most were pressed into the service by force, having no choice.

One, Aetor Sharpdagger, self-proclaimed "Lord of Mossflower and the Southern Lands". A huge ferret who was the force behind the joining of the vermin tribes. Those tribes that refused either had to flee or were slain.

This is a collaborative fan fiction. I will add the first chapter. Please stick to Redwall ideas as much as possible with no hugely powerful beasts like wolves. This story is to follow somewhat of a guideline with Aetor as the main villain at the start and Lord Flansor Lightningstrike as lord of the mountain and Dantan Shorebeast as Skipper of Otters. Please sign each chapter you add the same way you sign a talk page.

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Chapter One

Black clouds rolled across the grey skies above the mountain fortress of Salamandastron. Lord Flansor Lightningstrike looked out the window of his forge room and sniffed the air. There was something more than a gale coming, that he knew. Something evil was afoot, he could almost smell it in the heavy atmosphere.

Without turning around, he suddenly knew somebeast had entered. That somebeast being a long-time friend and confidant of his, Colonel Jayblue Longstride. He remarked to the Colonel, barely moving his huge frame.

"There's something verminous about, I can just smell it."

He turned slightly to face the blue-grey furred hare. "Has the last patrol returned yet? It's not like Berrydown to take his time and, I admit, I'm getting a bad feeling about all this. Two patrols vanished in three days time. Berry's patrol left almost four days ago, am I right, Colonel?"

The Colonel nodded slowly, worry creasing his weatherbeaten features. "Aye, m'lud. Bothers me too. Blinkin' foul vermin works it looks t'me, wot"

Lord Flansor Lightningstrike snorted and nodded his huge head, his gaze returning to the window.

Without turning, he spoke to the hare. "Colonel, I want another patrol out there. Make sure you take skilled trackers and fighters this time."

Colonel Longstride bowed and turned to leave but Lord Flansor's voice halted him. "One other thing...I want you to lead them. You are the one I trust most. Do not fail me, my friend."

The hare nodded and was gone.

Colonel Berrydown Habile Longblade ran through the brush. His mess coat was torn and he was completely exhausted. His entire patrol was either dead or captured. He tripped on a log and fell to the ground. He lay there for a while, until he got up and started running again. The wound in his leg was agonizing, but he had to get back to the mountain. He started to slow down. He stopped and listened for a moment. He heard beats talking. He started to take off again. the voices got closer. He ran as fast as he could. He wasn't as young as he used to be, his whiskers graying and his eye dulling. He heart raced as he pawsteps behind him. They were running too. He ran faster and faster until he slammed aginst the gound from behind. he struggled to his feet, but he was now surrounded. One brandished a sword, unsheathing it and pulling down his hood. It was an otter. "Who are you?" the one with the sword asked. "I'm not goin' to tell you my name until you tell me yours." he said defiantly. "Well, you see, me matey, we be sea otters, livin' near the coast. Now ye see, you was runnin' like a madbeast over there, and we thought you was vermin, tryin' to get the drop on us. So we decided to catch you afore you could catch us. But it turns out yer just a rabbit, and we're just sea otters. My name's Rayspear, an' these are me mateys Linno, Tideflow, Brogg, and Arlo. There's plenny more o'us back in our cave, if you'd follow us. You do look a bit famished."

Berrydown followed them, not knowing whether he could trust them or not yet.


This chapter is not finished. To be continued...

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