The Order of Felix is and was an order of wildcats, feral cats, and hybrids of both, that were bent on the enslavement and execution of all "unblessed": which included mice, otters, voles, shrews, squirrels, hedgehogs, hares, and especially badgers. They also considered weasels, ferrets, rats, stoats, foxes, martens, and sables as "unblessed", but they also believed that they could be blessed by aligning themselves with the Order.


The Order of Felix was originally founded by four wildcats: Elfera, Wildeyes, Saveio, and Nox. They based it upon the principle that "our God Felix has blessed ones in his image, and all who are not blessed are not deserving to live, so it is our duty, as The Blessed, to hunt down, enslave, or kill all Unblessed."

Current Supreme Leader

Fallendir Aurimgatt


The Creed

I believe that I am one of The Blessed, by our lord and Redeemer Felix, and have been given total and utter superiority and authority over all other beasts other than the Order. In humility and total submission to the Most High, I will accept my duty to hunt down, kill, or enslave any beasts who are not one of The Blessed, or those who can be one of The Redeemed, however have not taken advantage of this merciful opportunity to live in paradise and superiority.

Snowstripe the Fierce - The Order of Felix:
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Resistance is futile.