This is a story about a shadowed warrior, who's past is shadowed, even whoes spicies is shadowed, he hunts darkness, the shadowes, he brings justice to injustice, he is feared by evil and honered by good, and his name is Mask the Shadow Hunter, and he hunts his arch-nemisis, a decendent of Gulo the savage Dusk, the Evil One!

Chapter one: The Shadowed Warrior

Mask the Shadow Hunter whiped his twin dirks on a rag after slaying two scout rats that were marked by tattoo, a night raider, a pack of filthy night murderers that would kill and raid anybeast in their path, for the sake of their bloodthirsty nature. "Bloodthirsty scum!" He muttuered under his breath. He put away his dirks in his black belt and threw the rats into a bush. His black tunic blent in with the darkness of the night, and for silence, he wore no shoes. He also had a swirling navy blue cloak with a hood to hide his identity. he heard footsteps, and took action swiftly. Mask jumped up, making no sound at all, into a tree. He laid a paw on one of his dirks just in case he needed it. As it turned out, the footsteps belonged to two sqirrle maids.