This is a fanfiction about fanonical events surrounding Loamhedge Abbey. It will be said in documentary-style, so that it can be written in the swiftest way possible.


Loamhedge Abbey was the precursor of Redwall Abbey. It had many Abbots and Abbesses, and even had Abbey Warriors. It was a lot like Redwall Abbey in many ways. So, without further ado, here is a history of Loamhedge Abbey.

It all began with one mouse. No, not Martin the Warrior. A mouse much like him, a warrior for sure. His name was Vidar Longblade. He was the son of Osten and Lea Longblade, born on the coast between the Eastern Sea (also known a the Sea of Jotunn). At about the age of six seasons old, his mother and father were killed, and he was kidnapped to become a slave of the searat Jotunn the Corsair Warlord. He was placed onto the ship Ravager captained by One Eye the weasel corsair, who was second-in-command to Jotunn. He was an oarslave below deck, so that he and the other slaves could not be seen by other corsair ships. There he befriended the young hedgehog Furze. Together the two planned to escape with all the other slaves. Furze and Vidar both needed to return something that belonged to their family: Furze needing his father's hogcordion (an accordion made specifically for hedgehogs), and Vidar needing his father's double-bladed battle-axe. Vidar then told Furze that the axe had a diamond-shaped emerald in between the two steel blades with a long oak handle, and black snakeskin as a grip. He said that the blades were of the metal collected from a fallen star and that it was the strongest and the sharpest. For nine seasons, they and the other slaves planned this. Until one day, the saw their chance.

Every time the ship was so fully loaded with treasure collected from attacks that it could not hold any more, it would return to the coast to a port entirely populated by corsairs and searats. This was called Port Jotunn. Port Jotunn was near a forest called Ravager Wood. There, the slaves would be temporarily unchained so that they can load off the treasure into chests which they would deliver to The Vault (a huge underground pit filled with treasure). The others were to start cooking food for the corsairs. This was what they would plan to do:

First, a group of about ten would light a fire on a ship that would spread. Once the crewbeasts were aware of this, the ones that started the fire would sneak off the ship, grabbing as many weapons from the armory as they could before they left. Second, after leaving the ship, they would each grab a weapon to take with them, burying the rest underneath a tree and mark it with an "X". Third, Furze and a group of twenty would leave the ship, starting another fire before they left. Finding the tree with the "X", they would dig up the weapons and grab one for each beast, then reburying them and marking the tree with a second "X" and marking an "X" on a tree next to it. Then, they would go from ship to ship, freeing slaves and lighting fires. During the chaos, Vidar and the others would sneak away from the ship, taking the last of the weapons and waiting for the others to come with the rest of the newly-freed slaves. Once they had all met, they would sneak through Ravager Wood, finally exiting it to enter The Vault. They would all stay together, until they reached the grand room where all the treasure was hoarded. Then, they would take the treasure that was taken from them and guard it all.

The plan went perfect. Well, almost perfect. While Vidar and the others waited for the last group to arrive, Furze's group, they soon realized he would not come, so they went to The Vault without him. After taking back his father's battle-axe and guarding the rest of the treasure, they were alerted that Jotunn had captured Furze and his group and that he was going to slay them all if they did not return immediately. At this, Vidar responded by saying, "Yes, but we have your vast horde of treasure, Jotunn, and we're going to burn it all if you don't return them to us immediately." Vidar then challenged Jotunn to a duel, one on one. Jotunn accepted, and the two brought their forces, with Vidar bringing the freed slaves and Jotunn bringing his searats and corsairs, as well as Furze and the others. The two clashed blades for an hour before Vidar became victorious. They all then chased the corsairs out into the sea, never to return. Some, such as One Eye, escaped west. All of them soon made their own civilization, re-naming the port to Port Longblade, and Ravager Wood to Pine Forest. They all wanted Vidar to become their King, but he declined and said that Furze should be, as he was a slave longer than him. He later left and headed west, saying, "I need to finish what I started, I need to rid this land of all the corsairs that once worked for Jotunn the Warlord!"

When he finally found where they had stopped, he found woodlanders and rabbits alike cowering in fear of One Eye, who had at this point laid claim to the land. after telling them that they need to rise up, one young mousemaid, named Sylvaticus, and her sister Amyl, who was bound to a wheelchair, agreed and decided to help him train the woodlanders. It was not long before they rose up and defeated the vermin, with Vidar killing One Eye and destroying all that was left of the corsairs that once worked for Jotunn for good. Vidar, now known as Vidar the Warrior, then co-founded an Abbey that they called Loamhedge Abbey, where he became the Abbey Warrior and chose Sylvaticus to be it's Abbess.