I was just thinking - you know that song "The Twelve Days of Christmas?" Yeah, that one. What would it be like if it were Redwall?

How to Play

Every person gets to do one of the days of Redwall. There can be multiple songs going on at once. When posting into a song, post the next verse as a reply to the first comment! This is to avoid confusion amidst separate songs. When a user does post the next verse, he must repeat all of the previous verses. I know, tiresome, but keeping with tradition. Also, the first verse should always be the following:

"On the first day of Redwall, Mr. B.J. (thanks to Segalia for coming up with that) gave to me, a partridge in a pear tree..."

Also, when the song is done, you must either: (a). Start posting in another song or (b). Start a new song.

Now for the rules.


1. Follow the Redwall Wars Wiki Protocol. Obviously.

2. No going twice. Derp.

3. Rest of the rules are listed in "How to Play." Have fun!