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A fantabulous bally day to you, fair viewer! Th' name's Bonnie, admin of th' Redwall Wars Wiki and long-time user. Though I'm makin' use of a newer account, I've actually been around these parts since 2009; and in the Redwall Online Community, or ROC, since at least 2008!

Among my Redwall sonas is a loud, adventurous hare by the name of Brigadier Bonniva "Bonnie" Ballimore Brightleaf Burnscut, also known as Bonnie Brighteyes. She is golden-brown furred, with splotches of white on her chin, shoulders, legs, left paw and belly, and a white tail with a big black tip- the black tip being a feature of most of her family. She also has striking, bright blue eyes, which she shares with her grandmother, Barla Bluesight Burnscut. She is proficient with the sabre, bow and spear, and is like many hares, a shameless glutton, a loyal friend, and a brave warrior.

IRL I'm a 23 year old human woman. I have a fondness for medieval history, zoology, cinema, and of course, reading and writing! I own every Redwall book, and kind of want to collect more... the Redwall songs CD, VHS tapes of the show by Nelvana (Yes, I own a VCR!), the audiobooks, maybe some foreign editions (especially the French and Russian editions!)... who knows?

Perhaps we'll see each other around! For now... cheerio, and forward the bloomin' buffs, chaps, wot wot! Eulaliaaaa!!


Favorite Redwall Books

Surprisingly hard to decide, but I suppose if I had to choose my top five would be...

  • 1: The Long Patrol
  • 2: Eulalia!
  • 3: High Rhulain
  • 4: Rakkety Tam
  • 5: Triss

Favorite Redwall woodlanders

  • 1: Dorothea "Dotti" Duckfontein Dillworthy
  • 2: "Mad" Maudie Mugsberry Thropple (the Hon.)
  • 3: Russa Nodrey
  • 4: High Rhulain Tiria Wildlough
  • 5: Spingo

Favorite Redwall vermin

  • 1: Flinky
  • 2: Captain Romsca
  • 3: Captain Plugg Firetail
  • 4: Tazzin
  • 5: Princess Kurda

Favorite Redwall songs

Favorite movies

  • 1: Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
  • 2: Rango
  • 3: The Secret of NIMH
  • 4: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
  • 5: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


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