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Yo, I'm Kurk.. you've seen me on the redwall wiki...

I am Swartt Sixclaws other son, the Twin of Veil. I am not exactly like my brother in appearance, even though we are almost Identical.

I changed my story around a little bit. I left my father horde after a viscious argument, which resultede in me charging my old dad, and him slashing his claws across my face.

I now have a scar planted on my face that serves as my fathers mark. I became a theif, and later formed a small gang, which i kept together through lies and murder. i wear a hood over my head to hide my fathers calling card.

one day my gang and i stole something we hadn't meant to.

[Flawed Design]

Favorite quote (I recomend this to politicians)

If you have nothing worth saying keep your big trap shut