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I'm an RPG'er on this site. My main page on Redwall Wiki is:

Wildy is an entity. Sometimes it is a character, a female otter. Otherwise, it is a female human but those are just forms it takes. It has no true form to speak of.

Alternate accounts on the site

If a user by the name LadyVader ever pops up, it's my account on the Star Wars wiki, I sometimes have more than one browser open and forget which browser I'm in. 

My Vulpine Imperium Account: Liam Amarin 


looks up at the sight of visitors, steps out from behind bushes with javelin held loosely in paw "If ye be mates or goodbeasts, yore always welcome here in Holt Sprayrudder!" smiles and salutes with javelin, extends welcoming paw to visitors


My clan and I set up home here beside the River Moss when we first arrived and we ain't goin' nowhere. Like my grandmum, I was chosen to lead my holt at a young age.

We're doin' some redecoratin' so it may look kinda blank around here for a while, but we'll eventually figure things out and get the old holt repaired.

My Biography

Name, Nicknames and Physical Appearance

Name: Tiria "Wildy" Wildlough, Rhulain of Green Isle, so named after the great Rhulain who reunited the otter clans and defeated the wildcat, Riggu Felis

Sex: F

Nicknames: I go by many nicknames. My main nicknames are:



"The Feral One". *from Rawfan 56*

My enemies call me "Bloodeyes Rhulain, Terror of Vermin"

Battlecries: 1: Taste stones! 2: BLOOOOOOOODEYYYYYYYYYEEEES! 3: Ee aye eeeh! (Battlecry of the Green Isle otterclans )

Eye color
Blue when calm, blood red in the midst of battle.

Fur color

Mahogany brown, except for my head and neck, which are a lighter brown in color, almost sandy-brown, and a strange auburn birthmark on tip of rudder.

Medical History: Affliction: Bloodwrath. Condition: RUN! I suffer from it, but I've learned to do somethin' less than a pawful of beasts can: halt it and keep myself from killin' when I have to; sometimes in mid-action. It's saved my matey's lives more than once. An old mate I knew who could halt Bloodwrath like this spent three years in a row with me, teaching me the control necessary.

Oddities and/or clan history:

My Mum, a Mossflower otter named Kyrian Wildlough, was related by blood to the High Rhulain Tiria Wildlough, she was her fourth great-granddaughter. She and my Da, a seadog named Tobin Mossguard Sprayrudder, told me stories when I was only a kitt about Green Isle, about how after the Rhulain was called by Minasel (the otter angel of death) and crossed the Great Sea (an ancient otter term for death, the term's almost unknown now except to some otters) in her old age, they gave me her name and title to honor her and keep her memory alive.

Kyrian suffered from Bloodwrath, too.

My elder brother was killed by wildcats in front of my eyes. The last thing he said to me before he passed was "I love you! I always will. . .Avenge me, Wild. . . " I've developed a personal vendetta against wildcats because of this, even seeing a wildcat gets me angry enough to kill. I hate the scum.

My Weapons

Da always taught me, "never have only one weapon on you."

Primary weapons:

1: Heavy sling and two pouches of stones. One's heavy, round river pebbles, the second pouch is sharp obsidian chips

2: Corriam Wildlough's lance. The javelin was repaired and passed down to me through the family.

Backup weapons:

Yew longbow; green-and-silver-fletched ashwood shafts with broadhead tips. The feathers were shed and given willingly by two mateys o'mine: the silver by a falcon, the green by a kingfisher.

A silver handled dirk taken from a rat I killed in defense of a family of rabbits. Primarily, it serves me as a cutting knife, but, in a pinch, it'll work.

Modern weapon: AK-108 Kalashnikov assault rifle

Favorite movies and tv shows

The Harry Potter movies The Star Wars series

Favorite books

1: the "Quad"- the four books members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints claim as scripture- King James Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price- 2: Brian Jacques' Redwall series 3: Brian Jacques' Castaways of the Flying Dutchman series 4: The Harry Potter series

Favorite Quotes


My fursona's theme songs

1: Bloodwrath: Drowning Pool's Bodies


Drowning Pool - Bodies

My Character List

RPG's I have joined and am active in

In The Depths of Marshank-as Keyla


The War Of Southsward-- as Vanora Galedeep

Wreck of the Clawkeel- as Vayna Nayrix

Corsair's Vengeance- as Captain Rake Nightfur

Malachi MacDougall- in Red Tables, The Greatest Threat and The First Of Many


Tavern Of The Rusted Claw- as Branna Deadrigg


A Highwaybeast's Life- as Cyma "Mortifer" O'Callaghan


The Silvir Conquest- as Rhiannon Galedeep


Beginnings- as Bella of Brockhall


The Northern March-  as Larana Pikestryker and Desdemona "Rakefang"


The Redwall Food Fight- Reloaded


A Disappearing Act Reboot- as Kiath O'Rallaghaigh and Comyna


The War Of Mossflower-  as Valoran MacRyrie


Redwall Wars: A Deadly Turn- as Dorian Strykeclaw


Paused and Inactive RPGS I joined

Blood N' Bullets- as Graitham Metzira'n_Bullets

The Bloodwrath Battles- as Dalanora "Nightdeath" O'Railey

Mossflower Country and Beyond- as Aritia Whytestreak

Invaders of Southsward- as Swiftflash "Deadeye" Trueshot (undecided

D.A.B. Strikes Again- as myself

The Wrath of Gormad Tunn- as Russa Nodrey



The Chamber of Affinity- as Tiria Wildlough (INACTIVE)

A Nightmare of Fire and Death- as Varanno (INACTIVE)

The Warlord Rebooted- as MIchiko Rejiro Vaidrin (INACTIVE)


A Game of Fate- as Talra "Bloodrudder"

Terramort- as Tiria Wildlough

User_blog:Corbus/AbbeyQuest_Battle_Royale- As Vilaya

A Bounty To Pay- as Kriasha Longfang and Lera Matten


Autumn of the Weeping Willow- as Valoran MacRyrie and Ainsley Raeburn-MacRyrie


The Diamond of Eternity- as Zahira the Vicious

Redwall in the 21st Century- as Major Devana Blackbrook


The Deathseekers- as Lady Emerald


Great Power- as Kriasha Longfang


Of Corsairs and Pirates- as Dorian Strykeclaw (p

Trouble I'm Having with Eagull And My Memory

I tried to set up an Eagull account 1-16-2012 under the username WildyRhulain, but I think it just bleched on me. *sighs, shakes head* That's typical though, knowing me. *hangs head, walks off slowly, dragging rudder* I tried to get into an RWW chatroom but got in the wrong one and someone laughed at my username. I didn't bother to say anything back or check the person's name and remember it, I just left. *puts head in paws* Maybe I'm better off just staying clear of that site.

I'm having trouble concentrating in real life now because I had brain surgery (see below section). 'I've recovered physically, but it's hard for me to think and what I want to say/type comes out slow. I'm sorry I keep messing up in chat. *puts head in paws*

Me in the real world

I'm quiet and reserved-- not by choice, but because I have a severe phobia of saying and doing the wrong things and getting people mad at me. My phobia's come true frequently, to where I think maybe it's better to just stay quiet in public situations. If I'm quiet on chat, that's the reason.

I'm a Sister (term for a woman member of our church) in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My faith's informally referred to as Mormon. I'm not usually available on chat or Skype on Sundays (not because I don't care about my friends here, I do care) because I believe in keeping the Sabbath centered around Heavenly Father and His Son.


Most of the videos I upload are songs from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir because I love their music.


How Firm a Foundation


Come, Come, Ye Saints

I have two main phobias: Heights and cockroaches.

I have a cat who adopted me, she's a shelter rescue and her name's Munchkin.

Munchkin's being a little actress for the camera in this shot. "Okay, take the shot"

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