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In this RPG, you are a member of a rag-tag band of mercenaries. Some are former clansbeasts, others wanderers, some thieves, and others just good ol' mercenaries. You go out to seek those who would hire you, encountering many dangers from former enemies, Flitchaye, vermin clans, etc.

So far, the mercenaries, under the leadership of Razgath, have made a pact with Zestorung to travel with him and his army, the Kraft Todes, to seek out the Holy Grail, but not without complications involved. Abscon is being hunted down by his former leader, who has sent assassins to hunt him down, along with an enemy from his past. The assassins have joined up with the Long Patrol in order to defeat the Kraft Todes and to kill the mercenaries. The Kraft Todes and the mercenaries have made it to Akator, but are currently battling the Long Patrol, the assassins, and monitor lizards from Sampetra. The remainder of the Long Patrol and the assassins led by Eero have retreated. In the aftermath of the battle, Midnight argues with Abscon when he is nowhere to be found, causing Midnight to storm off. Zestorung now leads the mercenaries and the remainder of the Kraft Todes to the Holy Grail, but they have encountered the guardians of the grail known as the Cupguard, who will prevent them from reaching the Holy Grail at all costs. Meanwhile, Merle, a mercenary who happens to be the daughter of Vizka Longtooth, has allied with the rat known as Cloke, who also seeks the grail. In a skirmish with the Cupguard, Zestorung disappears. It is unknown whether he is dead or alive, but the remaining Kraft Tode soldiers and mercenaries intend to find him, as well as the Holy Grail. Midnight finds Veraad, who proposes that they both go back to the beach and find an abandoned longboat so they can reach one of Zestorung's ships and escape Akator. The mercenaries and the remaining Kraft Todes continue down a tunnel until they are blocked off by falling rocks. After Zenn's leg gets caught under a rock, he is helped by several creatures. However, they are not the only ones in the tunnel. Cloke is also in the tunnel with them, where they are faced with a statue of the famous Martin the Warrior. Darkshadow helped treat Abscon's wound after being stabbed by one of the Cupguard who used Zestorung's blade. When Darkshadow takes Abscon to find something to restore his strength, they are captured by vermin and put in a pit. However, Abscon and Darkshadow have formed a plan that will allow them to escape. When Veraad and Midnight are within reach of escaping Akator, they are attacked by an unknown enemy. Abscon and Darkshadow escape the pit and kill the guards, when they come across a rat, who leads them to his camp, where Abscon and Darkshadow meet an old companion of theirs, a fox named Gunter Sharpfang.

Some former minions of Scring, the leader of the assassin horde, have broken away and decided to form their own tribe, but are recruiting so that they may expand. Nitram left the mercenaries in order to join them. They have also recruited Corbus. Their mission is to become a proper tribe, as well as to avoid Scring finding them and slaying them for deserting his horde. They are suddenly locked in a battle with a group of tree rats known as the Painted Ones. After battling the Painted Ones for several minutes, the clan prevails after Nitram fights their leader, who fled. A vixen by the name of Valwraith who had been watching the battle is seen by Nitram afterwards and she speaks to him until she learns that Darkshadow is not with the clan. After the creatures have disposed of the bodies from the battle with the Painted Ones, a sable watches from the bushes and slays Aminus. The other members of the clan flee to escape death, but several others have been slain by the sable. Corbus and Nitram have decided to find the mercenaries and join them.


1: Follow the Redwall Wars Wiki Protocol.

2: No invincibility

3: You may have a vermin or a woodland character, but I kinda prefer woodlander

4: Send your character bio to my talk page. The categories in the bio must have the following categories, but you may add some if you want:

  • Name: (This includes titles and nicknames)
  • Gender:
  • Species:
  • Weapons:
  • Appearance:
  • Personality:
  • Background:

4: No magic or firearms!

5: Have fun

6: Stay alive!




Gender: Male

Species: Stoat

Weapons: Blowpipe, Bow & Arrows, Throwing knives, dagger

Appearance: A stoat with dark brown fur. He puts mud under his eyes to help him blend in with the forest scenery. He wears a hood and cloak, with what looks like an early ghillie suit. He has black eyes.

Personality: Quirky and strangely quiet. When he does speak, he often mumbles something to himself under his breath. He believes that an attacker who is unnoticed by the enemy is the best attacker.

Background: Unknown

Theme Song: Conflict by Disturbed

Affiliation: Mercenary

Laska Uranu


■Species: Vole

■Weapons:Spear, multiple steel daggers, and twin longswords

■Appearance: Blue tunic, with golden trim, her belt is made of snakeskin and fastened with it's on teeth, her belt can be used as a dangerous weapon. She has a cloak which is folded and hidden, she has a ring on her ring finger but isn't married. Under very close inspection you can see small scars where she was tourtered, has a satchel full of weird objects like flitcheye herbs.

■Personality:Loner, she isn't a big friendship kind of characters

■Background: Her father was a narrsitic and beat her mother, Laska always tried to stop it but eventually was given twin longswords from the Juska and killed him, but he had already killed her mother, so she took her fathers spear (he used to it to kill Laska's mother) and her grandpa's knifes. Her grandpa is dead...

Affiliation: Mercenary

Razgath the Mercenary

Species: Pine Marten

Gender: Male

Weapons: Spiked whip, bolas, dagger.

Appearance: Dark brown fur, green eyes. Wears a brown jerkin, a dark green beret and dark green cape with a leather belt. He has a distinct French accent.

Personality: Charming, clever, devious, and polite, he is a true rogue and thief, and a diabolical schemer. He is a charming ladies-beast and always addresses females as "mon cheri". He is also very cunning and manipulative, and is not at all above slitting somebeast's throat for a bag of gold, a portion of food, or just for the fun of it.

Skills: He is extremely skilled with all three of his weapons, especially the whip. He is swift and stealthy, and can climb very well.

Background: Razgath has been a vagabond mercenary his whole life. After his mother died in his homeland, he and his father traveled to Mossflower and started a notorious band of vermin mercenaries. Over the years, Razgath because power hungry, and murdered his father to take control of the band. After awhile, Razgath left the clan and went on his own as a loner mercenary thief.

Affiliation: Mercenary

Gandr Adderbane

Species: Squirrel

Gender: Male

Appearance: Abnormally tall, light build, reddish fur, scar on left wrist, and wears a mottled green tunic. Only armor is steel vambraces on arms.

General personality: Very quiet, does not make friends easily, but will die to help them if he does.

Weapons: Long black quarterstaff, with a short curved single-edged blade on one end (similar to a naginata, but less spear like). Dagger, hidden beneath right vambrace.

Background: Took a wound with a poisoned weapon when younger (origin of scar), and can't remember anything that happened before. Found by an exiled juska seer who taught him woodcraft and tracking. Killed a bunch of adders once, hence the name "Adderbane".

Affiliation: Mercenary


Gender: Female Species: Ferret

Weapons: Bow

Appearance: Darkfurred, has a nose ring and red tipped hair.

Personality: Cold and isn't very nice to anyone.

Background: I wouldn't ask her if i were you.

Affiliation: Mercenary

Frilla Swifttree

Nickname: Frill

Gender: Female

Species: Squirrel

Age: 46

Weapons: Two sabers strapped to back, a dagger in belt and one in the strap across chest

Appearance: Black tunic, wears a long dark gray cloak to hide multiple scars, broad black leather belt around waist over cloak, black fur, deep green eyes, a bit of brown fur around eyes.

Personality: Quiet, enjoys what she dose, mutters to self quite often. Has horrific nightmares whenever she finds time to catch up on sleep, can often be found sitting up with weapons drawn, hollering or baring teeth at imaginary enemies after a nightmare. Dislikes most anybeasts company, enjoys silence and being alone.

Background: Was trained as an assassin at an early age. She served her tribe as an assassin for years of her life with a few of her life long buddies. Later in life she was married, her mate being Klint Swifttree, she gave birth to three of her own children two of them dieing from dry ditch fever. She was forced to leave her third son while running from Klaunt the Quick and his scouts, to enable her son a possible chance of living. Her mate was killed by Klaunt and she was made his slave for a long period of time in her life. After escaping her cell one night she killed Klaunt and left the camp silently, picking off the remaining beasts that separated company with the once mighty horde. After accomplishing this mission she traveled all over Mossflower and surrounding country in peace for the most part, then finally became a mercenary

Affiliation: Mercenary

Darkshadow Axeblood



Weapons:Special axe, dirk

Appearance:Tall and sleek with jet black fur and silver eyes

Personality:Quiet with a slight sense of good humor(not at another's expense), but fierce in battle

Background:Son of Vynndar Axeblood Lord of Green Forest and tribe chieftan. Ran away when his father was assassinated by his uncle Bluddfang and his cruel mate, Magelda. Met up with Wraith outcast of her tribe, after that they were inseparable, roaming Green Forest together in search of peace. Becomes a mercenary and learns to use his weapon(axe) very skillfully. Always on the watch for his uncle's minions.

Clothes:Dark green tunic with belt for his dirk. Dark mottled cloak for forest camouflage. Ring with fox's head made where the ring part looks like the scales of a snake.

Age:About 18 seasons

Affiliation: Mercenary

Dawnreth Longblade

Gender: Female

Species: Badger

Weapons: Longblade, dirk

Appearance: usual badger, gray eyes that change with the sea

Personality: Fierce, brave, greatly dislikes vermin(especially stoats)

Background: Grew up wandering.

Affiliation: Mercenary


Titles\Other Names: "Death's apprentice" to those who fear him, simply "Mort" to his friends, and "The Shadow" to his enemies

Gender: Male

Species: Fox

Weapons: Throwing axe, twin stilettos

Appearance: A tall, slim, black furred and shockingly-blue eyed fox. His clothing a leather belt around his waist, a talisman around his neck , and a silver earring in his left ear.

Personality: Clever, serious, deadly and skilled but keeps his mouth shut most of the time to avoid trouble with others, but isn't afraid to give a stinging insult to a foe or "somebeast who thinks he's better than me"

Background: He forgot his background a long time ago

Warcry: No warcry, usually gives out ear-piercing shouts of glee when charging towards a foe

Affiliation: Mercenary

Rose the Thorn

  • Gender:Femail
  • Species:Mouse
  • Weapons:Dirk and hidden knife
  • Appearace:Corsars of the high seas
  • Personality:Very tough, exellent fighter, strong, VERY PRITTY, qick, agile, talkitive, small (don't under esimate her....)
  • Backround:Original name was Rose (and was later changed to Rose the Thorn), as a youngster, she got bored of all the peaceful and simple life. She ran away and was adopted by a rat, who alwase was gifted by sons, and wanted a little girl. The rat was a corsair and later died, so Rose followed his footsteps and became a corsair. Then became a corsiar/mercinary (for this RPG)

Affiliation: Mercenary


■Nickname: Prefers to be called Lucky by friends

■Species: Mongbat (Part mongoose, part bat)

■Weapons: a single short triangular dagger

■Gender: Female

■Appearance:White with reddish brown markings. purplish eyes. wears a bright res vest and a short black belt with a gold buckle. looks like a mongoose except she has big bat ears, and a long skinny tail. wears a silver earring on her left ear and a silver chain link necklace around her neck. (as my Fursona she has wings but in redwall she doesn't) ■Personality: weird and goofy. loves life and nature, and enjoys joking ans singing and basiacly having fun.

■Background: her father was a bat prince and her mother was a young mongoose, who was killed when Tya was only a baby. was raised by her grandfather till her died one winter. sometimes has visions.

Affiliation: Mercenary

Wade Quipblade

Gender: Male

Species: Weasel

Weapons: Two katanas strapped to his back (Unless those aren't allowed, if they aren't then I'll have two rapiers), six throwing daggers, two double-bladed daggers with spiked paw guards, a bolas with small spikes poking out all around each bolas ball, a miniature blow pipe and pouch that holds 25 darts dipped in poisonous wolfbane juice, two sai.

Appearance: Reddish-brown fur, with white underbelly, and white tip of tail. Scars all over his body from battles. Has many weapons on him, and carries them using an x belt strap on his back, a belt on his waist, and a small holder on his leg. He wears a red and black bandanna over his mouth and chin, and a black with red trim corsair jerkin.

Personality: Witty, clever, and great at coming up with taunts and one-liners. Can be very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, annoying to both opponents and allies. Loves to get under other people's skin (figuratively and literally). Extremely skilled at paw-to-paw fighting, and adept at any kind of weaponry, can learn how to use any weapon within five minutes (as long as he gets to hold and get a good look at it). Loves fighting almost as much as he loves being annoying, and seems to have wonderful recuperative abilities and tolerance of pain as well. Can't really decide if he wants to be a good or bad, he just generally does whatever he wants to, regardless of right or wrong.

Background: Mostly unknown. Due to the fact that he loves to fight and taunt he has gathered many enemies in his past; as the scars on his body show.

Affiliation: Mercenary

Revlis Graylurk

Gender: Male

Species: Sable

Appearanc: Average height Sable. He has dark chocolate hued fur, with a milk chocolate hued face mask. He wears a simple red tunic, and black ranger's cloak. His eyes are an extremely pale gold

Weapons: A two handed sword with a sharp downward spike in the sharpened side which he keeps behind his back. Six daggers in the crossbelts for his sword, and a spear(like the Easterling spear from the LOTR films).

Personality: Has some honor in a fight, but typically will stab his opponent in the back before the duel if he has the chance. He is apt to be sarcastic at times. He is strongly opposed to working for, or with, woodlanders, but will if the price is high enough

Backstory: Not much to talk about, simply he became a mercenary at a young age.

Theme Song: Revolution: Now -- By Disciple

Affiliation: Mercenary


Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Weapons: His mother's katana, and one of his father's hand axe's and 2 of his father's javelins

Appearance: Black fox with white paws, tail tip, and muzzle. wears a small dark green jerkin. has hazel eyes.

Personality: Usually keeps to himself, but if he makes a friend, he can be very friendly and gentle, usually thinks with the heart a little bit more than his head.

Background: The middle child of Ming Xu and Blizzard Halen, two of the greatest fox mercenaries, in his eyes at least, Was taught how to fight by both his parents, along with his younger brother by a season, Lee., and his older sister by three seasons, Truestorm. the 3 were real close, but once they became of age (18 seasons) all 3 of them went their seperate ways, promising to eachother that if any of them were to meet on the field of battle, they would never attack eachother.

Affiliation: Mercenary


Pronunciation: Soul-Pack

Species: Wolf

Gender: Male

Weapons: Spatha, skinning knife

Clothing: Leather cuirasse over a scarlet tunic, tightened by a snakeskin belt

Personality: Suffers mentally, and since the beginning does all in his power for others to feel his pain, but in a physical way

History: Was born to family of barbaric wolves who where part of a great horde, but in the end the Horde-Leader made the mistake to try his cards at fighting Salamandastron, and as you can imagine, failed miserably, the entire horde paying for his mishaps, Solpach's family among them. But that young wolf managed to survive through the carnage, and later, he had a mate, but one night, a band of horde-deserters found his mate and slew her, leading Solpach to eternal mental grief, killing all who dare stand in his path until he found the work of a mercenary, and is now a trustworthy, if not brutal, soldier.

Affiliation: Mercenary

Zenndall Firhound

  • Gender: Male

  • Species: Otter

  • Weapons: Bow and Arrow, along with a small scimitar which he uses for close combat

  • Appearance: Looks more like a vermin than an otter, due to his raggedy clothing and tattooed face. He wears a ripped tunic with a broad black belt around his waist being a loose fit. Thrust inside the belt is the scimitar, and the bow and arrows are usually hanging over his back. His rudder, body, and face are very scarred due to various violent battles in the past. There are tattoos lining his face and his arms, all designs from different tribes he has been a part of. Other than that, he is not a very complex beast.

  • Personality: Despite his intimidating appearance, when the otter makes close friends, he is very talkative and jolly. However, this can change rapidly when he is in battle or near enemies. He is a very sensitive creature, and if anyone insults him or his friends, he is at them with his scimitar in an instant. However, he feels no guilt in insulting others (hypocrite).

  • Background: Zendall has no living family members, as all of his were massacred when he was 15 seasons old and living a peaceful life. Leaving him for dead, vermin made a big mistake. After healing, Zendall grabbed his weapons and wandered around, searching for vermin to kill. After a while, he became a mercenary for other groups, and he has been a mercenary since.

  • Age: 23 seasons

Affiliation: Mercenary

Merle Longtooth

Eye color: blue

Species: fox

Place of Origin: the western sea

Appearance: a medium-sized golden fox; wears a tan tunic and brown kilt, as well as a wooden whistle on a string.

Weapons: Rope coil, mace and chain

Personality: Merle is a vixen who is very sly, intelligent and usually gentle and mild-mannered Merle is also courageous and very fearless, but if you’re her enemy WATCH OUT!

Backstory: Merle’s father, Vizka Longtooth got acquainted with her mother Koby reluctantly agreed to hide the sea raider from the police, on the condition that he would tell no one about her home-distilling/rum-running operations (liquor was illegal then.) After a time Vizka joined Koby in liquor-making. Both her parents were executed when the authorities discovered their then-illegal activities, leaving Merle to grow up on the streets

Age: 13

Relationships: None that I know of!

Family: Koby Flynn Longtooth (Mother) Vizka Longtooth (Father) Connor Flynn (half-brother) Codj, (Uncle)

Affiliation: Mercenary


Previous name: Pace Aquaclara

Nicknames: Sombra da Morte, Mortis Umbra, Pace,

Gender: Male

Species: Otter

Age: mid-late twenties

Clothing: Simple black cape w/ hood. A small circlet of silver clipped at the right shoulder to keep cape in place. Wears a black belt around waist.

Appearance: Piercing yellow eyes, brown fur, has a tattoo of a vicious looking pike on both arms. Is taller then average, above average build (though it doesn‘t look like it). Has a long gruesome looking scar over right eye but it is hidden for the most part because he keeps his hood up.

Weapons: Throwing/skinning dagger, grappling hook, loop of wire, and a set of steel and flint in a pouch strapped to belt at side.

Accessories: Braided clothe band around left wrist with a sort of small wooden medallion on it.

History: Born in Mossflower Pace raised by his family in a peaceful otter tribe. In teen years he met a warrior shrew passing by who taught him some of the skills he now uses today(most of them involved a grappling hook). Pace decided he liked the way of a warrior more then that of a peaceful beast. He left home changing his name to Deathclaw, he is more commonly known as Pace in his village and Sombra da Morte, or Mortis Umbra in many other villages and tribes today. He traveled through Mossflower doing as he pleased, fighting vermin bands and later teaming up with a beast by the name of Darkshade. Then joining the mercenaries.

Darkshade Cruor Morfis

Age: Deathclaws a season younger

Appearance: Wears a black cloak, with weapons stowed so no one can see them. His fur is Darker than Midnight Black.

Weapons: He is a Martial Arts Master, But dislikes using it on it's own greatly. He has a blood red Scimitar (Cruor), multiple throwing knives. And his rod, of metal in which he Rarely Uses.

Background: Not much is known, other than that he met up with Deathclaw, and became a Mercanary


Gender: Female

Species: Stoat

Weapon(s): Longsword at her side. Short blade(a curved short sword without a hand guard) on her back(like how Altair's is), 15 throwing daggers with which she is deadly accurate in special holders on her hips and back, and a hidden blade she took from an Assassin she beat in combat on her left arm all of which is concealed by her cloak

Appearance: She is extremely beautiful. She has green eyes and black as night fur expect for a silver mark just below her neck. She isn't extremely tall, but not average height. She surprises most creatures with her ferousity and skill in combat(able to beat a Master Assassin trained by Silver's Assassin order((before he ran it). She wears a beige hooded cloak that comes around and envelopes her body down to her ankles. Beneath that she wears a long maroon tunic.

Personality: She seems extremely nice despite being well armed. She is extremely fierce and ruthless when it comes to fighting, and hates being called useless.

Background: A dark twisted path. She was born and raised in slavery. She escaped when she was young and ran. She was found by a former corsair who trained her. She left her when she was fully trained and went on to eventually defeat an Elite Assassin, claiming her Hidden Blade from her. She became a Mercenary and eventually made her way to the group

Corbus Quickblade

Species/gender: Male Ferret

Weapons/armour: Scimitar and Dirk.

Appearance: Steel chest-plate. Patch on left eye(see history), brown fur and brown eyes.

Personality: Proud and a bit chivalric, if somebeast were to insult his honour he would most likely fight them without a second thought. If you gain his friendship he will be eternally loyal to you.

History: Was the son of a cheiftain. One day his brother killed his father and they fought for the position. His brother cheated and Corbus was exiled. Has since then wandered the land. Since the battle he has never gone back to his evil ways and will never again slay a goodbeast.

Nitram Roy Rrav

Gender: Male

Species: Rat

Appearance: I usually wear a purple tunic belted with red leather, blue scabbard attached to it, and a gray cape.My quiver is hanged my back. I have a long tail, broad body structure, and a rare blue fur. I am a little fat.

Psyche(Personality): Calm, quiet, and shy; A warrior that fight for what he believes is right.

Interest: Reading, Learning, staring at nature (or space). I always bring a book with me.

Alignment: Good, unnaturally.

Fighting Style: I'm a Ranger. I use my sword, which I hold precious, for melee. Bow and arrow are for range combat. If there is nothing else for me to use, I'll use my legs for battle.

Background: As of Yet, Unknown. :)

Other Affiliations


  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Rat
  • Weapons: Daggers
  • Appearance: Unknown; he wears a black cloak that covers him except for his head, which is a dark silvery-black in color. He uses this cloak to make himself seemingly "disappear". His eyes are an ice blue color, and one of his ears has a slice partway through it
  • Personality: Dark, forboding and completely evil. Likes all manner of shiny trinkets and other objects, but especially loves finely crafted daggers, and will do anything to get them
  • Background: Unknown

Affiliation: None


Species: Weasel

Rank: Leader of Assassin Horde

Gender: Male

Origin: Unknown

Appearance: A tall weasel with dark brown fur. Wears a black cape over black clothing that conceals light armor. Wears an adderskin belt

Personality: An intelligent weasel who shows no mercy when he kills a creature.

Weapons: Daggers, Throwing Knives, Bow & Arrows

History: Unknown

Affiliation: None


Species: Ferret

Rank: Former captain in Scring's horde of assassins

Gender: Male

Origin: Unknown

Appearance: Veraad has dark gray fur and black eyes. He wears a hooded cloak over his armor. He wears vambraces and a leather belt. He has a scar on his cheek and long claws.

Personality: Veraad is a serious creature who cannot let a grudge go. He is confident in his abilities. He excels in all forms of weaponry, but prefers to use a standard dagger given to him by a female ferret he befriended named Midnight.

Weapons: Dagger and other weapons he keeps hidden.

History: Unknown

Affiliation: Prisoner of mercenaries

Zestorung Blutsineslust

Titles\Other Names: Called "Blood-lusting Destruction by enemies, and Emperor of Death by his followers

Gender: Male

Species: Pine marten

Weapons: Claymore with a dragon-head pommel, steel gauntlets with spiked fingertips, poisoned stiletto

Appearance: Brown fur, blood-red eyes, wears very flexible black armour underneath black cloak with mouse-skull clasp, and thick leather boots, multiple belts

Personality: Ruthless, and cunning at times. His only joy is in killing.

Background: Born to a clan of pine martens in an overseas jungle, but when a ship filled with Long Patrol hares came and massacred his family, he only just survived and was rescued from the carnage by an ermine who nursed him back to health. Zestorung forged his own sword and armour and vowed to avenge his clan, and after a long ship chase from his galleon Blutbad, both ships sank. Zestorung survived by taking his ship's longboat to Mossflower, and began regrouping a new force, which he calls Kraft Todes, or "Force of Death".

Warcry: Tod für Sie

Theme Song: Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold

Affiliation: Kraft Todes