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Hold on let me get mah weaps! =D

After my friend Otterwarriors obvious assassins creed fandom i was desperate to create a new RPG and use assassins. XD

The assassins of Mossflower used to be loners, mercenaries, only (sort of) siding with the highest bidder, and not trusting anyone. Assassins live in camps around the forest, where the hirers come to find them. however they have been forced to create new camps and hide, because now they are all being hunted by an unknown force, known as the Ribbajack. it seems that someone wants revenge for a family members assassination and is having every assassin targeted.

They also are being targeted by lots of others, and must fight for their survival. and now they are forced to trust their fellow assassins.

Hidden Assassin Camp 1

Hidden Assassin Camp 2

Hidden Assassin Camp 3

Hidden Assassin Camp 4

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Xeron Wingstep

Ferretmaiden's character: Xeron Wingstep

Rank: Assassin

Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Appearance: pale tan with a white under belly, pale blue eyes, bangs that cover one eye, and a scar over his snout.

Outfit: a long black cape with a hood almost always pulled up, and a blue tunic with silver cross on the fron and a thick black belt with a gold buckle, and an earring on his left ear.

Weapons: many hidden mini knives he has stored in his belt. but most importantly he has hidden daggers that shoot out of his arm bands like [[1]]only their smaller, and a necklace with sharp disks attatched that he rips off and lashes out with like a flail. he also has what looks like a club that if he twists it one way sharp points shoot out the end, and if he swishes it through the air a calapsable blade slides out so it becomes a sword like [[2]]

Personality: cool, serene, and a bit arrogant. he is very easy going and layed back, but a little insane due to past tragedies.

Background: the son of Ferahgo. after Ferahgo murderered Xeron's mate, a white ferret named Rin Wipwillow,Xeron trapped his father so his father was in the way of the charging lord urthstripe and killed. after that he joined the ranks of the assassins.

Meeka Swiftblade



Appearance:white with blue eyes and a navy blue long sleeved shirt with light blue stripes on the sleeves. sometimes wears a white cape with a hood.

Weapons:two twin daggers that work like boomerangs if thrown properly. she has them positioned on the back of her belt so they're easier to grab and don't get in her way.


Gender: Male

Species: Stoat

Appearance: Abscon has dark brown fur and black eyes.

Outfit: He wears a dark brown cloak with a hood. Under his cloak, he wears a belt that holds his daggers, throwing daggers, and other things.

Weapons: Pair of daggers, throwing knives, bow and arrows, noose, and a longsword

Personality: Abscon tends to be solitary and is not social towards others. He can often act cold and is heartless to his enemies. Since he does not speak to others, he often thinks to himself instead.

Background: Unknown

Alyssa "Debra" Mcclure

Gender: Female

Eye color: Brown

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: Salamandastron

Appearance: Alyssa Mcclure is a grey mouse, she wears a green and red taunic, she also wears a green dress and has a blue dress in her closet, when she needs it, Alyssa is beautiful and she has a great wardrobe of diffrent clothes to choose from, Alyssa is a skinny mouse, but she is stronge.

Weapons: Macclure has a set of daggers and carry's few Shurikens in the left side pocket of her taunic.

Personality: Alyssa is a very charming mousemaid, but she has a mean temper, she is normally sweet most of the time, though sometimes her heart is in the right place, but not all the time.

Backstory: Alyssa was born and raised in Salamandastron, where she found her talent as a singer and had a neck in combat, her father owns the combat training school of Salamandastron and her mother works at a local inn, as the head cook of the inn, Alyssa works with her mother and father, at their businesses, at the age of 15, Alyssa became the second head cook at the inn and became the combat training school's second coach, at the age of 18, Alyssa moved out of Salamandastron and to Mossflower, where she opened a Mossflower inn/combat training school, where lots of woodlanders and vermin alike, went there to stay and to learn all she has learned at Salamandstron, and she has a very helpful and loyal staff that helps her at the inn.

Age: 20

Relationships: Has few friends in Salamandstron and some new friends in Mossflower

Family: Mr. Mcclure (Father) Mrs. Mcclure (Mother)

Glandor The Highseer

Age: 23?

Species: Sable

Appearance: Glandor has white fur, and his wrists are brown, his eyes are green. He usually wears a black shirt, dyed from his mother, (Glacies) love of white robes. He also wears white trousers.. Or whatever.

Personality: Glandor loves battle. And he's ideal. He's paititent, capable of rousing lazy teammates, encouraging. He is calm in and outside of battle.

Weapons: Glandor wields a long snow white trident, and a net. He also two long dirks, and a bow. He wields a claymore, and a shortsword. He carries five throwing hatchets and knives, and he also is a excellent Thief, and carries small poision tipped darts and a blowpipe.

Background: Glacies told Glandor his father was a regular fat sable named Hoan. Who was killed in a battle before Glandor was born. No one mentioned Hoan other than Glacies, and if asked, the soldiers just stared blankly and then'd say "Oh yes.. Yes.. Good soldier." but his mum said Hoan was a horrid fighter (Why she put him in battle, I dunno.) Then he snuck into his moms room once, and found a old piece of art, that had a sable with brown fur and silver streaks. He wore a trident, stilletos, and a greatsword. Glandor loved how the sable looked un-beatable, so he tried to make himself similar weapons. He tried to get his mom to tell about the Sable many times, but she never would. She finally said he was probably roaming Mossflower, still alive. So he set out to find the sable, but gave up, and became a assassin


Titles/Nick's: Grand Master. Assassin of the Mist. Argent. Gin

Age: 20

Appearance: A largish otter. He has a strong, but tall build. He has a few scars here and there. His eyes are golden, greatly resembling those of a wolf. He is falcon brown. his most distinguishing feature is his uncanny ability to vanish into nearly any shadow, mist or fog. He wears this:[3] or more commonly a black and red version of this: [4]

Weapons: Two longswords, near countless throwing implements(ie. Shuriken, Kunai,throwing needles etc.) two hidden blades on his gauntlets. Clawed gauntlets(like this: [5]) on each paw(his hidden blades are on the bottom half of these) and a curved sword(like this:[6] and dagger([7])

Background: Lived with the Pikehawk Clan, the strongest and most renowned of the Otter Clans. After it's destruction one season into his life, he wandered, and was eventually found by a hermit, who raised and trained him. When he was 8 he went traveling till he was 13. He guarded a mountain from the vermin denizens of a town in a valley for a season, earning him the name The Assassin of the Mist, as the summits of said mountains were the only passes, and were constantly covered in mist. Two other creatures helped him, Wallace Longblade the Stoat(often called the Blade of the Mist) and Aerothorn Shadowbaen(often called the Demon of the Mist) the Mink. When he left at 15, he caused a rock slide, blocking the only exit from the valley, as did Wallace and Aero. He traveled once more for three more seasons, in which he met his brothers(Ironeagle and Bronzeraven) and sister(Marigold) for the first time in 16 seasons. He now lives in the Mountains where his Order is based. He came to these Assassin Camps with some of his Personal Team, the Mist, to help train against and fight the Ribbajack, he is now 20 and the father of one son.

Team Mist: (those accopmanying him in order of joining) Aerothorn Shadowbaen. Wallace Longblade. Windscythe Suna-jin. Revlis Graylurk. Kakashi Uril-Galidur. Twilight the Wolf.

Peknak the Quick

Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Weaponry: A long, jagged skinning-knife, and twin stilettos

Appearance: Is a tall, sly-looking weasel, with dark-brown fur and green eyes

Clothing: A cloak, a separate hood he had dyed forest green, a sash with three wooden knife sheaths strapped to it, and a small leather pouch of supplies. He never wears jewelry or metal in fear of being found easier when light reflects off it.

Personality: Can be as silent as the night breeze, and as despicable, and ruthless as the sea.

Background: He doesn't remember anything before he was found as a child, among the forest underbrush by a rat, who had deserted his horde and was at that time roaming the woods. The rat cared for him for many seasons, hoping to have the son he never had, and soon Peknak was a promising young assassin with the help of the rat who had fled his horde after a failed, but ingenious assassination attempt. But as the Fates may have it, the old rat soon grew weak with age, and a group of Bounty Hunters from his previous horde soon caught and slew him. The young weasel, 16 at the time, had learned a new lesson the old rat Captain had failed to teach: Hate. Hate stirred him on, pure hatred controlling mind and body as the weasel came and slaughtered the Bounty Hunters. He left their campsite with blood on his blade and corpses on the dusty ground. Now alone, he soon became a feared and hated assassin, known far and wide across Mossflower Country. Peknak the Quick's adventures have just begun...

Darkshadow Axeblood

Darkshadow in his Assassin garb



Weapons:Special axe, dirk

Appearance:Tall and sleek with jet black fur and silver eyes

Personality:Quiet with a slight sense of good humor(not at another's expense), but fierce in battle

Background:Son of Vynndar Axeblood Lord of Green Forest and tribe chieftan. Ran away when his father was assassinated by his uncle Bluddfang and his cruel mate, Magelda. Met up with Wraith outcast of her tribe, after that they were inseparable, roaming Green Forest together in search of peace. Becomes a mercenary and learns to use his weapon(axe) very skillfully. Always on the watch for his uncle's minions.

Clothes:Dark green tunic with belt for his dirk. Dark mottled cloak for forest camouflage. Ring with fox's head made where the ring part looks like the scales of a snake.

Age:About 18 seasons

Affiliation: Mercenary


Species: Long-tailed weasel
Gender: Male
Weapons: Numerous daggers, throwing knives and stilettos, long curved scimitar
Appearance: An exceptionally tall, thin weasel with dark brown, almost black eyes and a mottled brown and dark brown fur. Wears a brilliant emerald green cloak with a gold chain and hasp in the front. He is missing an eye and has a circular ruby globe in the socket instead, which(granted) looks kind of weird
Personality: He kills before anybeast gets to know him, but his soldiers all know he is a ruthless, humorless assassin who performs his job perfectly.
Background: Very misted, but it is known that he has been a dread assassin in Mossflower. His home is an underground lair in which his soldiers(of which he has only a dozen or so at a time) live in silence
Occupation: Assassin leader of his small command

Renar Falconscourge

Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Weapons: A short re-curve bow with an assortment of arrows, he also keeps a small dagger at his side.

Appearance: A rather short and lithe weasel with dark fur and a blackened breastplate and helm with chain underneath made of a light-weight and flexible steel along with a construction specifically made for agility.

Personality: He almost has squirrel like skill in tree-hopping and climbing. He uses this to his advantage and fires down upon his enemies with his bow and wide array of arrows. He knows the ways of stealth and keeping to the shadows. He is a good leader and once controlled a force of assassins called the Guardians but now works alone.

Backstory: Not much is known other than that when he was young a falcon attempted to kill him as a quick meal. Using the knife he carries to this day he stabbed it in the neck and took its talon as a trophy.

Ankhara Legenfeld


Species: Steppe Polecat

Age: around 21-26 seasons

Weapons: Scottish Claymore, Buckler with celtic designs in gold

Appearance/Personality/Clothing: Fur is a sandy color with darker points on face, tail, paws and eartips and a dorsal stripe down her back. Her build is slim and agile with an elegant stance. She usually wears a roman-style dove grey tunic with a darker grey cloak that is attached by a silver and silk cord around her neck. Over her tunic, she wears a leather body. She is cocky and intelligent with a ready laugh and is quite sociable

Background:N/A as of yet. FM: do you mind me editing this rpg to change her background once I have it?

Affiliation: Herself

Daegor Targaryen

Rank: Lord of Phyrexia

Gender: Male

Species: Pine marten

Appearance: Light brown fur, but a silver stripe running through the middle of Daegor's head like a badger. Daegor also has a long scar on the left side of his face running from right above the eye down to the snout.

Clothing: Chainmail and a dark-red surcoat with a black dragon on the chest. Daegor also wears steel pauldrons, greaves, and gauntlets. A long black cloak is hung from his shoulders.

Weapons: Daegor carries a 5-foot broadsword called Blackfyre, with a dragon's head for the pommel and a black blade. It's all he ever needs.

Background: Daegor Targaryen is a cruel, merciless warlord and eldest of four sons of Lord Aegon of Phyrexia. Each one carries a menacing blade with a menacing name (Blackfyre, Bittersteel, Bloodraven, and Darkstar). He rules them all from his lair in the fortress of Phyrexia, deep in the north. His army prepares for conquest, and none will ever be able to stop him, for he is Lord of Phyrexia!