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this is where you get to create a Corsair redwall vermin character, and Join this crew of misfits! -- Ferretmaiden

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There will be no swearing or vulgarity on this RPG.

No killing each other. we're on the same team.

Your Characters first name has to be an already existing word.

we are all on the same team!!! try to get along! mutineers will be shot! (or in this case be banished, i can banish you people.)

seeing as people refuse to admit they are dead, its a waste of time to cyber kill someones roleplay member

if someone specifically said they did something, don't tell them they didn't or say you dodged it.

Ship Name

The pheonix.gif
the pheonix.

The Pheonix

Cast of Characters

Destiny Carresand

DestinyCarresand by Ferretmaiden.jpg
Young weasel. normal Weasel coloring, except has a RuneMark on her shoulder. Violet eyes and a shy smile.

Nickname: Dez or Dezzy

Weapons: consist of a rapier, and a Belt with sewn in pouches for her three daggers.

Outfit: she wears a sea blue tunic with a yellow hood. she has a medalion her mother gave her before she died, and white cloth strips wrapped up to her elbows, and a hooped earring on each ear.

Occupation: lookout, and assistant cook.

Back Story: Was born in a trading villiage, but her family was killed in sickness . was told that she'd make a good seabeast by Black Sharrk, and joined his crew.

Personality: Quiet and Shy, but not afraid to speak her mind. sharp witted, and light on her feet. tends to be a bit clumsy when she is embarrased or scared. she plays a wooden piccalo.has a crush on Cap'n Black, but hides it well. Theme songs: Lucky Star by Night core My Heart Will Go On You'll Be In My Heart Take me by night core Two Worlds Ocean of memories -- Titanic Duel -- Bond

Cap'n Black Sharrk Kidd

Gender: Male

Species: Weasel

Nickname: BSK

Appearance: Has black fur with a silver underbelly. His paw and footpads are also silver. Wears a captain's hat. Upon close inspection, one can see small lines under his eyes from lack of sleep. He has gray eyes. He has a dark purple cross tattooed upon his snout (muzzle). He wears small bronze earrings. He wears a silver ring on his right hand on his middle finger. His pants are worn and cream colored, while donning a read sash. He wears a jacket like this, except it's black, not brown. Lastly, he wears brown leather boots. As his name implies, he has very sharp fangs.

Weapon: There is a very small blade on his ring which is on the bottom side of his finger, making it concealed. It is coated with poison. Sometimes, when shaking paws, he uses the opportunity to prick his victim, who feels little pain. He likes to keep a tomahawk and a dagger hidden under his coat. He carries a cutlass in his sash

Personality: Indifferent and somewhat cold. He is a serious creature, and never jokes around. Not a big talker. Tends to mumble when he does talk, though. (Like my uncle and myself. We both mumble a lot.) To sum it up, his personality reflects Schizoid personality disorder. A possible explanation for his personality could be due to a childhood of abuse from a negligent parent.

Character History: Most of his background is unknown, but at one point in his career, presumably early on in his life as a pirate, he had a run in with some reptiles on an island. It is unknown what exactly happened, but the lizards have been following him for quite some time. He has known Destiny since he was young, and looks out for her because of his long time friendship with Destiny and because of her partial innocence.

Occupation: Captain

Venom Hallus

Gender: Male

Species: Weasel

Appearance: 5'11" weasel with light brown fur. wears a long, midnight black half-cape, black shorts (or whatever pirates wear for shorts)

Personality: Loner , non caring attitude but he really does care about the crew, usually answers with a grunt or moan, can be chivalrous (sp?) at times.

Weapons: syringe of poison, 10 poison vials hidden in cape

Brief History: A former prince of an island full of weasels that only he knows about, he always had a fascination with poison, antidotes and healing. he got bored of the royal life and decided to become a corsair, he was part of several crews, each of them were killed, Venom saw something is Black Sharkk that he never saw before, courage. so he joined his crew. Venom is not really his name, his name is Hawthorne Julius Hallus, but he changed it because Hawthorne was a stupid name and he likes venom.

Cobra Crayg

Gender: Male

Species: Searat

Appearance: Black furred, red eyed and dressed in a brown, tattered vest and has a bloody rag tied to his tail. Cobra has a sharkskin belt he stole from a ferret during his early travels.

Personality: Black hearted and clever. Feels no pity towards anybody.

Weapons: A dagger poisoned with cobra venom and an indian war club.


Species: Weasel

Gender: female

Apperance: Black with white paws and tail tip. She wears a Black cape with a belt.

Personality: Is very cooled, and seems not to have a heart. She dislikes talking and thinks that all woodlander are scum and should die. She is invisible when its dark.

Weapon: Daggers, twin swords and a bow


Gender: Female

Species: Mink

Appearance: has shorter fur then a regular mink it’s color is a light brownish auburn sort of gold color, she’s covered in scars, wears an eye patch over right eye, and wears a baggy tan tunic, a broad leather belt around waist, a leather vest over the tunic, a gold earring in both ears, has tattoos on both forepaws and always keeps a leather bag (full of herbs plants & bandages) around her neck and under her left arm, unless she is fighting.

Weapons: multiple hidden daggers, two scimitars in belt, and an old harpoon hook she carries around and threatens beasts with if they get on her nerves

Occupation: Does pretty much whatever she’s told by her superiors, and what needs doing,

Gallil Mossberg



Weapons:Katana(stolen), two sais(stolen), a primitave E-tool, and a baseball bat type club, plus a broadsword(which he stole) and boarding ax, martial art skills, quick reflexes

Outfit:blood red headband, black trench-coat, and a dark gray shirt

Back story:Twin Brother of Lock Uril-Galidur, otherwise unknown

Personality:Yells alot in foreign language(Redwall equivalent of Elvish), often fires off angry shouts during an argument, and speaks with a slight Russian accent(unlike his twin who speaks with an American accent)

Appearance:He is a Carmel colored fox with black paws and tail tip, he is shorter than his twin, but much broader, his eyes are dark green. he never smiles, because of a fight with a wild cat he has claw mark scars on his snout which killed the nerves, prohibiting him from ever smiling again, also he has a red tattoo of ancient Elven writing on his snout, arms, and paws

Occupation:If free:First Mate and armory keeper

Obsidian Lashback

Species: Ferret

Weapons: Cat-o-Nine-Tails and scimitar as main weapons. Has two stilettos hidden in cloak.

Appearance: Tall and very thin. Fur is dark reddish-brown with long white scars down his back. Wears a dark red cloak to cover his scars. His eyes are shiny black, like obsidian (hence his name).

Personality: Mostly silent and introverted, but when somebeast threatens or insults him, his temper can snap. He always keeps his cat-o-nine-tails visible, so creatures rarely do threaten or insult him. He prefers to keep his past a secret. Can be very brutal to victims/foes.

Occupation on ship: Spy, slavedriver, torturer, or whatever violent or dangerous job is available.

Silver Boru

Species: Wolf

Appearance: Silver-gray fur.

Weapons: Massive claymore on back, three dirks and two small war hammers in belt, and five sgian dubh knives in boots.

Clothing: Chainmail over metal-plated jerkin, two crossed belts on chest, plaid sash on waist, and metal-heeled boots.

Occupation: Killing people, and Cap'n Black Sharrks body guard.

History: Descendant of High King Nuada Boru of Hiberia, a northern kingdom of semi-good vermin. Hiberia was captured for the second time two seasons after Silver was crowned High King, and he fled like his ancestor Nuada with a small contingent of his people. Signed a pact with Captain Black Sharrk Kidd to serve with him for ten seasons, then they would defeat the invaders of Hiberia, vermin from the Land of Ice and Snow.

Personality: Ruthless killer. Can backflip if he has only a few weapons on.

Age: 39 seasons

Theme Songs: Revolution by The Beatles, Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce, Back in the USSR by The Beatles

Bloody Carnage Jack

Species: Sea Mink

Nickname: Blud'y Jack

Appearance: white stripes on face and brown other that,Cape and a scar on eye

Weapons: scimatar, stilletos for throwing, four sided hook good for hand to hand or for attaching to rope so i can throw it

Personality: Mean and powerful counts often can be found saying sorry for killing people after battles in his room

Occupation: whatever BSK gives me

History: youngest of 20 kids and his mom died in childbirth, such his dad blames him, and tourters him, the last straw was his dad killing the only girl he ever liked

Age:21 seasons

Theme Songs: Battle Of New Orleans and A Boy Named Sue

Rusayo Crowmast

Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Nickname: Ol' Slyboots

Appearance: young, tall and slender, yet sinewy. dark fur, and a white underbelly. deep blue eyes. handsome and sly looking. wears a black vest and a blue headband. black tattoos along his face.

Weapons: A grapling hook.

Personality: sly and arrogant. loves to torment others. will blackmail people. has a crush on Destiny. enjoys taunting BSK, but is loyal to him despite their diferences.

History: was on another ship, called the Night Serpent but joined Black Sharrks crew when he met Destiny. his former crewmates were planning to kill him anyway, so he saw his chance.

Theme Song: What I've done by Linkin park Flawed Design by Stablio and The Kill by 30 seconds to mars.

Moon Blayde



Apperance:About Of A Teenage Wolf.(Ironicly,Hes Actually 34 Seasons.).Red Eyes,Grey Fur,Blackish Claws.Tattoos Are Located On Alot Of His Body.

Clothing:Rather Torn Up Tunic,Raggedy Pants.

Weapons:Two Poison-Tipped Longswords

Personality:More Evil Then Most Corsairs.Has Motives,But They Are Currently Unknown.He Seems To Be A Spy For Some Unknown Force.Most Of His Crewmates On The Black Sharrk Are Suspicious About Him,Because:1:He Is Never On Any Treasure Hunts.2:Some Of The Crew Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night And Hear Evil Laughter,A Pipe Organ,And See That Moon Is Not In His Bunk.

History:Was Born To The Cheif Of The Gorusani Pack In The Mountains Of The Far North.He Seemed To Be Intrested In Water,So He Loved Snow.He Eventualy Went Down To The Ocean At 20 Seasons.He Became A Pirate And Became A Stowaway On The Back Sharrk.He Became A Crewmember After He Was Discovered.

Theme:The Imperial March (From Star Wars)

Fire Briggan

Species: Fox

Nickname: Those who give me nicknames do not live.

Appearance: Tall, red furred.

Weapons: A scimitar

Personality: Easily annoyed and Quick to violence.

Occupation: Mercanary

Crystal Shone

(pronounced Sh-oo-nay)

s: fox

Gender: female

Age: 18 or 19

Weapons: a pair of stilletos, a rudius, and a blowpipe

Personality: quiet most of the time. Had a shady and uncomfortable past but doesn't talk about it. Is nice when she does talk, and is apt to blush. Appearance: light brown fox with hazel eyes and a tuft of slightly darker fur (yeah, hair) on her head that falls over her eyes and hides them. Wears a leather tunic that's kinda boyish and a skirt that goes halfway down to her knees.

Theme Song: Because of You (Kelly Clarkson), Beautiful Disaster (John Mclaughin (sp?)), Behind these Hazel Eyes (Kelly Clarkson)

Narcissus Marvillar

Nickname: Narciss, or more commonly Narra

Gender: Female

Species: Ermine

Appearance: Very beautiful, having the purest of white fur. Even after spending years of her career being a corsair, she still somehow always manages to keep herself clean. Wears a dark green leather jerkin, and underneath that is a dark green tunic with gold trim. She has a necklace made from silver, pearls, and sapphires. Her silk scarf and sash are a deep voilet.

Weapon: Dirk with a shiny, mirror-like blade and crystal hilt

Personality: Very vain, self-centered, and narcissistic. She loves to be the center of attention, plus on top of that can easily be flattered. If anybeast thinks that he or she can look better than her, Narcissus will get very jealous. Eventually this leads makes her resort to humiliating or (when things look nasty) murdering the other creature. Though she spends her life living like a corsair, she still pertains to sanitary habits and looks down upon "filthy vermin".

Background: She was once a Queen of the Land of Ice and Snow, and was later evicted from her position and home. Forced to flee, Narcissus found a group of corsair vermin and reluctantly joined them (snce she had nowhere to go). Her favorite thing about being a corsair is when she can steal beatiful, shiny things from other creatures (even including her corsair buddies).

Asphodel Badelaire

Asphodel Badelaire.png

Nickname: Asp (only by her brother Jaff)

Species: Ermine

Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall, slender with pure white fur and emerald green eyes, very beautiful and sleek.

Weapons: Badelaire (a slightly curved heavy broad-bladed sword often used in heraldry originating from the Falchion) which she is very skilled at, tiny gem studded silver dagger hidden in a special bracelet she wears, poison vial made from a diamond and hidden in one of the pearls in her collar-necklace which she dips the tip of her dagger in

Personality: Sly, quiet, elegant, holds grudges

History: Through her many travels Asphodel has fought for many corsairs, rulers and vermin gangs (though she detests rabble and such)


Clothes:Creamy white silk blouse, silver belt studded with gems, rose pearl collar nacklace with a tiny diamond set in each pearl. Ivory bracelet covered in pearls and twined with a string of finely beaten gold with special hidden sheath for her dagger. The dagger handle is made with pearls set in it to conceal it in her bracelet. One of the tiny diamonds in her necklace is actually a poison vial. Emerald earrings.

Rose the Thorn

  • Species:Mouse (Yes I said a mouse and yes she is a full fleged corsear)
  • Gender:Femail
  • Apperance:Oh, none right now
  • Weapons:Dirk, and hidden knife
  • Backstory:As a mousebabe, she couledent stand the peacful, simple life of a woodlander, so she ran away and was adopted by a rat (by the way alwase wanted a little daughter but was alwase "gifted" by sons) who was a corsear, but once he died, she sought out the corsear life again, and VWALA!! here she is! (her original name was Rose, but once she turned to corsear life, she was re-named Rose the Thorn)
  • Age:About 19 years
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