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Welcome to my RPG! Here's some background info. In this RPG, the scene unfolds in the kingdom of Sliscaer Tromedlon and his Cannibal hordes. Sliscaer, the evil fox lord, comes from across the Western Seas to plunder the heavenly shores of Mossflower Country. Taking hundreds of hostages, the fox comes back home to The Dreaded Lands, an evil place full of malicious trickery, vile poisoning, and ... rotting bodies. The soldiers of the fox put the innocent woodlanders to work as slaves in horrible conditions.

Sliscaer Tromedlon is happy with the way his kingdom is running, but he does have internal problems. His wife, and two sons are opposed to his rule. The two young males are waiting for the day when their all powerful father will die, leaving them to take control. However, each one has plans for the other. Also, a group of rebels, made up of woodlanders as well as former vermin, lie low, ever watching the kingdom, waiting for the day when they can attack.

The aid of Sliscaer Tromedlon is also his seer. This creature tells him useless prophecies of his greatness and gives him advice on how to deal with his headstrong sons, who are believed to be planning an assassination attempt on the high lord.

Later On...

After many attempts to bring down the castle, the rebels have turned to the inside uprising, led by Patricius, for help. However, they also face internal problems, as Salm, one of their greatest warriors, decides to leave them and become a wanderer. She is soon met by Palagus, who joins her.

Coraz, a high ranking nurse in Sliscaer's army, gains a deep connection with Judas, and they eventually betray Sliscaer together, along with their adopted daughter, Armas. A new disease, the Great Rotting Sickness, spreads throughout the island, causing destruction on a Black Plague scale. Both rebel and vermin forces are affected severely, causing a temporary stalemate between the two groups. With a shortage of soldiers and slaves, Sliscaer calls for a crusade to Mossflower country in order to restock their population. This voyage, led by Greegate Skelton and Captain Raccla, arrives on the shores of Mossflower.

And now, Judas and Coraz must gain the trust of the inside uprising, who have hated him for so long, in order to bring an end to the Tromedlon rule once and for all. And Sliscaer's two sons, Viliar and Sirius, along with his wife, are involved as well. Intense...


  1. Follow the main protocol
  2. Each user can have up to five characters, and you can choose whether to make the character a woodlander slave, a vermin soldier/captain, an insider rebel (a vermin inside the grounds of Sliscaer who plots against him. Ex: his sons), or a rebel (please do not all choose this right away, because it will be limited)
  3. You can definitely use any creature found in the Redwall world, and do whatever you want with it
  4. Please do not argue with anyone or insult anyone. I'm pretty sure you're all civillized enough to know not to.
  5. When you are creating charaters, you can either post the information on my Talk Page or even here in the comments. I will try to add them into my character list as soon as I can. The RPG will probably start once there are a good amount of players.
  6. If you want to have one main character and a bunch of little ones, that's fine too. An example would be if you were a vermin soldier and you had a bunch of other soldiers who followed you around everywhere, that would be fine. Your main character would be the original soldier, and the others could be his mates and friends. If you do that, you will refer to all of them with each post.
  7. If you have any problems, just contact me on my Talk Page, and I'll help you.
  8. There will be battles, but don't kill anyone who does not want his/her charcter to die at that point. However, there is no invincibility, remember that
  9. Remember to comment as often as you can, so other people know what you're doing
  10. Please read these rules so that you don't have to ask too many questions
  11. Lastly, and most important, have fun and be creative!

Necessary Requirements

Main characters that will be needed are the two sons of Sliscaer, however, one son would be just as sufficient, kind of like one kidney. Both of them, along with the wife, must be foxes. The wife of Sliscaer is not a required character, but once again, it would be nice. Also, I NEED woodland slaves. It is not like they will just be doing chores all day. They do have secret rebellious plans within their own time. That is why this RPG has the word "Revolt" in it. Slaves like revolting. Besides that, there will be a rebel group, however, if a lot of people want to become rebels, then I will have a limit in numbers. There can be different rebel groups around the area, and if you would like to create a group or join a group, you can tell me in your character info. There will be a maximum of five rebel groups, so first come first ... get. Also, former soldiers from Sliscaer's horde can lead rebel groups, and they are usually friendly with the woodland rebels. Note: usually rebel groups with a former vermin leader only contain former vermin in them, and the same goes for woodland rebels. The final character I need shall be an aid to Sliscaer. This can be a creature of any vermin species, save womverine and wolf, since the aid of the warlord should be smaller and less intimidating than "His Highness."

Reminder: I have not chosen given names for the sons, wife, or the aid of Sliscaer, or any creatures for that matter, so feel free to make your own names, because after all, that's what this is all about.

Character Info

Here's a basic list of all of the required elements you will need for each character you create:











If you want to add anything else that I did not mention, feel free to! Also, the main characters I am looking for at first will be leaders for the rebel group (two of them), a bunch of captains for the vermin hordes, the aid to Lord Sliscaer, an also woodland slaves. Remember to check the character list to see what has been taken so far.



Lord Sliscaer Tromedlon (played by Llamao)

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 43 seasons

Weapons: Three throwing daggers, shortsword, dagger

Personality: Sliscaer is evil to the roots. He strikes fear into the hearts of everybeast and uses sly tactics to get his way. However, he is very clever and knows the ways of war and deceit. He shows contempt to everybeast, thinking himself to be of the highest standards. He also does not trust anybeast save his aid, so he usually just keeps to himself in his lair.

Appearance: Sliscaer looks like any vermin lord, with tattoes covering his limbs and face, all black and red, signifying death and war. He also has two earrings hanging from the top of his right ear, along with a lot of jewelry in general, including armbands and other piercings.

Clothing: He is donned in a specially made kilt that stops under his knees, anong with a belt that is held around his waist. Within the belt are his throwing daggers. Hanging from the belt is a chain that holds a talisman at the end. His legs are wrapped in patterns of cloth as makeshift sandals, and there is a hood attached to a cloak that extends outwards from his body.

History: Born and raised in The Dreaded Lands, Sliscaer got his first taste of blood when he travelled to the the Isle of Sampetra and massacred the cannabalistic monitor lizards that had been the previous inhabitants. With a lust for blood, the young fox decided to usurp power directly after his father. Even though Sliscaer was not the rightful heir to the throne, he killed one of his older brothers and his father and was unanimously called king of The Dreaded Lands by the frightened vermin soldiers. Throughout his years, he travelled to different parts of the world, demolishing and wiping out populations, and here he is today, after a successful Crusade in Mossflower Country.

Affiliation: Vermin Horde Leader

Judas (played by Blue)

Species: Fox

Rank: Leader of Horde (After his father was killed)

Gender: Male

Origin: Mossflower Woods

Appearance/Clothes: Judas is a lean fox who appear taller than he really is because he is so skinny. However, it would be foolish to underestimate his strength. He has black paws and footpaws. He wears a red bandanna and a black vest that he hides his dagger inside of. He wears a pair of vambraces with the fleur-de-lis on them.

Personality: Judas is an extremely intelligent fox with a very cunning mind. He never reveals his true face to creatures unless he is about to kill the said creature without another beast watching. He can manipulate creatures to seem as they are working with him as equals, when they are unwittingly serving him. He always acts as if he is very well-mannered and kind, and will even defend the creature he is attempting to manipulate to gain their trust.

Weapons: Dagger, Words (Metaphorically)

Family: Crimson Vincent (Younger Brother), Grulvad (Father)

Affiliation: Aid to Sliscaer

Captain Raccla (played by Barty)

Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Weapons: Spear, longsword, dagger

Personality: Crafty,cruel, and loves his job

Appearance: Tall and slim, with an earring in his left ear

Clothing: A leather jerkin and belt

History: Lived in the Dreaded Lands for as far as he could remember, following in his Father's footsteps.And now cherishes his life as a Captain, and loves practicing his superiority over others, especially slaves

Affiliation: Sliscaer's Vermin

Greengate Skelton (played by Salem)

Species: Sable

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Personality: Cold, cynical and sly

Appearance: A dark brown sable with green eyes and a broad muzzle

Clothing: Black suit and cravat

Affiliation: Vermin

History: Born into a wealthy southern clan, Greengate Skelton was born with hatred in his heart- especially for his younger sister Vilaya, who would grow up to be the infamous Sable Quean. Greengate poisoned his father Ephraim at the age of 33, in order to get the mansion and fortune faster then intended.

Weapons: Broadsword and bullwhip

Coraz (played by Nit)

Titles: 1) Nurse



Species: Fox

Gender: Female

Age: A little older than 25

Weapons: She always carries with her a hilariously oversize syringe, which can shoot needles as if they where arrows. She has a wide arrange of potion in her belt pouches and vials, containing a wide arrange of items from helpful medical liquids/powders to deadly poisons and acids.

RotDL: Plus the above mentioned, she also now carries poison daggers thrust in her belt.

Personality:She is a cheerful fox, who likes to help others in their times of needs. She is sometimes a klutz, but get's her job done. She does not like to fight, nor like to use her potions other than the sleeping drug, usually showing cowardice, but she is actually very courageous when she have to be.

RotDL: She is completely different in here. She is now a sadistic, cunning and evil fox, and not afraid to show her new twisted nature. She is completely loyal to Sliscaer, Judas, and her superiors. She never shows any fear, nor sympathy.

Appearance: She is a typical red vixen. Not tattoos.She is slightly taller than normal foxes, and has a lean structure. She has glittering orange eyes

Clothing: She wears woolen sweater and and tartan fashioned skirt. She has neck collar with a red-heart emblem as it's holder. She usually wears a plain and flat brown tiara, or a nurse cap with a red cross. She has a waist-bell full of pouches and vials containing her powders and concoctions.

RotDL: She has abandoned her swearer altogether and replaced it with a cloak. She keeps every other item mentioned above, but every emblem or mark is now colored dark-purple.

History: She was a nurse in training, and then became full-fledged nurse. She used to travel with Nisa, and some other companions, in their faraway homeland.

RotDL:She was capture as she venture into the dreaded lands to help cure the sick creatures. Her mind has been wiped, tainted, and twisted by the emperor and this god-forsaken kingdom. She is now the royal nurse and poisoner to the castle. She does not recall her past, nor cares about it anymore.

Affiliation: Aid of the king. Or Sliscaer's Vermin, if there can only be one :)

Revlis Graylurk (played by Silv)

Species: Sable

Gender: Male

Age: 19-20

Weapons: A two handed sword with a sharp downward spike in the sharpened side which he keeps behind his back. Six daggers in the crossbelts for his sword, and a spear(like the Easterling spear from the LOTR films).

Personality: Has some honor in a fight, but typically will stab his opponent in the back before the duel if he has the chance. He is apt to be sarcastic at times. He is strongly opposed to working for, or with, woodlanders and females, but will if the price is high enough. He is racist and sexist to that degree

Appearance: he is quite handsome, he is Average height for a Sable. He has dark chocolate hued fur, with a milk chocolate hued face mask. He wears a simple red tunic, and black ranger's cloak. His eyes are an extremely pale gold

Clothing: He wears a large, hooded black cloak that envelops his body. He wears the sword on the outside, often carrying his spear, and his daggers hidden inside. Beneath that he wears a simple leather jerkin and tunic

History: wandered about, eventually finding a mercenary group and joining them, running into an old Rival. it his unclear how or why he left them. After a few adventures and possible misfortunes he got to the Dreaded Lands. He joined Slicaer's Vermin almost willingly

Affiliation: Slicaer's Vermin

Milos Viclean (played by Sale)

Gender: Male

Eye color: Blue

Species: Fox

Place of Origin: The Land of Ice and Snow

Weapons: Bolas, longsword

Personality: Milos is an evil, cunning fox who can subtly manipulate others into doing his bidding without them knowing it. He is very charming and flirtatious around females and can very easily make them swoon. Although Milos can appear good and gentle to some, he is actually very deceptive in his ways.

Appearance: Milos is a thin, dark brown fox with natural white circles around his blue eyes. He has a habit of overdressing; preferring to wear black waistcoats, matching breeches, and white cravats no matter what the season. He also has a gold pocket watch that was a gift from his younger nephew. There is also a bite mark on his right ear, and one of his pupils is bigger than the other.

Backstory: Milos immigrated to Mossflower Wood from the Land of Ice and Snow at the age of eleven seasons with his parents and sister Misha. Five seasons later Milos fell off the roof of his house while working there and received a scar that goes up and down his left eye. Shortly afterwards, Milos left the family farm and became estranged from his relatives, claiming they did not understand his ways. For the next ten seasons he slowly transformed into the manipulative, clever, brooding animal he is now.

Age: 26 seasons

Relationships: Was abandoned at the altar by an unknown female he refuses to mention.

Family: Misha Viclean Henderson (Sister) Vulpes Henderson (brother-in-law) Milos Viclean II (nephew) Rakela Viclean (mother) Alexander Viclean (father)

Kleet Bransetch (played by Armel)

Real name: Aneta Oakpaw

Species: Fox (real species: Squirrel)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Weapons: A few daggers in belt and bow and arrows.

Personality: Strange; to say the least. Mutters often to herself or others passing by, often gos out to pick plants or herbs bringing arm-loads back to camp. Will normally talk to any passerbys (or herself) about seemingly anything and everything. Quite random in whatever she does though she is extremly gifted with being able to heal other beasts.

Appearance: Is a orange-brown furred squirrel with unusual yellow eyes, chest fur is white along with tip of tail. Uses bark and other things to change facial appearence so she looks like a fox and uses plant dyes to change fur color some. Wears a large gold hoop earing in each ear, along with a smaller hooped one on left ear.

Clothing: Wears a long dark green tunic, a long dark brown leather vest over it. Also wears a dark colored cloak which drags along the ground behind her unless she keeps it pulled up around herself. Wears a strange looking braided leather headband with beads and small teeth from different animals hanging from, or braided into it. Belt around waist decorated with beads and other small items.

History: Aneta was born in Mossflower and raised by her family near Redwall Abbey; where they visited often. Her family was killed by a vermin band when she was in her early teens. She had manadged to escape back to Redwall and there she lived most of her teen years. She spent most of her time in the gatehouse or attic, normally with her nose in a book or helping in the infirmary. Aneta had later come across the story of the otter named "Mask". Taking a deep interest in what he did she took up learning and experimenting with different dyes, barks, and powders to disguise herself as different species just as Mask had. She also spent a good portion of her time training with weapons of different sorts; she eventually mastered the bow and throwing daggers. Later in life Aneta put her disguises to the test when she ventured out and joined small vermin bands for short periods of time; leaving after she had killed whichever beasts she could. She later joined Slicaers troops when he came to Mossflower and had been a member in his army ever since, working as a spy for the rebel gangs.

Affiliation: Soldier in Slicaers army

Name: Brogan Brookbank

Species: River Otter

Age: Mid twenties

Weapons: Bow and arrows,

Personality: Despises most vermin and fully supports the rebels; readily joining in in any raids or plans they might have to overthrow Sliscaers kingdom. Can be a bit too eager at times, and will somtimes wish to rush plans of any kind to bring Sliscaers reign to an end.

Appearance: Light brown fur, has Dark brown eyes and

Clothing: Brown tunic with a black leather belt around waist.

History: Unknown

Affiliation: Rebels

Marcone Shorevitch (played by Armel)

Species: Ferret

Age: Mid thirties

Weapons: Saber in sheath attatched to belt (on right side) and a dagger also in belt

Personality: Cold, quiet, despises anyone against Sliscaer.

Appearance: Dark brown fur, tip of front right paw and hind left paw are white and has blue eyes. Has long whiskers and a few long scars over chest along with a small notch in left ear.

Clothing: Short sandy brown tunic, with a black leather belt around waist and a darker colored cape.

History: Unknown

Affiliation: Captain in Sliscaers army

Moon Blayde (played by Wheately)


Age:20 Seasons


Weapons;Twin Poison-tipped Longswords.

Personality:A heartless warrior.


Clothing:Sauron-like armor that he never takes off.


Afflitiation:Elite in Sliscaer's army

Darkstorm (played by Raw)

Species: Rat

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Weapons: Darkstorm wields two twin longswords made a strong black material. His daggers are long and silver-looking. He carries a deadly Glave over his shoulder. Sling

Personality: Sarcastic, loyal.

Appearance: Darkstorm has black fur, with white flakes, he has long black-colored eyes. Has a scar over one eye

Clothing: Darkstorm wears a black tunic, with a shoulder steath for his daggers, and a brown leather steath for his glaive. He wears a dark sash.

History: Unknown

Affiliation: Sliscaer.

Lucius Barton (played by LordSunflash)

Titles: "Barton the Black", "Captain"

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Weapons:Cutlass, hidden knife.

Personality: Polite and mannerly he is a gentlebeast at first glance, even so far as to being called a "teetotaler"(someone who does not drink alcohol). Yet under his calm facade he is a brutal murderer without regret and a lust for vengeance that will cause him to risk his life in pursuit of it. He is a cruel and merciless captain that has created agonizing and painful means of interrogation. In battle, he will often give enemies near mortal wounds so that they may see the face that killed them. Also extremely superstitious, he looks for omens and does one or two strange rituals to "ward off demons".

Appearance: Golden fur all along his body. Wears a white shirt and a barkcloth vest. Also has a line of stitches over his right eye.

History: Born on a merchant ship he was raised with manners and an attempted sense of good and bad. But when he was around 13 he was captured by a pirate ship and, through several skills he had learned, made into the navigator. He sailed aboard the ship for several seasons, following the crew on many raids and midnight attacks, through this he learned the ways of war, and the pleasure it brought to him. When his captain bit off more than he could chew and was killed in a raid upon Salamandastron Barton took control of the ship. Mere weeks later he captured a score of Long Patrol hares and avenged his captain, with terrifying results. They sailed for five seasons, plundering many towns, and sinking numerous ships. Yet the tides turned on him as his crew began to grow weary of his strange rituals, his terrible lust for blood, and began to ignore the calm charisma that had kept mutiny at bay. He was thrown to the sea with naught but his blades and the shirt on his back.

Age: 25

Allegiance: Vermin

Inside Uprising

Prince Patricius Tromedlon (played by Thorn)

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 47seasons

Weapons: Zweihander, two stiletto daggers

Personality: Ruthless yet respecting, and a rather clean fellow.

Appearance: Unlike his more savage little brother Sliscaer, Patricius has no tattoes nor jewelry nor any fanciness, except for the emerald jewel on the top of his helmet (see clothing for that).

Clothing: When not fighting, Patricius wears an orange tunic and red cloak, as well as orange leggings and a green beret and a baldrick for his Zweihander. In war, he wears a steel breastplate, bracers, and gauntlets, as well as thigh guards, greaves, and a sallet helmet with an emerald on the brow.

History: Born in the Dreaded Lands, Patricius is the older brother of Sliscaer Tromedlon and the heir proper to the Tromedlon dynasty, yet he relinquished his claim after both his father and his younger brother (the middle son) were murdered by the ambitious Sliscaer. However, after learning of the horrid massacres, crusades, and conquests of his brother, Patricius has decided to take back his claim as Tromedlon King, and has allied with Sliscaer's sons with the decision that they would rule each a fourth of the Tromedlon domains, and the other half would go to Patricius as the rightful king.

Affliation: Sliscaer's sons.

Viliar Tromedlon (played by Derreck)

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 19 seasons

Weapons: Longsword, dirk

Personality: Cold and unforgiving

Appearance: Tall and sinewy, with no tattoos or finery

Clothing: Prefers to stick with a cloak, jerkin and belt at all times, if ever needing to blend with the crowd or shadows

History: Since the first steps he walked, he hated the land around him. So grew the idea of taking his Father down after many years in the wretched Kingdom. He believes in the thought that he could change it all, and live as King. He dwells on that thought, he lives for that thought...And one day, that thought shall become reality!

Affliation: Sliscaer's sons.

Sirius Tromedlon (played by Raw)

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 16 seasons

Weapons: Longsword, daggers, spear, axe.

Personality: Crafty, sly, wicked

Appearance: Pitch black, brown eyes. Cloak with hood, and jerkin. And some trousers.

Affiliation: Second son of Sliscaer. Not much else is known.

Kiba Hiruza (played by Silv)

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Weapons: Many, many kunai and shuriken. His fangs(his name(Kiba) means Fang in Japanese) and claws. He has two Kunai Blade( a sword[1] looks like the ones the guys with the green vests are carrying]), martial arts

Personality: He's teasing, but friendly. He is a friend, and student of Kakashi. he is skilled in his fighting styles, which he is alot like a Ninja, but like his mentor, prefers the term "Shinobi"

Appearance: An average height, brown(almost black) furred Fox. His two upper front fangs are a little longer than an average fox's, causing them to stick out of his mouth. His pupils are slit, like a cat or viper's

Clothing: chain mail mesh over a light tunic. Above that he wears a hooded coat and light leather armor(just beneath the hooded coat), a metal plated headband around his forehead

History: He was born in a village enclosed by many trees, sometimes referred to as being "Hidden in the Leaves". He was trained by Kakashi, and became friends with him. while on a mission he ended up here. He was drafted into the ranks, and joined the inside uprising due to his allegiance to his village.

Affiliation: Working with Slicaer's Sons.

Kakashi Garalun (played by Silv)

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Weapons: Many Kunai Knives, Senbon Needles, Shuriken Stars, a tanto and katana


Appearance: A white, longish furred fox. His right eye is normal, though his left eye is red, he keeps his left eye covered by his headband

Clothing: Green Flak Jacket vest, a longsleeved blue shirt, metal plated headband and facemask. The headband covers his left eye, the face mask covers his lower face.

History: He was born in a village enclosed by many tree, sometimes referred to as being "Hidden in the Leaves". He trained Kiba, and became friends with him. He ended up here while on a mission with Kiba, both being drafted into the ranks, and joined Slicaer's sons, mainly due to his allegiance to his village still

Affiliation: Workinh with Slicaer's Sons.

Sinna Tromedlon (played by Raw)

Species: Vixen. Fox. Same thing

Gender: A male vixen! JK a girl

Age: 40seasons

Weapons: Jian, Meteor hammer, and a extendable blade from her wrists

Personality: Calm, gentle, well-organized, highly dislikes Sliscaer's evilness

Appearance: White fur, almond colored eyes,

Clothing: Wears a gold amulet over her blue skirt and blue tunic, wears a short cape, with a crown imbedded with sapphires.

History: Descendant of Urgan Nagru and Silvamord, not much else is known

Affiliation: Inside Uprising


Jerry Darren hare (played by Niko)

Gender: Male

Eye color: Sea Blue

Species: Hare

Place of Origin: Salamandastron

Appearance: Jerry, is a brown fur hare and wears a navy blue tunic.

Weapons: Carries a small army knife and some daggers.

Personality: Jerry is normally calm and sensitive, and he is also a rule follower and obeys all the rules.

Backstory: Jerry comes from a famous line of soldiers and army beasts; at the age of 14, Jerry joined the Mobile Infintry in Salamandastron. Around the age of 15 he was sent on the front line in the first Bug War and was given heavy weapons (In the Redwall Universe). In the Bug War, during the age of 21 and his 21st birthday, he was ruined when the warrior bugs attacked the unit he was in. At the age of 23 he continued in a new unit which he became the captain of in the first front of the war.

Age: 24

Relationships: Some friends in the army and is the leader of a rebal gang called the Tangos

Rebel troop's name:The Tangos

Family: Unkown

Nisa (played by Nit)

Species: Otter

Gender: Female

Age: Older than she looks: She is 35, but looks 25 O_o

Weapons: She wears leather gloves on her paws. Trough EXTREME training, and her the weasels-like agility + the otters inate brawn, She became an excellent Brawler.

Personality: Cheerful and caring, specially to children. She has a really weird sense of justice: She does not care whether she harms A Woodlander or Vermin as long as she passes judgment to evildoers. She will harm anybody who insults her young friends, especially if the word Vermin is involdved. She is adverts to murdering, but she has not remorse on killing body parts.

Appearance: She is and otter with weasel-like features. Her body is slender like a Weasel, but brawny like an Otter. Her tail is a hard rudder, like an Otter, but is a little more flexible, like a Weasel. Her face could be interpreted for the two, due to the similarities between the two species faces. Her fur is reddish brown. She uses this to her adventage and makes herself look more weasel or otter like whenever she believes is neccesary/ whenever the mood strikes her. Strangely enough, no one doubts or is suspicious about her 'in between' appearance, nor does anybody ever finds out by themselves.

Clothing: She always wear the same clothe. She wears a full body black jumpsuit, which opens at the neckline in a upside down triangle, and that reveals: all the way down her chest and belly, stopping just before it reaches her *Censored*. She wears yellow-lensed goggles over her head, but rarely ever wears then on her eyes

History: She was born to a father whom detested her weasel-like features, her mother having died because of her birth. She was always undermined and insulted, her father even going as far as calling her a 'Vermin in disguise'. She was always under her older brother's shadow. One Day, while she was still very young, she just ran away, and decided to forget before her escape. She later found a home with an elderly weasel. He was a cranky but caring soul, whom accepted Nisa's 'deformities'. Despite his age, the weasel was a real adept Brawler. He taught Nisa everything he knew. In the end, when the weasel died, Nisa decided to become a heroine. Her goal is: to unite Vermin and Woodlanders, and punish evil with a fist of Justice, regardless of species.

Affiliation: Justice. (Rebel to the bone)

Jimmy "Jim" (played by Niko)

Gender: Male

Eye color: Green

Species: Otter (In The Revolts of the Dreaded Lands a hare)

Place of Origin: San Andreas, Los Santos

Appearance: Randy wears a red taunic and a yellow belt and he has a redish kind of fur and he wears a tail ring ecsept when he goes surfing, at one point he wears a jacket mostly on rainy days.

Weapons: Jimmy has a baseball bat and a magnum which he and Randy share.

Personality: Jimmy is a fun loving otter and is always caring for others, he is the most friendly squirrel that any beast will meet, he is prettu good with the ladies and is very loyal to his friends.

Backstory: Jimmy lives in San Andreas and is a professional surfer like his best friend Randy and has won 10 trophies since he began surfing, his childhood best friend is Randy an otter who interdused him to the world of surfing.


Relationships: Randy (Best Friend) A sargeant in the Tangos rebal amry


Salm (played by Skal)

Species: Weasel

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Weapons: broadswords and daggers

Personality: Very unpredictable and mean and times.

Appearance: Pretty with a black left eye and a blue right eye. She has dark fur and her face has flecks of white on it.

Clothing: A black dress that stops about 5 inches above her knees

History: Very complacated and scary.

Affiliation: Rebel (If i can be one...)

Marin Seahound (played by Laria)

Species: Otter

Gender: Female

Age: 27 seasons

Weapons: A hand-and-a-half sword with a blade that's about twelve inches long and a sling.

Personality: She acts and feels tough, but inside she's quite kind and caring to most beasts(with the exception of vermin, of course). She has a soft spot for babes and young ones, and incredibly fierce and protective of her loved ones and friends. Her mood is sometimes quite unpredictable, and she loves a good battle.

Appearance: Her left ear is missing, from long gone scraps and battles, and she wears an earring on he other one. She's small for her age and for an otter, but she's a good fighter. She's slim and can run easily. She also wears a seashell amulet for good luck. Her fur is dark brown.

Clothing: A purple tunic and a black belt. Her sword is slung across her back and her sling is tied around her belt.

History: She was incredibly rebellious when she was young and left her father's holt to become a wanderer. She somehow survived in Mossflower and met many creatures.

Affiliation: Rebel(please?)

Brogan Brookbank (played by Armel)

Species: River Otter

Age: Mid twenties

Weapons: Bow and arrows,

Personality: Despises most vermin and fully supports the rebels; readily joining in in any raids or plans they might have to overthrow Sliscaers kingdom. Can be a bit too eager at times, and will somtimes wish to rush plans of any kind to bring Sliscaers reign to an end.

Appearance: Light brown fur, has Dark brown eyes and

Clothing: Brown tunic with a black leather belt around waist.

History: Unknown

Affiliation: Rebels

Woodland Slaves

Jujubee (played by Llamao)

Species: Squirrel

Gender: Male

Weapon: Jujubee goes around finding weapons he can use. The first one he had was a sharp twig, but the one that he's kept is a dagger with a shiny stone in the pommel hilt.

Personality: Jujubee never talks to anyone, and is very uncomfortable around others, so he always likes to be alone, since he's been alone since he was young. However, he is very clever due to having surviving on his own for a very long time.

Appearance: Jujubee is a tall stocky squirrel with a simple tunic and a hooded cloak as well. He has an earring on his right ear, which makes him look like a rogue squirrel ... which he is.

History: He doesn't know any living family members of his, and he realizes that he is probably the only living one left of his family. He was orphaned at birth, but he doesn't know what happened to his parents. He has just been travelling through Mossflower for his whole life.

Age: 19 seasons

Rawnfang (played by Raw)

Age:Around 26 seasons Species: Badger Gender: Male Weapon: He's a slave...But uses claws and whatnot. Personality: He's a loner, wise, but mostly all-around friendly. He

Appearance: Tall, like all badgers. He basically looks like all badgers.

History: Was Captured, and raised to be a slave. His father lived and died in slavery.

Affiliation: Slave

Sgt. Torvik Zernov (played by Silv)

Species: Otter

Gender: Male

Age: 63

Weapons: A machete([1] and repeating crossbow. He also carries a dagger and knife in his jacket

Personality: He is addicted to vodka. But aside from that he is a brilliant Sergeant. He is skilled with his weapons, and bloodthirsty, merciless

Appearance: brown furred Otter, much like any other. He is Russian accented

Clothing: A heavy bomber style jacket, and classic military Russian hat. He wears a striped "prison" shirt under the coat. He also wears heavy military boots and pants

History: He used to be a glorified Sgt. in his military, except he was tricked, and his best friend and most of his squad were ruthlessly murdered by an old enemy from within his own army. He ran but was captured and thrown into a high security prison. He led a riot after 40 years of being stuck in there he led a riot which spread over every inch of the prison, called Vorckuta, of which he was the only survivor. He got away after getting revenge on the three beasts, two of his old enemies from his own nation and one of their allies, who was a hated enemy of his nation, he got to Slicaer's realm, where he was captured and made a slave. He is still very rebelious, and tough to break despite his old age. As much of a leader as ever, he is one of the leaders of the uprising in the slaves(if that is alright with you, Llama)

Affiliation: Woodland Slaves

Herquil (played by Blue)

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Weapons: Strength and a club

Personality: Herquil is a kind and friendly creature who can be playful at times. He can also be rash at times.

Appearance: Herquil is a large, burly hedgehog with dark brown eyes.

Clothing: Herquil wears brown trousers and a rope belt.

History: Herquil was an inhabitant of Redwall Abbey who left for an unknown reason and was captured by Sliscaer and made a slave.

Affiliation: Woodland Slaves

Tikus Swiftstream (played by Blue)

Species: Shrew

Gender: Male

Appearance: A shrew of average height with dark brown fur and black eyes. He wears a vest over a semi-longsleeved shirt, which usually has the sleeves rolled back. He wears a simple belt with an ordinary buckle.

Personality: He is stubborn, like most shrews, but can be rather helpful and loyal once you've treated him respectfully. He fears snakes, though.

Weapons: Spear, shortsword, and a long knife

History: He lived by himself in Mossflower Woods for seasons until he was attacked by a gang of rats. He fought the small band off, but unbeknownst to him, he contracted some illness from one of them. He was captured by Sliscaer's soldiers and made a slave.

Affiliation: Woodland Slaves

No Affiliation

The Khan (played by Thorn)

Name: Unknown, but is known as "The Khan", or, when he can't hear, "Ol' Stripy", or, when one has been scared pantsless by him, "Your Highness"

Gender: Male

Species: Siberian Tiger

Age: Unknown, but has been around the Tromedlon kingdom for at least 35 seasons

Weapons: Steel blades attached to foreclaws and spiked barbs on hindclaws

Personality: Rather straight-forward, with a faint bass British accent. He acts rather caring to victims, yet sarcastically. The Khan is also rather intimidating and creepy, and personally selects his victims.

Appearance: Mazzive, yet somehow lanky as well. Orange fur with the traditional black stripes of a tiger.

Clothing: Red-dyed lamellar chestplate, shoulder plates, and kilt, all made so that he can move around completely unnoticed. He relies more on agility than protective armour.

History: It is unknown where the Khan came from, but he was first seen in the Tromedlon kingdom about 35 seasons ago when he murdered King Sliscaer's grandfather and grandmother. Since then, the Khan has been feared as a shadowy assassin, even though he has become a center of jokes recently. But when the Khan creeps up to his victim, the jokes cease. In fact, the victim hardly even notices that his/her life has ceased until he/she is already dead.

Affliation: Himself and none other

Darkstar (played by Silv)

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Weapons: A 7 ft. Zweihander sword(and no, I did NOT get the idea from Thorn)

Personality: He is brooding and dark. Once driven by revenge, he has since completed that

Appearance: A coal black furred fox with a light lavender eyes, which he is defensive about, he has the mark of a white star on his forehead

Clothing: Heavy black armor, a red, quarter cloak wide, five inch above ground strands of cloak from each shoulder. A metal plated headband on his right arm(over armor, it is sorta in a way nailed to it)

History: He is the adoptive brother of Kakashi, so shares most of the same backstory. But he left and met a vixen named Sela. After being seperated from her, and unaware of her bearing his son, Slagar. He eventually found his way back to Mossflower, but learned that she is dead. he went on a long quest for vengeance, and succeeded. He made his way south, then eventually met his son, very much alive, then somehow got here

Affiliation: Unaffiliated

Palagus (played by LordSunflash)

Species: Squirrel, but his cloak usually hides that fact and his personality makes it even seem like he is a vermin.

Gender: male

Age: adult, with a little age.

Weapons: assorted curved blades.

Personality: Insane. He has two personalities: One side that is polite and does not respond much to insults. The other is just plain crazy, his senses are honed to a tip and he kills any vermin he sees. The second personality is usually in control, but the first can usually reason with him when he tries hard enough, which happens rarely.

Appearance: His face and body can't be seen often, but he has a few scars over his body and is beginning to grey.

Clothing: Usually a dark cloak that hides his true appearance, it is shredded in many places but patched with the furs of the vermin he kills.

History: Palagus used to be a captain of a trading vessel, loved by his crew and an excellent commander when battle came, yet he never fought himself. Because of his cowardice most others outside of his crew mould mock him for it, and he would not say a word about it. But one day he was stranded on an island, his entire crew killed in the wreck. The island was home to a tribe of vermin who chased him for many months, over these months his inner anger that had built up over the years began to speak for itself. As this voice grew louder Palagus began to fight back against the vermin, killing many of them. Eventually this voice truly began to take over, gaining a love for killing vermin. He began to wear his cloak and gather his blades so that he could hunt the vermin for fun, sometimes skinning them and adding their fur to his cloak if they proved a challenge. One day a ship was unfortunate enough to come across the island, as Palagus spotted it his original self came back, yet did not banish his less sane side. But he was able to keep his composure long enough for the ship to take him back to land.

Affiliation: None, after his ordeal nobeast would accept him for what had happened. He usually roams, looking for a good hunt.

Gurt (played by Nit)

Species: Mole

Age: 24 seasons

Gender: Female

Weapons: She has a staff to whack with, although, one of her dangerous potions could be considered a weapon.

Personality: She is very friendly and trusting, but she takes her job very seriously. She always asks for a fee, even to her close friends or allies. She will whack if ye don’t give her something in return.

Appearance: A young albino mole. She has snowy white fur, and bright brown eyes.

Clothing:She wears a sky-blue dress with a pocket at belly button level. Her dress ends with a brown line around it, followed by a skirt fashioned design at the very bottom. She wears oversized Mickey-mouse gloves, but she takes them off whenever she digs.

History: One of Nisa’s ex comrades. She is wandering Alchemist who travels around the world. She makes a living by making potions for people and asking for hospitality (or a precious metal) in return. Despite using gloves most of the time, she is an expert digger. She can speak without using the mole rustic accent.

Affiliation: No one