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This is another new RPG idea I came up with.


On a distant island in the middle of the sea, a lone beast sits in the very center of the once great and despised coliseum where many were held against their will. From the land of Ice and Snow came the most fearsome Warlord, a Wolverine unlike any told to us from times long ago. He has heard of the great Red Sandstone Abbey, the Abbey of Redwall and wishes to make it his own. For five Seasons he has searched all over to find the great Abbey but to no avail. When he was returning to the Land of Ice and Snow with his eight ships filled with slaves and plunder he decided to change course all of a sudden, as if some supernatural force was driving him to a place where evil would reign. He landed in an empty region of sea, where there was nothing anywhere around them. They had traveled far away from Green Isle, even farther than Terramort. They were in unknown waters now. Upon the third day of lying in that very region of ocean a great disaster occurred. An underwater Volcano erupted bringing forth from the very belly of Helggates itself a black island, an island of pure evil! Seven days afterward the Warlord landed on that very isle and named it Blood Isle. He built a colossal Coliseum large it was with many poor beasts who suffered from none other than the Bloodwrath. He pitted them against each other for mere sport and entertainment. All hated and despised him for his cruel actions, several of the slaves had escaped before the completion of the Coliseum and hid on the isle. There they lived in secret hoping not to be discovered by any beast.


Here is where new people will join.


Name: Orson Valamir

Gender: Male

Species: Sea Otter

Occupation: Escaped Slave and Warrior

Weaponry: Metal claws throwing knives a sling and stone pouch and two curved swords

Personality: He is sly and cunning though he is maddened by his slavery. He is a victim of the Bloodwrath although he rarely ever gets it in or out of battle.

Clothing: He wears a black leather vest over a grey tunic he has crossbelts on his shoulders and on his waist

Appearance: He is dark brown with eyes the color of sapphires, he has a huge scar on his chest where the Warlord almost killed him.

Background: He used to live with his family, he had a wife and three Kits until the Warlord discovered him and his family. He was left for dead along with his family. He survived and hunted the Warlord down but was captured before he could take his revenge.


Name: Seth

Gender: Male

Species: Fox

Weaponry: His madness, and his own arsenal of knives

Description: A half-starved, bloodshot fox, wearing nothing but a tattered leather belt filled with jagged knives and other cruel-looking equipment, and a maniacal smile on his face. Despite his appearance, Seth is a skillful and sly fox, having survived slavery and his own personal tortures for so many seasons.


Name: Jonathan

Gender: Male

Species: Otter

Occupation: Slave

Weaponry: Rudder and teeth

Personality: He is completely mad and insane. He does things unexpectedly and sometimes talks to himself.

Clothing: He wears a brown tunic that is torn and has seen many seasons.

Appearance: He has scars over most of his body; he has an injured rudder.

Background: ???


Name: Wolf

Species: Pine Marten

Gender: Male

Weapons: two metal knuckles claws.

Appearance: he is a dark brown almost black pine marten with a red brown and black striped underbelly. he has mad red eyes and an almost permanent cruel smile. he wears a white hoodie and a thick black belt. he is very handsome. for the most part he is pleasant and good natured, with a hint of emo to him, but he has a tendency to by very sadisitic and cold hearted in battle.

Background: he doesn't remember anything of his past, except one word- Wolf, which he has adopted as his name.


Name: Raggs Scarhide

Species: Ferret

Gender: Male

Appearance: Raggs is a somewhat short ferret with messy brown fur. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye and has a missing right ear. His body is covered with numerous scars. He wears a leather vest that is long in the back, a blue sash, a small copper earring on his left ear, and worn white pants that are slightly baggy.

Personality: Raggs is a very unpredictable beast. However, he usually acts casual about almost everything and often finds amusement in things that aren't funny, but can be serious at times, as well. He may come off as unintelligent, but he is actually smarter than he may appear to be.

Weapons: A somewhat old cutlass with small ridges on the blade, a dirk, and a steel hook attached to a length of chain

Background: Unknown


Name: Callsamero

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown

Species: Squirrel

Place of Origin: A Cannibal Tribe in the Northlands (Only eats Vermin)

Appearance: She's Black fured with brown patches. Usally seen in a dark blue shirt, one gold earing which she stole from a searat and a pair of brown well-worn boots.

Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Dagger, Claws and Teeth

Personality: Kind, stuborn and calm, she makes a perfect warrior. She's very tactical, usally thinking before doing. She has also a good sense of humor, sometimes joking about eating a whole horde to a terrified captive. She dosen't have a Northlander accent.

Backstory: Was born and raised a member of the tribe, eating veg and anything else a normal creature would. A few seasons after she was born, she was introduced to ferret, weasel and rat as a regular part of her diet. Eventually, a few more seasons later she decided to leave her meat eating tribe and go to live the life of a wanderer, meeting new friends and making strong allies.

Age: 23

Occupation: Vermin eater, Warrior

Relationships: Friend/s: The Long Patrol, Her Tribe, Redwall. Enemy/s: Vermin

Family: The Whole Tribe


Name: Dalanora O'Railey

Nickname: "Nightdeath"

Gender: Female

Species: Otter

Age: Thirty

Place of Origin: A holt in the far northlands

Occupation: Slave and Warrior

Weapons: Dirk, Teeth and Claws

Personality: Dalanora is cold-hearted, ruthless and sadistic because of her past. She has a highland accent. The horrific and traumatic loss of her loved ones left the otter with insanity and bloodwrath.


Eye color: Dark green (on right side), the other eye's blind. Fur color: Black, except for her birthmark, a dark brown splotch covering her head; it makes her look like she's wearing an executioner's hood.

Nightdeath is a tall, thin otter. She would be muscular, but starvation's taken a toll on her. She's attractive, but has a long, deep scar running across the left side of her face from her forehead, across her eye and cheek down to her chin, the scar stops just before reaching her neck. She keeps her blind eye covered by a musselshell patch. She wears a ragged red tunic and blue vest.

Back Story: Dalanora used to live in peace in a nice little holt on the Northeast coast with her beloved husband Tallion O'Railey and their four baby kits, sons Jir and Varon and daughters Driana and Acair. When she was captured and enslaved, her family was slaughtered in cold blood in front of her eyes. Seeing this twisted her mind from the kind beast she used to be.

Dalanora lost her eye in the battle while trying to protect her family, she was hit in the face with a cutlass while she was standing in front of her babies. While the otter was down on the ground screaming and helpless in agony, her kits were murdered.

Soon after her enslavement, Dalanora adopted "Nightdeath" as her name. Her husband called her by her true name, and she refuses to let anybeast use it.


Name: X-Kore

Age: Unknown

Species: Unknown

Appearance: He wears a long burgandy robe, covered with blood stains, and paintings of skulls and people lapsing into insanity. He has brown, black, red, gray, and white fur. He wears a skull made of obsidian, gold and rubies around his neck and wears two brown gauntlets. His eyes are perpetually red. His left arm is covered with tattos of swirling red, and his left paw is, under the gauntlet, black from being burnt. His nose and face is wounded, making him have the ability to make two faces, a grimace and a frown. He walks with a easy gait, but he leans somwhat permenatley from being stabbed in the gut. He's somewhat small, around the size of a stoat.

Personality: X-Kore is extremely odd, one minute he will be in the middle of a battleground, slaughtering everything, then he will suddenly sit down and play with rocks. He enjoys the color of blood, but doesn't understand why when he hits the creatures they fall down and the "red stuff" flows out of the wound. He speaks on a dibbun-or-below level, but understands some concepts. His real intelligence is hidden behind insanity, bloodlust, and bloodwrath. Lastly, he often screams loudly when he doesn't get what he wants.

Weapons: X carries four long daggers, a long stave, a axe, a small warhammer, and his main weapon, a longsword.

Background: X-Kore was originally supposedly a god of madness and mental illness, before he went and made a deal for his sanity to be hidden unless he left the mortal plane, and ichor, he'd be on the regular plain. He found himself insane, with sanity hidden inside the layers of insanity.


Name: Anikin Sawblade

Gender: Male

Species: Otter

Occupation: Escaped Slave

Weaponry: A bow and arrows, and five throwing daggers

Personality: Anikin is a loyal and fighting otter, but knows when he is outnumbered and won't make foolish decisions that could get him killed.

Clothing: He has an old tattered tunic that has a belt across his waist

Appearance: He is dark brown with eyes the color of sapphires, he has a huge scar on his chest where the Warlord almost killed him.

Background: He came from Mossflower but was captured and made a slave on the Black Island. He escaped along with other slaves before the coliseum was created, but suffered a large neck wound in the process that never fully healed. In battle, this slows him down