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This is no longer a functioning RPG. If anyone wants to take it over, contact me.

No, I'm not making fun of Battlefield: Earth (well, yes I am).

Thanks you to Danthemanb, for creating the RPG that inspired me to do this.


Click on the ink, then click the link there. Select open and select Windows Media Player (Sorry Mac users- It doesn't work in quicktime) It's awesome. I made it myself. YEA!==Rules== Certain players choose their armies and upgrade them (If they have Command Points) and then they challenge another player or players to a battle. Players can ally with each other, but cannot use payment that players cannot actually pay in game. There are "mercenaries" Played by Proxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0

tat you can persuade or hire to fight for you. You can also spend command points  to fight where the terrain is advantageous to you. For example, you could spend you're command points so that you are located on a hill. You're units start out all as swordbeasts, armed with short swords, until you upgrade them to give them ranged weapons, better armor, spears or better sword, etc. You can give weapons to them in groups, for example, you can make it so 400 units carry bows and 200 units carry spears, etc. At any time you can retreat and retain most of your remaining soldiers. If all of you're soldiers are killed, you start at the beginning again with a different army. You can purchase siege weapons like catapults and siege towers. You can build ships if you're fighting in an ocean area. You can even purchase a fortress to build in a province you have conquered. There will be multiple continents. You can recruit in between battles to strengthen your army. Command points are given out to those who make awesome tactical maneuvers and those who win battles. If you break rules you will get command points taken away.

Command points


  • 6 per 100


  • Long swords: 5 per 100
  • Spears: 8 per 100
  • Slings: 10 per 100
  • Bows/Arrows: 15 per 100


  • Long Sword Captain: 15
  • Spear Captain: 18
  • Sling Captain: 20
  • Bow/Arrow Captain: 25


  • Chain Mail W/ wood shields: 8 per 100
  • King Mail W/iron Shields: 10 per 100
  • Plate Mail W/steel shields: 15 per 100
  • Full Body Armor W/tower shields: 25 per 100

Siege Weapons

  • Catapult: 20
  • Ballista: 25
  • Trebuchet: 30
  • Siege tower: 35


(These are all real ships: I swear)

  • Frigate: 45
  • Carrack: 50
  • Man of War: 60
  • Ship of the line: 80


  • Palisade Fort: 85
  • Stone Wall Fort: 90
  • High Walled Fort: 100
  • Fortress: 150
  • Castle: 200
  • Fortified Castle: 250
  • Palace: 400

Terrain Advantages

  • Natural Wall: 60
  • Small Hill: 70
  • Hill: 75
  • Large Hill: 85
  • Mountain: 100
  • Cliffs: 150


You can negotiate with your fellow players and NPCs. Under each NPC's section is useful information. You can use this to your advantage when negotiating with NPCs. Ths way you can gain valuable allies.


Each named area is a place where a battle can be fought.

Flags are placed where players are. The key is: Key.jpg

Continent 1: Birchan


This temperate, sunny continent has forests, plains and hills in the middle and southern provinces, but tundra in the Northern provinces. All players start on this continent.


The Northern Provinces

  • Fracees Island
  • Faramoor
  • Hooredran Peninsula

The Middle Provinces

  • Talaseer
  • Trisaramon
  • Gothen
  • Saraphin Island
  • Waragol

The Southern Provinces

  • Nolanham Peninsula
  • Tralfield
  • Casablane
  • Jewel Isle



Continent 1 1/2: South Birhcan

My solution for a crowded first continent. Continent?.jpg

Continent 2: The Broken Isles

Any player can conquer places here.


Continent 3: Southlanel

Players can only go here if they have A)enlisted the help of an army with ships or B) Have built some themselves. If you are on this continent, you can go to Telmanore without needing a ship


Continent 4: Telmanore

This continent is reached in the same way as Southlanel. If you are on this Continent you can go to Southlanel or Chalsanon without needing a ship.


Continent 5: Chalsanon

This continent is reached the same way as Soutlanel and Telmanore. If you are on this continent you can go to Telmanore of Southlanel without needing a ship.


Player Armies

Bluestripe's army

1000 soldiers,leather armor, short swords.

200 ferrets

200 rats

200 otters

400 hares

1 Frigate

Stationed at Gothen

13 Command Points

Neildown's Army

1000 soldiers:

400 otters

100 mice

200 ferrets

300 armadillos

900 basic weapon/armor, 100 long swords

7 Frigates

7 Man Of War

1 Ship of the line.

stationed at Nolanham Peninsula

Conquered Jewel Isle

10 command points

allies: All the other players. WHY DOES NO ONE FIGHT EACH OTHER?

Elmtail's Army

1000 soldiers

300 squirrels.

300 otters.

400 hares

Basic set up, 700

300 have slings

Stationed at Talaseer

3 command points.

Umrag's Army

800 soldiers, basic set up, 100 soldiers, slings, leather armor (no shields)

100 soldiers short swords, king mail w/iron shields

500 rats

500 wildcats

one catapult

stationed at Casablane

5 command Points.

Doogy's Army

1000 hares

stationed at ?

Fiona Fox

1000 soldeirs (assorted vermin)

stationed at ?

Pinedance's Army

1000 soldiers (assorted woodlanders)

Stationed at Fracees Island

Silver's Army

1000 soldiers

200 wolves

200 wolverines

200 assorted dogs

100 wildcats

100 assorted cats

25 otters

25 foxes

25 squirrels

25 mice

50 hares

50 ferrets

10 Command Points

stationed on Centrerouin

Master of Arms' Army

1000 soldiers

assorted lizards.

Stationed at Rar’chalox

26 Command Points.

NPC Armies

Corsair Fleet

25 ships.

3 Ship of the line

10 Frigate

12 man-o-war

700 soldiers (assorted vermin) armed with basic weapons/armor. One captain, long sword captain.

Stationed at Jewel Isle

Useful information: True Mercenaries. Will fight for money. Only fights on coastal provinces.

Lord Bottard's Army

1500 soldiers (assorted vermin)

250 archers

250 spearbeasts

500 swordbeasts (short swords)

500 swordbeasts (Long swords, chain mail)

Stationed at Trisaramon.

Useful information: Fears the Corsair Fleet. Warlord is only semi intelligent


2000 soldiers (assorted vermin)

All armed with stone flint axes and no armor.

Stationed at Farien

Useful Information: Will not work for anyone. Attacks everyone who attempts to land on the broken isles. Hated by all.

Telmanoreian Southlanel Corps

1500 soldiers (assorted woodlanders)

1000 long sword soldiers. 10 Long sword captains.

250 archers. 3 archer captains.

250 spearbeasts. 3 spear captains.

stationed in Wonfield.

useful information: Part of the Telmanoreian army.

All have chain mail, captains have King mail.

Telmanoreian Home Corps

2500 soldiers (Assorted woodlanders)

1500 Long sword soldiers. 15 long sword captains. king mail

500 archers. 5 archer captains. chain mail

500 spearbeats. 5 spear captains. chain mail

stationed in all Telmanore provinces.

useful information: The head Corps of the Telmanoreain Army. Somewhat friendly to everyone but pirates, barbarians, and Juska.

Telmanoreian Chalsanon Corps

1500 soldiers (assorted woodlanders)

1000 long sword soldiers. 10 Long sword captains.

250 archers. 3 archer captains.

250 spearbeasts. 3 spear captains. stationed in Alhampton.

useful information: Part of the Telmanoreain Army.


3000 soldiers (assorted vermin as described in Taggerung)

300 short sword. Leather armor. One Long Sword captain. Chain mail.

Statined in Mubya, Fourtaseen, and Cala Aradub.

useful information: At war with all Telmanorieans. Dislikes everyone, unless they are the enemy of the Telmanorieans.


Bluestripe's Army Vs. Corsairs

Bluestripe: 1000 soldiers, basic set up.

Corsairs: 700 soldiers, basic set up. One Long Sword Captain.

(sorry, videos won't work, so I'll write up a description.)

Bluestripe makes the first move. The soldiers split into two groups and attack in a pincer movement. The Corsairs charge in between the pincers and turn around. Bluestripes army successfully surrounds the corsairs. The corsairs make a break for the ship, but are repelled. The corsairs lose 100 soldiers. Bluestripe earns 3 command points. Bluestripe tightens the circle killing 550 enemy soldiers, and earning 5 command points. The corsairs surrender. Bluestripe gets another 5 command points for his victory.

Neildown's Army Vs. Corsairs

Neildown: 1000 soldiers, basic set up.

Corsairs: 1400 soldiers, basic, 2 long sword captains.

Neildown attacks the Corsair army on Jewel Isle. His troops sneak onto the various Corsair ships and steal them. One of the captains wake up, and the remaining 5 Man of War and 1 Ship of the line engage Neil's fleet. Neil sinks the ships, but the corsairs destroy two frigates first.

Elmatail and BLuestripe's armies Vs. Lord Bottard

Umrag Vs. Barbarians

This is a map of the battlefield.