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Hey, there my messmateys this is for us Pirates and Corsairs! This is kind of like Ferretmaiden's Corsairs of the high seas. You can create characters and must follow orders. Also, there are occupations. You can also be a oarslave. This is my first RPG. I will have a First Mate AND a Quartermaster. People can appear that are played by the one who asks, this isn't double Charactering. We can take more ships too by the way.


Follow the Protocol

Dont kill any other crewmates if you kill a crewmate you are hung and will not play this RPG again

Have fun!

Do what the cap'n says

Please put the character Form on my talkpage but if you must you can do it here

dont ajust the occupations to put you on it ill do it.

If you ask i might let you have more than one character but i doubt it



First Mate-Barktooth


Cook-Open if you dont poison the food

Doctor-Crystal Shone

Armoury Keeper-

Carpenter- Shrapnel Toxin Jahk

Slaver-Cadbath Boru


Steersman-Russkan Burrjacket

Master Gunner-Galil Mossberg

Warrior-Bloody Carnage Jack-This is a advisor to the captain too...

Lookout-Aerothorn Shadowbaen

Bodyguard-Crimson Vincent


1.Sadie Longfletch



The ship

Green Hammer


Bloody Carnage Jack

Species: Sea Mink

Nickname: Jack

Appearance: From the bridge of his nose to between his ears it a large bit of white, he is brown other than that, and he has a scar on his eye

Weapons: scimatar, twin stilletos with a silver hook on one side of each thats sharpened and it can be thrown, four sided hook good for hand to hand or for attaching to rope so it can throw

Personality: Mean and powerful

Occupation: Respected warrior

History: youngest of 20 kids and his mom died in childbirth, such his dad blames him, and tourters him, the last straw was his dad killing the only girl he ever liked

Age:21 seasons

Owned by-Rawfan56



Species: Mink

Gender: Female

Appearance: Has shorter fur then a regular mink it’s color is a brownish auburn sort of gold color, wears a piece of black material over eyes and tied at back of head (she‘s blind) and wears a baggy dark brown shirt and a broad leather belt around waist with a copper buckle. Has two gold earrings in both ears, is covered in tattoos and scars, and now has a peg leg for left leg up to the knee.

Weapons: Two scimitars (one strapped over back and the other in belt) and a walking stick

Occupation: Captain of the Green Hammer

Ruskkan Burrjacket

Species: Squirrel

Gender: Male

Appearance: Gray fur, wears a long-sleeved baggy, somewhat dirty white shirt, and a sharkskin belt around waist. Has a wide scar around neck that he tries to hide with the collar of shirt.

Weapons: Dagger, cutlass, bow and a quiver of arrows

Occupation: Steersbeast


Gender: Female

Species: Weasel

Appearance: Chestnut fur with white underbelly and throat, one of her eyes are blue and the other is green. Her clothing is a blue trench-coat, a green sash, a red tricorn and a striped tunic underneath the trench-coat and she has a nose-ring.

Personality: Tricky, defiant at times, roguish, a joker, daring and cheerful most of the time.

Weapons: 5 daggers made to be thrown from the tail, 2 as stabbing daggers, 6 pocket daggers(hidden in the numerous pockets of her coat) and 5 daggers thrown by paw.

Occupation: Quartermaster

Crimson Vincent

Species: Fox

Nickname: Has not been given one

Appearance: A skinny fox who wears a dark red robe that looks like a toga. Wears a silver earring. Has green eyes. His front left tooth is golden. The tips of his ear is black. The tip of his other ear is missing.

Weapons: Sabre, Bow and Arrows, Whip

Personality: Acts dumb to deceive everyone of his true nature. He is actually bright and can become violent if provoked.

Occupation: Bodyguard

History: Unknown, has a brother, but his name is unknown to the crew

Age: 23 seasons

Owned by- Bluestripe the Wild


Species: Ferret

Nickname: I wouldn't call her nicknames if i were you.

Appearance: Dark fur with black eyes.

Weapons: Broadswords

Personality: Headstrong, a little hot headed but not as much as Salm.

Occupation: Spy

History: Salm's best friend before she ran away. After her friend left she turned in to a pirate. Still has Salm in her heart and won't give up hope that she's still alive.

Age: 16

Owned by: Skalarana

Aerothorn Shadowbaen



Weapons:three blades that come out of his arms from between his knuckles on his hands, two long, sword blades that exit his arms from the top of his wrist, a blades that exits from the tips of his fingers(like his claws), and a short blade that exits from his elbow facing backwards, two black longswords behind his back, a black longbow with black arrows, and two hidden blades on his vambraces

Appearance:Black hooded cloak, black tunic with muliple black leather wrapped over arms, black vambraces, steel chain mail tunic, two silver earrings in his left ear, two silver tail rings, and two gold arm rings on each arm, his eyes are red with snake like pupils

Age:Undetermined, though he is said to be older than the crew and ship's ages combined, it is rumered he had drank from the Fountain of Youth(or whatever it would be called in Redwall)

Backstory:He was born in an age long forgotten. He had the blades implanted into his arms against his will. After joining an underground group of assassins, he left after their rampaging holocausts got out of hand. After he left he was wondering through the desert and stumbled into a cave, where he had to fight a sidewinder. After defeating the snake he drank from a fountain in the back of the cave, he was 25 at this time and hasn't physicaly, or mentaly aged since.



Name:Gallil Mossberg



Weapons:Katana, two sais, a primitave E-tool, and a baseball bat type club, plus a broadsword, a boarding ax and a ball and chain and dirk

Outfit:blood soaked headband(it is soaked with his Brother's blood, whom he knows lives, but had though was dead), clean black trench-coat, a dark gray shirt and a red, gold embroidered scarf which was given to him by another Fox Brood for helping defend them. He wears the scarf to cover a scar received from an arrow that went through his neck.

Back story:Twin older brother of Lock Uril-Galidur, he grew up in a Fox Brood, he left after his Brother was exiled, he wandered for a year before joining the Pheonix' crew, where he met Crystal, Salm, Velvet, Jack and Sharrk, after he left or the crew was destroyed(not yet determined)he wandered another 12 years searching for his loved ones, he somehow ened up on this island, after this all is explained in page 7 of comments(when it reaches this length)

Personality:He speaks with a British accent, he is happy though he will enter a bloodrage if he is severely injured, or if his loved ones are severely injured or killed, he likes hugs and will do his best to comfort someone if he can. Wil get depressed if one of his loved ones goes missing for a long period of time. He is a Foreteller, better known as a Seer, except h cant control the visions, and they will often foretell death. he is a minor telepath, he can transmit messages to oter creatures if he whispers them.

Appearance:He is a Carmel colored fox with black paws and tail tip and ear tips, he is shorter than his twin, but much broader, his eyes are a dark, forest green. He smiles often, after a fight with a wild cat he has claw mark scars on his snout which have healed and the hair regrew since then, though they will show up if his face gets wet


Occupation:Master Gunner

Crystal Shone

NAME: Crystal Shone (pronounced some weird way that I can't remember now.)


GENDER: Female

AGE: 'Bout 30

WEAPONS: A pair of stilettos, a rudius, and a blowpipe

PERSONALITY: Quiet most of the time. Had a shady and uncomfortable past but doesn't talk about it. Is nice when she does talk, and is apt to blush.

APPEARANCE: light brown fox with hazel eyes and a tuft of slightly darker fur (yeah, hair) on her head that falls over her eyes and hides them. Wears a leather tunic that's kinda boyish and a skirt that goes halfway down to her knees.

THEME SONG: Because of You (Kelly Clarkson), Beautiful Disaster (John McLaughin [c'mon, I know that isn't how you spell his name]), Behind These Hazel Eyes (Kelly Clarkson)



Species: Weasel

Nickname: Salmy, but she'll most likely punch you.

Appearance: Dark furred with white flecks on her face. Has a nosering now and has multi colored hair. Wears a dress with a rip up the leg, so she can run. Wears a shirt that shows her belly an inch. Has a piech of wood that does through the flesh on her eye brow.

Weapons: Broadswords and daggers

Personality: Headstrong, and will snap at you for no reason at all.

Occupation: Will do multi jobs

History: She'll only tell you it if she trusts you

Age: 25


Species: Ferret

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark sable fur, hazel eyes, lean build

Weapons: Claymore, dirk

Occupation: First mate

Cathbadh Boru

Species: Wolf

Nickname: Cath

Appearance: Silver fur like his father, King Silver

Weapons: A claymore with an ear-shaped hilt, two dirks, a war hammer, a spiked shield

Personality: Ruthless and determined

Occupation: Slaver

History: Second son of High King Silver of Hiberia, and was sent to serve with one of his father's old friends.

Shrapnel Toxin Jahk

Species: Sea Mink

Nickname: Jahk

Appearance: the fur around one of his eyes are black because of posion, he has a white stripe and black underbelly other than that he is brown

Weapons: two longswords, a double-sided war axe, and a star-made long dagger.

Personality: slightly gentle to those he likes, he is quite smart

Occupation: Capenter

History: his father is jack, he was found when they took the Stormshark. His mother was killed bye his grandfather, and after he left the stormshark with a bunch of other creatures (Cadbath?) he is now 16 and of actually warrior age (in jack's former country). He has other reasons for joining the crew than jack.

Cerin Wyrmwood

Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Occupation: He's a practiced healer and a musician

Appearance: A small, dark brown weasel with a long tail. He carries a small leather backpack with herbs in it, which he also has his stringed instrument tied to.

Personality: Timid, loyal when he gets to know somebeast well, pretty awkward around others

Weapon: Staff

Aerlei Sanaea Rainblade

Name:Aerlei (a-eir-lee) Sanaea Rainblade

Speicies:FerretAge:19 years

Occupation: Warrior

Appearance: fur is a light sandy color, with some darker brownish areas, light blue eyes, platinum blond hair, Aerlei Rainblade

tall, thin and muscular. very flexible. wears a light blue loose silk shirt with a leather belt around the waist. Silver baggy pantaloons to just below the knee, some times wears a red scarf tied around her forehead wears one black leather glove on right paw and ankle height folded leather sea boots. Carries a well made folded steel rapier, leather bound grip.

Backround: was raised in Mossflower by no one knows. Is very well trained in fencing. came to the shore one day and decided to join the crew as a warrior. It is known that she had some past connections with the Guosim, but details are unknown.

Personality:Respectful to superiors, cheeky and spunky with equals (when in a good mood), stern and commanding with inferiors. Usually very serious and stern, takes her job seriously. NEVER tolerates trash talk from ANYBODY. can be friendly with a few, occasionally cheery. Totally unaffected by males.

Andy Willam the Third




Fur color:Black and white including the white patch on his eye

Eye color:Sea Blue

Personality:Loyal is good with others and is known as a comidan and ladies beast has well good manners and is never rude and is very naughty sometimes LOL not all the time he behaves himself all the time and gets offended really easy.

Weapon:Daggers,pocket knife and anything he can use for a weapon warning don't let him have any exsplosive stuff but do incase of an emergancy.

Appearance:Andy is an avrage height Stoat and has been through alot in life he wears a yellow and green taunic and black cloggs

History:Andy was born in Mossflower and lived in a small village his family died when he was 10 months old and has been through alot since then.

James "Durbon" Ceader

Species: Wildcat

Gender: Male

Weapon(s): Dirk,Shillelagh

Appearance: Grey fur small patch of white on chest.. Has an eyepatch over his left eye.

Personality: Is loyal, polite and kind to anybeast who earns his trust and even moreso his friendship, otherwise is slightly paranoid and does not trust most other creatures. Can also be extremely intelligent at times. Knows how to make a threat. Is known to hum music.

Occupation: I'm curious as to the position of Navigator and whether the steersbeast would count as that. Otherwise will be fine with any position other than oarbeast and Cook (I may not poison the food but it will taste like poison)

History: Raised by goodbeasts. Got bored of the life he was living with them and ran off looking for adventure. Created the name Durbon in hopes that his family wouldn't hear of his misdoings


Species: Fox

Gender: Femail

Weapons: Kickboxing (she also punches)

Personality: is a "short fuzed femail", and is very headstrong.

Occupaiton: Warrior Appearance: orange fox with white paws and tailtip. She has five dimond earrings on each ear, with a gold tailring. she Also has two bracelets on each paw. Then she has a woven grass ancklet. she has blue shorts and a torn green shirt. no shoes.


Species: Ferret

Gender: Male

Weapons: Rapier, dirk

Personality: Always joins the winning side in a fight, prefers to stay away from anyone that look like they could crush him

Occupation: Typical sailor

Clothing: Vest, tricorn-hat, belt.

History: Dark.

Lock Uril-Galidur



Weapons:A longsword, a curved knife, A powerful longbow, which he made himself. He has some poison, and a quiver with over 100 arrows. He can pin a gnat to a leaf without killing it from 150 yards. He carries a pipe, which he uses to mask his scent from wolves, he rarely uses it for anything else. He is a pyrotechnic, so has made multiple fire based weapons, including Molotov Cocktails.

Outfit:blood soaked headband(it is soaked with a Wolf's blood). He wears a tench coat like this: [1] and a hat like this:[2]. underneath the coat he wears a grey shirt. He was covered with Juska tattoos, but washed them off

Back story:Twin younger(by ten minutes) brother of Gallil Mossberg. He was exiled from the Mossberg Clan(more commonly known as Broods) when he and Gallil were 18. After seemingly being killed, Gallil took his broadsword and left the Brood. Lock awoke the next day, still alive. He stumbled away from the glade, eventually finding and joining a Juska tribe. He swiftly became recognized as the best archer to ever join them. While on a mission he was attacked. That evening awoke to find himself on a ship, a few frightened creatures were there as well, some wildcats. He realized he had been taken by the Naru(Wolves, the pack is named after one of their ancestors). He befriended one of the wolves, so he got some mercy. when they docked at an island, he ran, being healed from his woudns, and ended up in the port. He swiftly warned them of the Naru, most laughed him off, some listened, giving him his longsword. when the wolves attacked, he helped the villagers fight them off. They rewarded him with anything, he chose to have the right materials to make a bow, which they gave him, he made his custom bow. The next raid, every-beast that ever saw his true species were killed. No-one know his real species in that port.

Personality:He speaks with an American accent, unlike his twin Gallil. he tends to be more serious than him, and is less oblivious. is quite experienced in many fields, but tends to sit alone most of the time. is pyrotechnic

Appearance:He is black furred, his ear tips, tail tip and paws are orange. His eyes are a piercing blue. He is taller than most foxes, lanky in build, but still quite pronounced in muscularity.






appearance: Reddish fur with a white underbelly. wears a bright red tunic and her mothers medalion. bright orchid colored eyes.

Background: the daughter of BSK and Destiny. is looking for her long lost father and mother. her mother had to abandon her when she was six, leaving her daughter her medalion, and told her that when the time come, they would all meet again. Griffin decided to look for her father first because she has more clues as to where he is then to her mothers whereabouts.


Species: Ferret

Gender: Male

Weaponry: Rapier, twin daggers

Appearance:Has dark-brown fur and a lighter-brown underbelly

Clothing: Marine-blue vest and a leather belt, and his namesake, a large copper nose-ring

Occupation: Armory keeper

Lucius Barton

Lucius Barton[1]Edit Titles: "Barton the Black", "Captain"

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Weapons:Cutlass, hidden knife.

Personality: Polite and mannerly he is a gentlebeast at first glance, even so far as to being called a "teetotaler"(someone who does not drink alcohol). Yet under his calm facade he is a brutal murderer without regret and a lust for vengeance that will cause him to risk his life in pursuit of it. He is a cruel and merciless captain that has created agonizing and painful means of interrogation. In battle, he will often give enemies near mortal wounds so that they may see the face that killed them. Also extremely superstitious, he looks for omens and does one or two strange rituals to "ward off demons".

Appearance:Golden fur all along his body. Wears a white shirt and a barkcloth vest. Also has a line of stitches over his right eye.

History: Born on a merchant ship he was raised with manners and an attempted sense of good and bad. But when he was around 13 he was captured by a pirate ship and, through several skills he had learned, made into the navigator. He sailed aboard the ship for several seasons, following the crew on many raids and midnight attacks, through this he learned the ways of war, and the pleasure it brought to him. When his captain bit off more than he could chew and was killed in a raid upon Salamandastron Barton took control of the ship. Mere weeks later he captured a score of Long Patrol hares and avenged his captain, with terrifying results. They sailed for five seasons, plundering many towns, and sinking numerous ships. Yet the tides turned on him as his crew began to grow weary of his strange rituals, his terrible lust for blood, and began to ignore the calm charisma that had kept mutiny at bay. He was thrown to the sea with naught but his blades and the shirt on his back.

Age: 25

Razorclaw Espada



Age-24 seasons old

Weapons-Five identical katanas(if this seems too exagerated please tell me, then I'll just use two)

Personality-calm and usually not prone to anger, keeps his cool all the time even in battle, he hates the color yellow to the point he cannot stand to see it to long. He has a sense of honor in combat for any swordsbeast

Appearance-he wears a red captains coat, has an eye patch on his left eye and his eyes are of color blue, his fur is the same as any ferret black with some white on his face. he wears a necklace that has a half medal with the words COMET on it.

History- Razorclaw has been a pirate since the moment he was born, he was a swabby and second in command in his fathers vessel, when he grew of age he defeated his father in one-on-one combat and claimed his swords and ship, he sailed around the seas destroying and pillaging as many ships he could, he later lost his crew to an attack by a warlord called Silverwrath, where he became a captain in his horde untill he finally returned to the sea and now seeks to join other vessels.

Sadie Longfletch

Gender: Female

Species: Sea Otter

Appearance: dark hazelnut brown, electrifying green eyes.

Occupation: formerly a free otter, but tried rescuing her friend which resulted in her capture, and now makes her an oar-slave of the Green hammer

Background: Great-great-granddaughter of Grath Longfletch (Pearls of Lutra).

Personality: headstrong, loyal, protective, can be aggressive...

Weapons: goose feather arrows (with bow too), long bladed dirk, oar-chains.

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