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(GM notes: This is my very first RPG which was inspired by Skyrim, Demon Souls, and Dark Souls[1] meaning it might be a bit different than other RPGs, I'll list some things that might be different and that players should know)



Here are some rules and things you should know.

  • 1) The Rpg is controlled in a similiar fashion as Dungeons and Dragons. In other words I control everything and anything, except your characters, I make sure the world works and you have fun.
  • 2) Your character CAN die, and probably will if your not careful, so keep that in mind. If you do not wish for your characters to die, please don't join.
  • 3) You start off in a scenario of my choosing and its up to you to survive it to have access to the rest of the world. Think of it as a tutorial, a la Ninja Gaiden(it was BRUTAL). But, I'll be more fair, and you get to choose in which region you start.
  • 4) Magic and Gadgets are allowed, but keep it simple and nice. I don't want to see that you cast spells like, UBER PWNAGE OF EVERYTHING!!! or take out a bazooka and blow up the place. If you have doubts about magic and other things, don't be afraid to ask, I'll tell you if its acceptable or not.
  • 5) Keep your language clean, and please keep the violence and gore to an acceptable lvl. its ok to see blood splatter from a headless enemy you beheaded, but don't go overboard, or start getting a loose mouth.
  • 6) I'm not a tyrant that will strike you down from the heavens. If you want to give a comment or suggestion about something on the RPG or the way its being done, I'll gladly listen, because this is supposed to be fun to YOU, so I'll strive for that.

Character sheet

This is the Character sheet to put in

Name: (Self Explanatory)

Species: (Self Explanatory)

Gender: (Self Explanatory)

Personality: (Self Explanatory)

Appearance: Be creative!!!

Weapons:(Self Explanatory) if you have questions on what is allowed, do ask!!!

Equipment: Please list EVERTHING you character has. The more I know, the better I can make if fun for you!!

Starting region: choose any spot except for Blackbane Castle, that one is locked and you have to find a way to get in inside in the RPG.

SPECIAL: This is an Acronym that stands for: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. This is for me so I can have a good overview of your character. To know what he can do, and what he can't. I don't wanna have weakling characters out of the blue stop a berserk badger with just their paws, or a clumsy badger balance on a pole with one footpaw. You can't have anything lower than one, or higher than ten, and you have 40 points to put among them. Here's an example for one of my characters.

King SIlverwrath: S=8, P=5, E=7, C=10 I=5, A=4, L=1

1 is horrible, 5 is normal, and 10 is perfection. (this might be a problem for some users, so please don't be afraid to ask)

This RPG is accepting Characters now!!!


For centuries the island simply known as Despair has remained hidden and forbidden to exist from the rest of the world, bearing home to countless wonders, powers, magic, and miseries, since its very existence. Standing tall, proud, and mighty, in the center of the island is the forbidding and colossal Castle Blackbane, home to the supreme ruler of Despair, Count Blackbane.

What is to become of the Heroes, Villains and the unfortunate victims that are trapped in the spell and allure of the island, never to return? Doomed to be forgotten, and consumed by the pains, obstacles, and ultimately the end of death. what will the fate of those stranded and imprisoned in Despair become? Will liberation come at last? Will a new conqueror arise? Or will you simply give in and lose the only thing you have left, your life...?



Ruler: (Great Wolflady Cesillia)

Chilling tundras and the never ending blizzards are the curse and glory of these mountains. The very blood freezes, and the flaming heart of courage dwindles to a simple ember. The Mountains are home to the Whitewolf castle, home to Cesillia, ruler of all Whitespear. The mountains stretch high into the heavens were ermine and wolves live in prosperity at the expense of all other creatures that live below the Mountain, being subjected to slaver work, harsh labor, and cruel punishments.

Last seen known sighting of the beast claiming to be the King of Wolves, if such beast is spotted it is advised to inform the Royal Wolfguards of his whereabouts.

Irtha cling tightly to her robes as she sat outside in the shivering cold. The weather was worse than normal; the blizzards scraping away at her fur, and her eyesight dim and hazy as the wind buffeted her robes and her little inn. She sighed hopelessly as she look into the cold never-ending snow.

"This is awful. No beasts close by to rest in my cozy inn, their either lost or frozen solid by now............." she got up from the little stool she was sitting in and noticed a beast moving quite calmly through the snow. Her eyes widened in surprise and awe as she saw the most magnificent wolf she had ever laid eyes upon.

He grinned evilly and disturbingly as he walked towards her. His blue eyes looked down on her. "Well, hello there!!!!! Is this the way to, ummm... what was it called...? Oh, yeah! That Whitespear place?"
Irtha nodded dumbly, "Ah yes! Ummm... yes just keep walking forward. But the blizzard is horrible!! you will freeze to death, Sir!!"
The wolf shrugged and took out a small lollipop. "ahh, thanks!! Hahahha. here's a reward for your services!!!" he shoved the lollipop into Irtha's mouth and slowly began to walk away.
Irtha, confused and quite interested, rose her voice, "Who?...........who are you!?!?!"
The wolf grinned, "The name's Silverwrath, King of all wolves, hehe, and I'm giving this Great wolflady a visit on the mountain top. See ya!!!!"

Silverwrath blissfully left and walked towards the raging blizzard, disappearing into nothing. Irtha had no idea what to think, and did the only think she could think of, enjoy her lollipop.

Swamps of Decay, Ashlands

Ruler: (Lord Athagon of the Graves)

Pestilence, diseases, and the foul smell of death reek powerfully in the Swamps of Decay. These marshes and swamps were simple and, of course, hazardous, but beasts lived peacefully and in harmony, as no beast would dare venture to the unknown swamps. That is, until Athagon arrived, giving birth to the disease and death ridden Ashlands. His rule has left deaths and plagues roam freely into the region, killing many, and those opposing him being enslaved and tortured. Sooner or later, his plague will reach all other regions, killing everything in its path.

Witness account of the existence of the beasts only known as Reapers, if beasts of this description are seen, Kill or Flee orders are to be executed immediately.

Signed, Athagon of the Graves.

The day was near at its end, the twilight of the ending day came slowly on the marshes of the swamps of Decay. A single boat with some passengers slowly moved to its intended destination. A family consisting of a poor Rat mother and her 3 sons, a newly joined couple of ferrets, out to make a meager living, and at last the beast who commanded the little boat, and two strangers at the far end.

Roth shivered as he looked at the stranger: Both of them rats, one pure black and the other, dark blue in fur, wearing only black capes that covered their entire bodies. Their eyes white as the moon, and litlless, cold to the very soul. The worst, however, was their mouths, sewn together by leather strings, never talking or saying a single word.
Roth had tried making conversation, but no beast was up to it, all of them afraid they might die, or worse, become diseased. But not the strangers. No, they were calm and even felt at home. It gave him deep chills and he wondered, who were they and what did they want in this diseased ridden swamps?
The two strangers gazed upon each other, no words were spoken, as they knew their goal, their purpose. They were here to end a life, a life misusing a sacred gift for his own will. They were reapers send to deal the cold embrace of death, and they will stop at nothing to meet their master's wishes, Death.

Ebonrare Forest

Rulers: (Kalanna Darkblade) (Ira and Mercy Twin fangs)

Luscious, bountiful with splendor, and beautifully deadly are what can be said of Ebonrare forest. The forest has been home to countless beasts: lords, adventurers and many other beings, all of them pulled to its unending charm and spectacular weather. Yet, such a perfect climate and land gives prosperity to many things, all of them dangerous, bearing home to the Giant bloodbeatles, Goliath blackspiders and many more natural predators and creatures. It is a forest full of wonder and deadly beasts roaming every single inch of it. The forest is in a constant war and dispute from the three rulers wishing to gain an advantage to each other, using any resources they can find on the ruins of old and natural caves everywhere.

Bounty of the assassins Comet and Hera have been tripled by the order of the Twin fangs. If their heads are brought in a silver plate. a commemorate statue will be placed on which ever twin fang receives them.

Comet Flametail

Wanted for the murder of countless soldiers of the Mercy Twin fang armada and the humiliation of Mercy twin fang. She is a Vixen with misty purple eyes, wearing quite extravagant purple clothing's of silk, and sporting tattoos of swirls on shoulders and strange butterflies on her ears. Her trademark method of killing is decapitation with the scythe, recommend extreme caution.

Hera Blackwolf

Wanted for the murder of the husband of Ira Twin fang and the threatening of all her dominion. She is a Wolfmaid of pure black fur and purple eyes. She wears a usual green and purple assassins outfit. Her trademark method of killing is a silent slitting of the throat with daggers or the agonizing bleeding from the chests with daggers, recommend extreme caution.

Sands of Deselai, Canyons of Deselai

Rulers: (Sand lord Milgreo) (Warlady Vidan Snyre)

Scorching hot and merciless to the weak, unending flames that sunder the flesh, is instantly told by any beast visiting or living in the deserts of Deselai. The blazing desert was once the home of the legendary dragons. Now, mostly all of them are gone, leaving the Desert Lizards as supreme rulers of the lands, lead by Sandlord Milgreo, who claims to be of dragon descend and thus ruler of all Deselai. Next to the desert are the Canyons of Deselai, home to Warlady Vidan Snyre, last known beast to have defeated a dragon single-pawed. Her canyons hold the ruins of many civilizations and the greatest mines and ores only those from Whitespear can barely equal. Both Rulers are in a constant struggle to claim the other's land, leaving the desert and canyons with unending bloodshed.

A Simple recalling of the first time I gazed upon the lands of Deselai

Signed Dragonslayer Ornray

True at its very nature, the fiery desert was relentless in its heat, my golden armor gleamed from the heat and rays from the unending sun. Ahhh! It was glorious to gaze at the never ending sea of sand stretching far in its dunes and into what can only be known as the unknown. I had faced worst heats, thankfully. Dragons are notorious for their affinity to fire, making this heat just a small bother, but nonetheless incredible. My mission was simple as I recalled, kill any lasting dragons or those from their ancestry. I will do what my family has done since the moment Dragonslayer became our names. I will fulfill this mission, even if I have to defeat this entire desert on my own.

The Fallen, Gone but not forgotten


Not the first to arrive, but surely the first to go.

Druze’s death might have gone fast, unnoticed, and plainly uninspiring in its moment, as his body was torn to shreds by the strange creatures that had so brutally taken his life, they all panted and were filled with excitement as at last the blight they held was coming to an end, removing their hoods it could be seen, that each and every single one was disfigured and horrendous in some way, many had different body parts of beasts, others swollen and feral looking like their long ago ancestors, but all of them mages, all of them shape shifters gone wrong. They had tried to be everything but themselves and lost their image, became monsters that could only live as part of others, could only be hideous and unwanted in a forest so hateful of even the simplest of magics. A single mage, his heart pumping fast as he absorbed the remains of Druze, felt the knowledge swell into his brain, and with an effortless movement of his paw, was a normal looking rat once more, they all gasped at the miracle before them, the rat mage fell to his knees as he cried in happiness at what had just happened his brethren quickly demanding the knowledge as well, and the rat, happily shared this miracle to each one. Finally free of their hideous forms the beasts now where beautiful and serene in their image as they embraced being one beast once more, they adored, no they thanked the death of Druze as their salvation, they talked and wondered how could a bloody death of one, bring so much joy to others, soon thoughts came of Druze being something more, a gift, even something of a high power as they debated within themselves if they should of killed him or not, one part saying he was just one beast, the other claiming more, in the end only one thing remained, and that was that Druze saved them. Time went on, more and more was he revered as a savior and in time, worshiped as the father and overall even a diety of some sort, the mages, their children’s children, saw him as that, in time his very own little cult of shape shifters was born, worhshiping a small idol of his image, and thanking him for his gift, his bloody death forgotten, proving that even in death, one could shape the world in many ways.



Gender: Female

Species: Weasel

Age: Unknown

Place of Origin: No one but herself knows.

Weapons: A Broom with Pink hay and golden handle, and tarot cards, each one which holds a spirit within them, among other things, and can be used to make pacts with spirits, demons, and capture the essence of monsters. They act as her spells.

Appearance: Her fur is slightly pinkish. She wears a witch costume and a hat, both of them with Blue and Pink schemes (Pink Leather, Blue Rims and Trims). Her boots are made of brown leather and have twirled ends. She has two golden bracelets, one in each wrist: One depicting an otter and the other depicting a weasel.

Personality: She is a bit of a ditz. And she is obsesses with otters and can be a kind of a mad genius when it comes to things ottery, become intrigued and even drooling a bit when she encounters excelling otter “specimens”. But she is not below being friendly with them. She has no qualms on species. She acts a bit childish, and sometimes has unrealistic views on events around then. She hates when creature point that out, reminding them that “she is an adult.”

Background: Mysterious. She is in a search for excelling males of the otter species, for reason only she knows. She and her good companion and protector, Yummy the Otter, entered the Islands of Despair by mistake.

SPECIAL: Strength = 3 | Perception = 3| Endurance = 5| Charisma = 7 | Intelligence: = 7 | Agility = 5 | Luck = 10.

Starting Place: Ebonrare Forest


Species: Squirrel

Gender: Male

Appearance: A tall, reddish brown squirrel wearing beaten scalemail armor. He wears the bells on a bandolier across his shoulders and his sword across his back on the bandolier.

Weapons: Sword, some limited [magic ability], the [bells], short dagger in hidden sheath.

Equipment: Scalemail armor, water canteen, backpack, oil flask, lantern, coil of rope, tinderbox, half-dozen iron spiks scroll case.

Start: Ebonrare Forest

S=3, P=6, E=2, C=7, I=10, A=5, L=7


Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Personality: Dark humor, bizarreness, and fits of madness shroud Kundrul's personality, slyness and cruelty jogging up behind them. He seems to be seeking something, across the lands of Despair, the goal, even he knows not.

Appearance: The best description for him is bizarre. A tall, hollow-faced and corpse-like fox, black splashed across a red and whitish-gray hide, a belt of snakeskin buckled about his waist, a thin, steel blade bound in leather thrust through it. His jaw is a strange mess, crooked and twisted teeth lining his mouth, and large fangs looking as if they were threatening to drop out of his mouth, poking from along his lips and giving him a grisly-appearance. In a pouch slung about his neck, he carried a small, silver dagger, encrusted with designs, charms and omens of long ago-One nick of it upon his already well scarred and bizarrely tattooed body, and he would be granted the ability to shrug off the first strike of Death. If piercing a foe's skin, it gives a steaming hiss, burning the foe's flesh away to the bone. His face, covered with tattoos and scars, is that of a maniac-Tattoos depicting gruesome acts of murder are slashed down is face, white and black paint ran across his lips, painted into a never-ending smile.

Weapons: A jagged scimitar, crafted to resemble shark teeth, several small bombs, that, when exploding, shower everyone and everything within a mile of it with glass, steel and bone shards. And his silver dagger, the only magical item in his possession. Equipment: Belt, kilt of red and black rags stuffed into his belt, leather strips, small shovel hanging buckled to his belt, pouch containing silver dagger, canteen of poisoned red wine, canteen of water, several shard-bombs and the grisly remains of a torn-apart bird. He also owns his sword, bound in the leather strips.

Starting region: Whitespear

SPECIAL: -Strength: 7 - Perception: 5 - Endurance: 6 - Charisma: 4 - Intelligence: 5 - Agility: 7 - Luck: 6


Species: Pine marten

Gender: Male

Age: 48 seasons

Weapons: Druze has a shape shifting staff and he himself is a master of forgery

Personality: Druze is a solitary creature, who lives more for himself and does not know the true expanse of the world, having been confined to his location for as long as he can remember. He does not affiliate himself with other creatures, and does not communicate with others. However, he can be seen speaking to himself, about what is not known. Although he doesn't wish to involve himself in fights, he practices his abilities all the time, just incase. In battle, rather than rushing into it, he plays out the game step by step, but can become impatient, and likes to make the first offensives and act fast Appearance: Druze looks like a sullen creature, although his fur is stunning. It is a gleaming silver with midnight black spots, and his underbelly is completely white, giving his fur a deep contrast. A belt with multiple pouches is tied about his waist. Within the pouches are multiple different items, as he finds joy in collecting things, including unique colored stones, bird feathers, animal fur, and sharp items. A neck chain made out of small sharp bones hangs around his neck, and his arms are tattooed with unidentified designs and words Occupation: None

History: Druze was taught by his mentor in the unique ability of shape shifting, and his powers were also channeled into his staff, which has been his constant companion since his powers were fully realized. His whole life has been lived in Ebonrare Forest, and he has never travelled past its borders, as he is not a fan of change (ironically, this is what his power centers around). Affiliation/Location: Ebonrare Forest

SPECIAL: S=5, P=7, E=5, C=1, I=8, A=6, L=8

No Name

Name: No Name

Species: Mouse

Gender: Female

Personality: No Name is a happy-go-lucky and cheerful young mouse. She is really optimistic, and sometimes her optimistic personality can annoy others. She also is really unintelligent, but she can be logical when need be. She is also brave when it comes to battling, and uses rather witty and almost dumbfoundingly weird strategies to win. Appearance: No Name is a dark gray, almost black mouse with a cream underside. She has black eyes. She wears a light blue scarf around her neck and she also dons a purple tunic with a green star in the middle of it. She carries around a long, lightweight metal pole with writing on it. Weapons: Her scarf is a weapon. The long ends of the scarf can act like a whip when she twirls it in her paws, and her long metal pole is also a weapon. It is a pole and also a wand. No Name can cast star spells. Those are spells that have to do with the major constellations in the sky. There are a variety of star spells, but No Name can only cast a few of them. Equipment: She carries her pole-wand, a haversack with food, water, and little tools like nails, a mallet, string, a necklace, a rusted dagger, and a cask of oil inside, and of course her scarf. Starting Region: Sands of Deselai

SPECIAL: S-5, P-5, E-8, C-6, I-2, A-9, L-7

Eden the Seer

Eden the Seer

Gender: Male

Eye color: Blue

Species: Weasel

Place of Origin: Salamandastron

Appearance: Eden is a brown fur weasel and he wears a red tunic and he often wears either a Blue or a Green habit

Weapons: uses his claws in his werewolf form he carries an axe and some daggers and a magnum.

Personality: Eden is the most kind hearted beast according to his mother, he has good manners and helpes others who are in need, he is one of a kind who enjoys helping others and has become friends with lots of good and bad beasts. He has been known to be a seer.

Backstory: Eden was born in Salamandastron, at the age of 13, Eden found out he was a seer, by his friend Zealot Longclaw, whom has been Eden's best friend since they were kids, at the age of 16, Eden worked for the Long Patrol of Salamandastron, along side his best friend, Zealot, at the age of 18, Eden and Zealot joined the front line of defence of Salamandastron, where they worked as the cooks and warriors, at the age of 20, Eden and Zealot opened an inn in Salamandastron, he also met a nice weasel named Violet, whom he fell in love with, about a couple weeks later, he and Violet got married and worked with Zealot to run the inn.

Age: 20

Relationships: Zealot (Best friend) Andrew (Best friend)

Family: Unkown, parents probably dead

SPECIAL S-6, P-4, E-6, C-7, I-6 A-5, L6



Gender: male

Species: Mink

Weapon: Raven's Beak (if you don't know what it is ask Wikipedia ;) ), a crossbow and bolts with steel tips.

Appearance:Unnormal big muscles for his species. He has a darkbrown fur which seems to be black when the light fades. His eyes have the color of amber. A great scar runs through his face starting on the right ear and ending on the left side of his lower jaw.

Equipment: Blacksmith tools (Hammers; Pliers etc.), Food and water for three days, some bandages and brandy to take care of wounds, Chain mail and a green and black surcoat

Personality:A friendly beast.Always ready for some fun but merciless to anybeast that threatens him or his friends. He is also a good blacksmith.

History: Coming from the Northlands where he has worked as a blacksmith. One day his village got attacked by bandits and he was the only surviver. Since this day he has a great scar in the face and a burning hate against outlaws of every kind. Now he is travelling south to fight for beasts who can't fight for themself.

Special: S= 9 P=5 E=9 C=4 I=4 A=5 L=4


Name: Onepaw Bloodtooth

Species: Ferret Gender

Female Personality: Onepaw can seem a little strange and quirky to creatures who meet her for the first time and she’s also very pugnacious and always up for a fight. But on the good side, Onepaw is extremely brave, smart and kind to her friends.

Appearance: A distant descendant of Swartt Sixclaw, Onepaw once had six claws on her left paw until it was cut off when she was a dibbun. Now in its placed is a metal hook, tied on with a piece of rope. Her eyes are dark amber, and her ‘mask’ is jet black, and her fur a dirty tan. Onepaw wears a pale green cloak and a matching tunic.

Weapons: Rapier, hook, cat’s paw (A form of brass knuckle with curving metal claws attached)

Equipment: Rope (to tie her hook on), torch, a silver necklace, a parchment scroll containing the Bloodtooth-Sixclaw family tree, old canteen,

Starting region: Ebonrare forest


Name: Malfort

Species: Otter

Gender: Male

Personality: Kind of shy, though always joking when with friends. Always does what's right. Usually stops to think before doing, very very perceptive, knows lots of useful information.

Appearance: A little short, has a gold earring, and tattoos across his arm. Usually wears a bandanna tied to his head. Wears a white shirt, and black pants. Weapons: Usually has a sling, but can easilly use a bow. Always carries a dagger for paw to paw combat. Most skilled at long range combat. Equipment: Always has a haversack filled with provisions and basic first aid supplies. Also carries a knife, and mess kit. Carries a hood for bad weather.Finally, he carries a violin for entertainment.

Region: Swamps of Decay

S=4 P=10 E=6 C=9 I=6 A=6 L=4

Raisin Bloodsaber

Name: Raisin Bloodsaber

Species: Rat

Gender: Male

Personality: Usually a friendly creature and won't not hold grudges much

Appearance: He is a small rat with a much agile built and dark grey fur. His tail is shortened by what happened when he got captured and in the dungeon of Druulz High Wizard. He can climb almost any surface and thiefs well. He has one power for healing and for being almost invisible. His greatest strength is: He is not affected by magic at all. He wears a ragged sand-coloured tunic and several belts and a long cloak that hides his self and body and he can hide under it and not be seen since it is camouflage colour

Weapons: Depending on what he can steal

Equipment: He has his clothes and his little knives and lock picking gear. He has lots of little hidden pouches in places no one finds on his clothes. He carries a pouch with green pills that are energy food. He has a little vial in his possession which is coloured clearly and is water with stuff in it for endurance and speed. He has a sack for the things he steals

Starting region: Canyons of Deselai

Family: None

Friends: Vinet the Otter, his closest friend.


Strength: 2

Perception: 6

Endurance: 4

Charisma: 4

Intelligence: 7

Agility: 8

Luck: 10.


Species: Weasel


Personality: A master swords-beast who sees honour and pride in war. He gets extremely mad when a creature insults his family(other than his brother) and may even fight them. While at first he may seem shy and untrusting to a creature once they become his friend he will trust his life with them and be much more open. While overall he dislikes alcohol he will sometimes drink a little bit of wine because of Jak(he also knows a little Gaulish(French) because of this) A rather good sense of humour and will always help a creature get out of a foul mood. When he gets angry there is nothing that can stop him and he will use anything and everything to get at whoever made him mad. He is supportive of his friends and always wanting to help them, he would give his life for them. He is also chivalrous, this sometimes comes to his disadvantage when he faces a female opponent. While he continuously maintains his ideals and morals through almost all situations, refraining from the evils that most vermin commit, when put in a place of power over a group of vermin these morals are forgotten by him, almost turning him into a different creature altogether.

Appearance: He has light brown fur with a white underside and green eyes. And a few scars across his body, mostly hidden by his fur. His left eye is covered by an eyepatch with a green leaf sewn onto it, a gift from a tribe of otters who told him it would help him from being attacked by woodlanders thinking he is an average vermin. A Onyx ring on his left paw.

Weapons: A Steel Scimitar and Dirk

Equipment: Always wears a steel chestplate, usually carries around a bag with some bandages and medical supplies, a hammock and some rope for the aforementioned hammock, some cooking supplies, Flint and Steel, a small silver goblet and a bottle of wine.

Starting Region: Ebonrare Forest

S=6 P=6 E=5 C=5 I=7 A=6 L=5

Insofar Marvolo Deathcross

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Personality: Personality: Due to a betrayal, he has deep sadness and hate inside of him. He carries a huge despise for vixens. Due to the betrayal, as he assumes none of them is worthy of his trust, if, by some miracle he trusts them, he'll still be rather cautious.. Slyness is not his forte, but he still achieves his ends, if these ends need, and just have to have slyness, he will provide. He's bored easily, so he makes up spells.

Appearance: Insofar has black fur. Originally, it was a dark brown, but age and days of Necromancy turned him into a dark fosker. He wears a black tunic, and cloak.On his ring finger, has a onyx and platinum ring. The ring is a reminder of his love for a foxmaid. At his whim, it will send a beam of pulsing darkness outward. Originally the ring was ruby, but he sealed darkness into it, and it became black. He carries a small tome in his cloak, and has a necklace that looks like a lowercase t, and a six.

Weapons: Insofar carries a dagger, which can summon fire. He also knows a great number of spells, and he's a necromancer. He used to have Chaos wraiths to protect him, but they're lost.

Equipment: Insofar carries the Deathcross, which he can use to shift shadows and other things. His cloak is black as night and enchanted, so it can take a few hits. Look above for his ring. His spell book is a ancient book, The Book of Darkness and Light, but he has turned a blind eye to most of the spells. His knife is enchanted to summon fire, and lastly, he has a small sphere, which creates a small localized blast of energy.

Starting region: Whitespear

SPECIAL: S=2 P=7 E=5 C=5 I=10 A=4 L=7

Howl Riverwolf

Species: Sea Otter

Gender: Male

Personality: Howl is a proud, but usually friendly beast. That being said, he is often regarded as reckless when encountered with enemies. He is a tough creature who loves to fight others and has a strong sense of determination. He is quite wild in the midst of battle and can be described as mad when fighting. Like other otters, he enjoys shrimp and hotroot soup.

Appearance: Howl Riverwolf is a large, muscular sea otter. He has dark brown fur, which is graying in some places, notably his whiskers. He has dark brown eyes that often shine with the light of determination. He has several scars from past battles, one which runs down his jaw.

Weapons: Repeating crossbow, machete, one-sided axe, and a dagger

Equipment: He always wears a leather chestplate over a chain mail shirt. Howl carries a haversack with rations, a canteen of water, medical supplies, and a length of rope. He wears a belt around his waist, which he uses to carry his machete. He has two belts strapped across his chest with bolts for his crossbow attached to them. He also has his survival knife strapped to one at his chest.

Starting region: Swamps of Decay

S=7, P=7, E=7, C=3 I=5, A=5, L=6

Beo Longpaw

Eye color: Brown

Species: Hare

Place of Origin: Salamandastron

Appearance: He has Grey fur with brown specks and wears a breast plate. He's got slightly longer arms than other hares.

Weaponry: Sabre

Personality: Beo Longpaw is a kind of Hare who likes to be sarcastic to his friends & enemies. He will take sides with strangers and probably be a bit of a chatter box. He likes Redwall/Loamhege's Cooking, but can be a bit of a Glutton. But in battle it's a other story. He goes completely berserk, injuring or slaying any vermin he see's in his way.

Age: 34

Occupation: General of the Longpatrol

Relationships: Friends: The Badger lord, Commander Greenleg

Family: His Mum, Dad and brother and sister

Starting Region: Whitespear


Strength: 4

Perception: 6

Endurance: 6

Charisma: 6

Intelligence: 7

Agility: 5

Luck: 5


Gender: Female

Species: Weasel

Age: Young Adult

Place of Origin: Vermiria, Kingdom of the Dragons.

Weapons: She usually carry weapons disguised as toys, but her most deadly arms are her unarmed martial arts and grand mastery of spells to her.

Appearance: Her fur is Red, deep, volcanic Red, and her underbelly is slightly golden. She wears a Yuanlingshan, a form of Chinese attire, and with Red and Black schemes: The appendices are Red, and the body is cuff and body are black, and the trims are of true golden color. Her sleeves are long and have a pattern of hearts with golden color of the cuffs. Her dress has a skirt, cut and designed to look like four heart petals, the triangle part at the end and the round parts attached to the dress. Her boots are made of some kind of red leather. She has small and round inside a small pummel attached to her dress above her chest.

Personality: She is high strong and cheerful. She is he kind of person that does not let anyone tell her what to do, but is reasonable enough to heed a warning. She has strange attraction for the bizarre, and an even greater love for Dragons. She has a fiery temper if she is tempted with, but is cheerful, helpful, and lovable when calm. She can be pretty mystifying at times.

Background: She is Princess of Vermiria, and the only heir to the Emperor and Empress. Over the course of her life, since she was a mere three seasons old, she has been adventuring all over the world. She and her eternal companion, Crue the Golden Dragon, entered the Islands of Despair by mistake.

SPECIAL: Strength = 4 | Perception = 3| Endurance = 5| Charisma = 7 | Intelligence: = 7 | Agility = 7 | Luck = 7.

Starting Place: Sands of Deselai


Gender: Male.

Species: Wolf.

Age: Ageless, looks like a young adult.

Place of Origin: Elemtia, The land of the spirits

Weapons: He carries a sentient long-sword knows as Valor, and has access to an assortment of divine magical abilities.

Appearance: He wears a Keikogi, Cerulean for the part of the shirt and Deep Red for the pants, belted by an overlong belt that ends up hanging out through his right side, being nearly as long as it scabbard that hangs on the left. He wears black leathered boots. His Scabbard is nothing unusual, is a simple leather casing of brown leather. His sword looks simple in design, looking like a common katana, but is made of powerful metal and is expertly crafted.

Personality: He is courageous and confident, and never cowers when somebeast is in need. His demeanor is calm, but always has a confident smile on, except in serious situations. He manages to keep his cheerful personality after becoming an Ethereal.

Background: A powerful wolf that decided to become an Ethereal to protect his homeland ,and those dear to him, when civil war struck it, along with a few companions. As a result, He became, it may say, a living god; but he paid dearly for it, as he was wiped from the face of existence: He lives forever and exists as a powerful entity, but no one is aware that he ever existed: Nearly all the evidence that he ever existed was wiped from the face of the earth. Despite this, he found new friends among his other fellow friendly Ethereals. Whether by summoning or mistaken warp, He someday found himself in the Islands of Despairs.

SPECIAL: Strength = 9 | Perception = 6| Endurance = 6| Charisma = 6 | Intelligence: = 1 | Agility = 7 | Luck = 5.

Starting Place: Whitespear.