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Vanora Galedeep

Sex: Female

Species: Sea Otter

Age: Twenty Seasons

Weapons: the Galedeep Blades, twin curved swords belonging to her ancestor, the legendary Finnbarr Galedeep, who gave his life to stop the Foxwolf at Southsward; the iron ramming spike she personally installed aboard her galleon, the Kiaori, to be used against wavescum.

Physical appearance: Vanora is a large otter with a tall, muscular build, long limbs and jet black fur. Her eyes are a piercing ice-blue. She has a jagged scar tracing down her face from her forehead around and down the side of her jaw to her neck; faded talon scratches on her sides and a single tattoo on her left forearm, a pair of crossed swords, visible when her sleeve's pulled back. Vanora wears a simple black tunic with a black vest and a dark gray scarf bound around her brow to keep the sun off her head. 

Scars: faded talon scratches along her sides, her right ear's missing.

Family: Mauran Galedeep (Father), Kiaori Galedeep (mother, deceased), Doral Galedeep (maternal grandfather)

History: Vanora was born one of the Galedeep otterclan on Green Isle.  One day when she was barely out of Dibbunhood, a black eagle named Ardric mistook the otterbabe for a young rat and grabbed her, taking her high above the Isle. A terrified Vanora had just enough sense to scream her clan's warcry, letting the poor nearsighted eagle know he'd caught an otter instead. She was safely returned to the ground, but the experience left her with both physical and mental scars; she's struggled with a lifelong fear of heights since then.

Her mother often told her the story of her ancestor Finnbarr and the Galedeep Blades as she was growing up. One summer when Vanora was ten seasons old, Kiaori was killed while helping repel a corsair attack on the east coast of the Isle. She ran to defend her, but a blow from a cutlass cost the maid one of her ears and knocked her unconscious. The vermin left her for dead. When the young otter regained consciousness, she found her mother dead beside her. Enraged and grieving, her first thought that of avenging her, Vanora set her mind on honing her combat skills daily from that point on. The following spring, Vanora's travels took her to the Abbey, where she recovered the Galedeep Blades. She named the first ship she ever commandeered for her mother, to honor her memory.

Special Skills: Navigation without a compass and map-making.

Motto: "Keep your mind as sharp as your swords"

Warcry: Galedeeeeeeeep!

Appears in:

1: User_blog:Snowstripe_the_Fierce/The_War_of_Southsward