Planning page for an RPG I'm going to run, no name as of yet, but something either focussing on their wandering or friendships would work well. Character submissions are welcome at the stage.  

If anyone wanted to be a villain, that should be fine too. 

Current characters are: 


Indigo Stoneborn

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Appearance: Greyish orange fur, white stomach and throat. White hands and feet. Lithe build, average height. Rather blunt teeth: doesn't eat meat. Has piercing purple eyes. Wears a brown longcoat, and wears a blue scarf around his neck. Wears tough sharkskin gloves that grip well, for when he has to climb rocky surfaces.

Weapon(s): Whip, dirk.

Owns a lute, and is fairly skilled with it. Constantly told that he has a good singing voice, but hates singing.

He was given his whip to help him with climbing, growing up in a family of squirrels made this quite important. His dirk is a gift from his father. It was found on his true mother's corpse, and was given to him when he reached fifteen seasons.

Personality: Fairly outgoing and friendly, can persuade people easily. Rather sheltered from the "real world", and naive. Enjoys music and fine food. Indigo is also rather lazy. Has never really encountered species-ism yet. He is very indecisive, preferring to keep his options open until the last possible moment. 

History: He and his mother were found near Noonvale, with his mother dying. The villagers took them in, seeing no harm in the two. His mother died a few months later, and a kind-hearted family of squirrels adopted him. He grew up with his adopted sister, receiving a normal woodlander's upbringing, save for a few unpleasant instances. His parents died when he was 17 seasons old, and he decided to travel, and see the world outside Noonvale.

Dalanora "Nightdeath" Maccoinneach O'Rallahaigh

Species: Otter

Gender: Female

Age: Adult

Place of Origin: A holt in the far northlands

Weapons: Dirk, Claymore, Teeth and Claws

Personality: Kind-hearted to mates, but has a tendency to be cold because of her past. The horrific and traumatic loss of her loved ones left the otter with bloodwrath.(see backstory)


Eye color: Dark green (on right side), the other eye's blind.

Fur color: Black, except for tan splotch covering back of head, it makes her look like she's wearing a tan executioner's hood.

Nightdeath is a tall, muscular otter. She's attractive, but has a long, deep scar running across the left side of her face from her forehead, across her eye and cheek down to her chin, the scar stops just before reaching her neck. She keeps her blind eye covered by a musselshell patch. She wears a red tunic and blue vest with a weapons belt slung over her shoulder.

Back Story: Dalanora used to live in peace in a little holt on the Northeast coast with her beloved husband Tallion and their four baby kits, sons Jir and Varon and daughters Driana and Acair. Her family was slaughtered in cold blood in front of her eyes when she was captured and enslaved. Seeing this twisted her mind from the kind beast she used to be. Dalanora lost her eye while trying to protect her family; a fox named Sharaddan hit her in the face with his cutlass while she was standing in front of her babies. While the otter was down on the ground screaming and helpless in agony, her kits were murdered. After two years serving as an oarslave on Sharaddan's galleon, Dalanora seized her chance, went berserk with bloodwrath, killed every vermin aboard and made her escape.

"Nightdeath" is one of Dalanora's battlecries and she adopted it as her nickname. She goes by her nickname, her real name for her only brings back memories of pain.

She's the daughter of Malcolm Maccoinneach. 

Astrix Dawnhammer

Species: Squirrel

Gender: Male

Appearance: Astrix is a middle-aged squirrel of average height with a lean build. While not albino, he has pale fur that is the same color as the moon. He wears a cyan-colored robe and is often seen with a blade of grass protruding from the side of his mouth.

Personality: Astrix is best described as an easygoing, patient beast with a good heart. While he firmly abides in the principles of peace, he will fight to defend others who are unable to defend themselves. Although he may initially appear lazy, this is merely a facade. This makes it somewhat difficult for other creatures to get to know him, which gives Astrix an enigmatic air. Astrix is actually a very helpful, loyal, and generous creature who is more intelligent than he initially appears. He is very ideological and pensive and will occasionally voice his philosophical views. However, the ideals that he has formed as a result of his upbringing reflect a somewhat naive view of the world, which gradually became more realistic after he left Noonvale. In addition, Astrix is a rather stoic beast who is able to take most things in stride. As he has grown older, Astrix has become more wise and solemn, but still retains a sense of humor, even if he doesn't let it show very much. One of his favorite pastimes is to stay outside during the night and stare up at the starry skies.

History: Astrix Dawnhammer was born in Noonvale and grew up learning the value of peace and life. However, unlike many creatures from Noonvale, Astrix sought adventure and bid his friends and family farewell as he set off to journey the world. Upon discovering what the world outside Noonvale was truly like, he realized why he had such a sheltered upbringing. Although he continued to travel, his outlook on the world became much more melancholy.

Weapons: While Astrix is a peaceful creature who carries no weapons on his person, he uses his staff to defend himself and protect others from harm. Additionally, he is surprisingly capable in unarmed combat, but prefers to use his staff should he end up in a fight.  

Dagfinn Saltwhisker

Species: Sea Otter 

Gender Male 

Age: Unknown, somwhere between 22 seasons and 45 seasons

Place of Origin: Unknown, doesn't remember due to childhood trauma 

Weapons: double-edged dagger, Gullwhacker, sling, natural defenses 

Personality: Due to being captured as a Dbbun by searats and corsairs, Dagfinn has always shown hatred towards them. Growing up as a slave,he eventually escaped with as many slaves as he could,and escaped. He later captured a corsair ship, and renamed it the Sealily. He is unconfirmed to have Bloodwrath, or just a deep, violent rage-fueled hatred for searats an corsairs. 


Eye Color: very dark brown, is known to turn reddish when in the presence of searats and corsairs 

Fur color: dark brown, with soft, sable fur

A head taller than most otters, he is very intimidating and frightening to most if you catch him on his bad side. He is also very fast in the water, some comparing him to seals and dolphins 

Backstory: in an unknown, yet probably early part of his childhood, he and his family were capture by searats. Not being fighting beasts, they couldn't defend themselves. So, after spending all of his childhood as a slave, he taught himself to fight after watching the corsairs and taught others too. Soon, after freeing himself, his friends, and his family, he got them to settle down in a cave on the Western Coast of Southsward. He would have liked to live with them, but he told them he must stay alert and on the move. He must ensure nobeast ever has to live through that like he did.