Note: this is a character I made up for Stan.

Wearoat is an insane wearoat (a presumed ferroat-weasel or most likely a wearet-stoat cross). He was found wandering around Mossflower Woods by Skipper Riverdell and his otter crew. It is unknown how old he is, but it is presumed that he is in his middle seasons.


Being insane, he is known to say random things often. He sometimes talks to himself, and has been known to bite other beasts. Not much else is known about his personality, however, as it was most likely lost along with his sanity at some point. He is overall good-hearted, not showing an antagonistic side often.


Wearoat is usually seen with an ash stave, which he uses to travel, walk, and as a weapon. He has used cutlasses, a dagger, and spears, lances, and javelins throughout his lifetime. But, aside from his stave, he uses his natural defenses.


Not much is known about Wearoat's history as to his mother, father, and familial origins. This is most likely due to him being insane and not remembering them or choosing not to for personal reasons. He was found huddled in a cave, muttering to himself by Skipper Riverdell and his otter crew. He then attacked Riverdell and the otter threw him off and knocked him out. They then fed him at Camp Willow where he stayed and eventually befriended them. He has not been to Redwall Abbey, and from what we can assume, he originates from Mossflower Woods. He has mentioned one of his grandmothers when he, Riverdell, Fripple the Blade, Niko, Cedric, and the otter crew adventure to Badger Island. "What in the left root that comes from my fifth grandmother is going on?! Trying to sleep!" However, this could be due to his insanity, or that he was referring to his fifth great-grandmother.

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