We've had a lot of pages dealing in art, writing, and other fantastic Redwall-related projects, but here I thought I'd do something a bit differently. Instead of focusing purely on what you've done in relation to the series, I'd like to ask "where has the series taken you in general?" What about the books inspired you to come up with something new or encouraged you to get into a subject you enjoy? If you feel like sharing just post below in the entries section.

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TheEtanMan: Redwall was the series that gave me an escape from life. I found it and it took me on this adventure that seemed better than anything life could give me. But after finishing the series, and being made to leave my fantasy world, it just fell to the wayside. Now, I know that life can give me something better that Redwall could, though I will forever love the series. It also got me into writing, though I really haven't followed that way. But Redwall will forever be in my memories, I'll never forget you. 

Neildown Redwall itself was the real beginning for me both in literature and in artwork; beforehand I did like to draw and I did read an occasional book if I happened to come across one, but in both areas I was extremely lax until a friend convinced me to read Lord Brocktree. Though I spent several years unhealthily obsessing over it, in the end it was the largest contributor to my sense of imagination. From there I gained an even greater liking of medieval-centered literature than I had before and consequently it became the source of many ideas and projects I've completed to this day - some of which can be viewed here --> [1]. Most of my work, whilst not really "Redwall" anymore, has a great amount of it still hybridized in the mix, and that's kind of what I wanted to focus on in this page. Looking back at the influence the series had on me, there is very little in my creative work that could not be attributed to it in some manner.

Bluestripe Discovering the Redwall series was the beginning of more advanced literature for me, and served as an inspiration for my endeavor as a writer and the way I tell stories in general. As you can see, my love for Redwall-related works from RPGs to fan fiction to artwork led me to create the Redwall Wars Wiki so I could continue to let my imagination work with the legacy that Redwall left on me.

Wedgeback Well, I have definetly enjoyed the series a whole lot. I am working on reading High Rhulian right now. Personally, I am attempting some fanfics and a few rpgs.

Greyfur I really liked the Redwall series.  Its one of my fave's.  I kinda devoleped through it.

Segalia Redwall has played such a major role in my life that there was a whole chapter dedicated to it in my autobiography when I was required to write one in 8th grade. It has been several years since then, but, even though I have left the peak of my obsession, it has still greatly influenced me. It's hard to say how it's affected my writing since I started getting serious about writing the same year I got into Redwall, but the series combined my interests of animals and medieval warfare and this has been represented in much of my writing since. The fanfic that I started when I set up my account on RW encouraged me to pursue a work until it was finished and the moral of striving to be a warrior are both mottos that have stuck with me.

Gren  That's a hard one. The Redwall series has take me through a massive amount of ordeals in both cyber and real life. When I read my first book, Mariel of Redwall in 2004, I was hooked. The series was perfect for me; it combined chivalric heroism, reality (it deals with death, war and the constant struggle against mindless hate that we all deal with on a monthly basis after we reach an age that others' opinions begin to conflict with ours), medieval warfare,  small furry animals...what other series is so perfect? In September 2010 it brought me to Redwall Wiki, and I created an account soon after. In November I came here, where I met many friends that I love to this day. In real life I was desperately shy and reserved, so I never had more than one friend, who was usually a shy and reserved person like me ;) . It has truly blessed me with a better life, and I am overjoyed that God broguht me to this wonderful series, and to everyone who has stuck with me through the years.

Lath I had been writing and roleplaying Redwall-type for about seven years before I came upon Redwall, and it was so close to the things I already loved that I fell in love with it. It taught me to stand up for myself more and to be more confident. It has helped me become a better writer. And it's gotten me through hard times cause when it's bad, just read a Redwall book and then dream you are in the world.

Raw to your mom's house.

Long Patrol Girl  I started reading Redwall when I was in the fourth grade and continued to do so basically non-stop up until about the eighth grade (about the time I dropped off the map on the Wiki scene). Firstly, the books really jump-started me on reading; I am a voracious reader and love to read, but I am incredibly picky when it comes to books. However, I loved Redwall so much that they basically kept me busy reading for nearly four years! Redwall also was a bit of a beacon to me and to a good friend of mine during middle school, a rather not-fun part of my short little life, and I felt like I could go and read and immerse myself in a world of good versus evil, swords, epic quests, and kind fuzzy little woodland animals when kids were being lame, and it held a similar office in my friend's life as well. Aside from psychology, the biggest impact it has had on me was bringing me to the Redwall Wiki way back in 2009: it gave me a whole new artistic outlet, and I have grown immensely through doing artwork for the greater part of the active members of that wiki. It was more fun than I think anyone else can wrap their heads around, and it really did help me to improve by leaps and bounds in my art, a process which probably would have taken ages longer had it not been for the like-minded folks I met there. I was tasked to draw things I would have never drawn left to my own creatively-inept devices. Finally, the people I met there themselves were a real blessing to me. I made so many friends through finding other Redwall fans, friends who I still, years later, value and want to reconnect with. I am so very grateful for all of the things that this series has brought into my life, and I hope that it continues to bring new challenges, friends, and experiences as I get older.

Shieldmaiden I think the fact that I'm here writing this when I have two papers due tomorrow morning that I haven't written yet speaks for itself. This series was, in some ways, my salvation. I was at a dark point in my life. Cynical, angry, and pessimistic. Then I picked up a copy of Redwall. And... Redwall was different from any other children's book I had ever read. It was optimistic, but not unrealistic. It was serious, but not angsty. It was romantic, but in a beautiful, reality-based way. 

Don't get me wrong, there were times when the series gets downright depressing. Bragoon and Saro dying in vain, the slaughter of the young hares in Rakkety Tam, the genocide of the Sparra, Flandor's death, that scene with the rockslide in Mattimeo-and there's a million other examples I could add- but through all that sadness, there is so much happiness and joy, too. Tiria's coronation, Matthias becoming Redwall's Warrior, Mariel and Joseph's reunion, Folgrim's return to sanity, Gonff and Columbine, Kroova and Shogg becoming best buds, Deyna's reunion with his family- I could go on forever. 

The Redwall series is a perfect analogy of life, and it shifted my entire worldview. I began to see the merit in sparing life, in second chances. It showed that compassion, not strength of arms, was the way to win the only fights that mattered. And that it's OK to be optimistic, to be compassionate, to be... vulnerable.

Furthermore, Redwall is what made me discover my passion for writing. I remember sitting at the dinner table, eating as fast as I could then begging to be excused so that I could let the next chapter of Return to Noonvale out of my head. I would stay up late hiding under the covers, writing, re-writing, agonizing over the characters I had grown to love so much. (Not nearly enough, cause when I read over my old fanfiction, I am horrified at how out of character everyone is... then hurriedly revise current projects hoping to avoid the same mistakes) 

Oh, Redwall. There is no other series like it. The characters, the places, the food, the characters, the riddles, the characters. All unique, most of them deliciously flawed- even if not immediately obvious in the story, their actions reveal the flaws under the surface loud and clear. (Martin, Matthias, and Tungro to name three.) Many have criticized the series for its Black-and-White morality. I say it's one of the best features of the series. Children view the world in black and white, with no shades of grey. Whenever Jacques made a character that broke the mold- Tagg, Veil, Blaggut, Flinky, Romsca- he was challenging a child's black-and-white view of the world. But he did it in such a way that they never even realized it until they looked back. Until I looked back. I won't say that I grew out of the Redwall series- never- but rather that other things demanded my time. And the demands of life took their toll and during the transition to adulthood, somehow, it became lost in the shuffle. *literally- my copy of Martin the Warrior has never resurfaced.

And then I found a copy of Martin the Warrior for fifty cents in a thrift store. It smelled of adventure, beat up and old. One of the worse quality books I have ever owned. That's the one reason I held off reading it until I was desperate for excuses to procrastinate. Another was that I had read many negative things about Redwall in my time away, and perhaps it wasn't as good and glorious as I remembered. Perhaps the allure was only in my head. 

I opened the book- and just like that, I was back, as if I had never left. Details leaping off the page and into my brain. Noticing things I had missed, and the  implications they hold for the plot and for character development. Storylines and ideas long dormant opened up and began to blossom once again. For the first time in a long time, I can see clearly the characters I love so much- Keyla, grinning at his own joke while Felldoh rolls his eyes and Brome snickers. No, Redwall had lost none of its magic- or is it I who had lost it?

Redwall has had such an impact on my life, that I doubt I could remove its effects without fundamentally changing who I am as a person. When I look back at my work, I see such an influence from Redwall- even when I wasn't emotionally connected to the series anymore. Shouting "Eulalia!" to psych myself up to jump into cold water, using a Gousim warcry to silence a room full of people just the way it was done in the books, the way I describe things in fiction, my use of accents in my writing, and my tendency to refer to people as "mateys", the family tradition of making October Ale, Mole Deeper'n'Ever Turnip 'n' Tater 'n' Beetroot Pie and Shrimp 'n' Hotroot soup at Thanksgiving and Christmas, singing Kroova's Song at the oddest little moments. The ideals and beliefs my characters hold. The presence of talking animals in my original fiction. And other things came from the community of friends I had here. I type very fast, and I can thank the Redwall Wiki chatbox for that. I learned things about me and my writing habits from the Redwall community and I wouldn't trade my time with Redwall- with you guys- for anything. 

Thank you, Mr. Jacques. Thank you for everything. And I believe I am finally ready to read the Rogue Crew. I can finally say goodbye to the series I love so much. Or is it more like greeting hello to an old friend and welcoming them in for soem blackberry wine and story woven over the campfire?


Well, I feel bad about not seeing this as soon as I did, and believe me, I would have looked at it and typed my testimony sooner. 

Anyway, I first got into Redwall when i was in third grade, and I had just been brought into a much clearer world, with my glasses. Second grade I hated, as it had been a year of darkness, anger issues, depression, but now, in third, it was a much brighter world to look into, one where my hopes and dreams became ever so clear. I had gotten to Book Three: The Warrior and then I got into other things. This continued 'till about Fourth grade where I picked it up again and read the rest. This year was much brighter than third, and my teacher, (You know who you are, Mr. W. :D) was a greater help. I got up to the Long Patrol by February, and I was all alone, nobody ever bothering to go to that section of the school library to look at the big books. They just passed by and glanced at that rather nerdy fellow burying his nose in some nerdy fantasy book series. I didn't mind. I had the whole series to myself. 

I finished all available books by the end of fifth and have been rereading the books since and been over here and on the RW. When The Sable Quean and eventually The Rogue Crew came out, I hesitated to read them, and decided against them, so I could immerse myself in that wonderful world of Redwall again by rereading and rereading the books so when I got to the final book, I could be sure that I was completely ready to bid adeu to something that had been a driving force for me to hang on and not wish my childhood away, but cherish it, and relax in the care-free joy and wonder of youth, and as I wave goodbye to my childhood and shake hands with adulthood, I can also see Redwall in the window, smiling, as though it knows that I am ready to move on.

This is not a goodbye, it is a remembrance of a childhood I enjoyed not so very long ago, reading a book, the only true nerd in my class. So, if I leave you with anything, it is that you must remember it all started with a book. 

Rookie423(Ox Rookbane) If only I had clicked on this Wikia, I would've gave my side sooner.

I never liked to read, and it was a pain to get me to. I could never find a good book or book series to stick with. Going through school, I've been forced to read books that I have never enjoyed. Going through grade school, I've probably enjoyed only one book series. I got started on it when we read the second book in the series for school work, so I went from there.

This school year, I was in the last period of the day of the first week. It was math class (the highest math class in the school). When we were assigned seats, I was positioned next to a kid who I became friends with. I looked at his desk and saw he had "Salamandastron". I wondered what it was about and he gave me a description either I don't remember or thought was insane.

Three weeks later, we're still next to each other. After I read a book from Gordan Korman that our school library had, I was scanning the shelves for a book to read. In my Language Arts, we had to read 500 pages (Why 500? I will never know...) and do a booktalk on it. I already had some pages put down for my Gordan Korman book, so I just needed one more book to complete...

As I scanned the shelves, I came across the meager collection of the books Brian Jacques wrote. I looked through all of them and saw "Lord Brocktree". This book caught my eye and I checked it out and read it. I enjoyed the book a lot picked up the series.

Although I am everywhere with it, I plan on continuing to read it. Unfortunately the school library does not have ALL of the Redwall books, but they seem to have the Redwall book itself featured on a Fantasy Section on a school library website. I've finished 4, and I'm reading my 5th one.

Redwall has brought me into a place of imagination where in my head, I can escape from troubles of life and have an imaginary friend or two. There's nothing wrong with that; I'm just lonely. We're humans after all, and we need to be social in some way. The Redwall series has sparked me to expand to a greater vocabulary. It has also started me on a career of being an Author. I've drawn some figures of species from the Redwall series in my freetime, so it can be assumed I'm an Amateur Artist.


Noticed this is sort of old but it seems like an interesting idea and since I finally left I may as well put in my entry as well.

Well to start off I have to say that the best thing that happened because of this series was simply me joining this fan site, Met many awesome people and even met my girlfriend of 4 years and best friend to this day through this site. Had many amazing moments when I was younger and really had a place to visit when I was feeling a bit lonely. There always seemed to be friends and people to talk to here, even as the site sort of started to die out a bit. But no matter how far I go from here I'll always drift on every now and then to remember the good times that were had. You all were my best friends for a long time.

As for the series itself it really started off my love for anthro animals and that whole orb of fun. Eventually that set me along my path of making fursuits and the like for furries which has turned out to be a blast and something I was quite good at. And none of that would have any part in my life were it not for Brian Jacques and the Redwall series. At this point I cannot even imagine what my life would be like if it were not for this series.

I don't want to go on for super long since there really is a ton I can say. But in short my life would be nothing were it not for this little series of books.


Wow. It is so neat reading everyone's individual testimonies, and this page is actually a bit old as wiki pages go, so I'm surprised I haven't seen it sooner. And just as I read this, the waves of nostalgia that hit me, I practically feel as if I am/was part of your Redwall stories. And mine? Well, mine is quite a lot like Neil's, up at the very top here. My beginning wasn't very interesting, for I had friends that were really interested in Redwall and would talk about it and I was never really interested. And my brothers caught on and we got some of the books from the library. I can remember one of them getting Lord Brocktree and I picked up Mossflower, though at the time I really wasn't that into reading and this hardcover was huge so I never even read it. I really just had it because my brothers were getting into it.

I can't really recall when I actually started liking Redwall. I just know that we were all ordering the books off of amazon and ebay, all kinds of paperbacks, hardcovers, and the tribes of Redwall. We did it so that none of us really had the same book so that we could switch off and borrow others to read. I think at one point I had several that my brothers had already read and I still wasn't really into them. One time I was reading Martin the Warrior and I got to the part where he was tied up outside Marshank in the terrible storm, and as he remembered his father I just felt so sorry and sad for him and I went to my dad and cried. We decided that I maybe shouldn't be reading it, so I stopped and felt better. Not too long afterward (maybe a year or so) I was going to bed and my brothers had gone to bed before me and were listening to Redwall on cassette. I heard it and was fascinated. It just sounded so real, enthralling, and I hated to have to leave it and go to sleep. From then on I gradually started to like Redwall more and more, and ironically my brothers started to like it less and less, though they still liked it and would ask to read the latest as they came out. And then there were the audiobooks. My oldest brother spent more money than he should have on the Redwall audiobooks from iTunes, of which we had most. So growing up to like Redwall even more, I would hear them over and over, learn to sing the songs and imitate the character's voices. I can just remember tying an old rope or belt around my waist, grabbing a large stick, and pretending that I was an otter or mouse. Or just laying in bed and trying not to fall asleep as I listened to Tammo traversing the woods with Russa and The Long Patrol.

The apex of my fanhood came around when Doomwyte and Eulalia! came out, up until the Rogue Crew. I'm realizing that this is turning out to be much longer and more roundabout than I anticipated. Anyway, it got to the point that, even recently within the last several years, that I was buying all the books with coverart that I took a fancy to, the collectors items, graphic novel, even the UK editions and songs CD which I ordered from England and the La Dita bookshop. And guess what, they came with free keychains! I felt so cool and close to Redwall, walking around school or into a library with a Redwall keychain on a necklace around my neck. Alas, I lost one in an atv accident and the other I misplaced. I wish I could get another, but at least now I have even more nostalgia to be reticent of.

Yes this is definitely proving to be much longer than I intended. Moving forward. I clicked with people at school over Redwall, my bestfriend had read some and liked it, his sister was an even bigger fan. I got him even more into it and we would discuss Redwall stuff. Then I had this idea and we would write each other poetry. I wrote some Redwall poetry, but it was really just the gateway for me, and now I am writing a poetry book. I just finished one poem today and am working on several more. And art? Well, that's the other thing. I started drawing crude sketches and representations of Redwall characters and some that I made up. I was taking an art class, and I took every opportunity to draw something Redwall-like. A watercolor of a young rabbit, a pen and ink portrait of Brian Jacques, I would show them my developing style of digital art which I started doing on my iPod touch and they called me "digi".

And now?

I am finishing my sophomore year studying for a bachelors degree in animation, I am writing a poetry book, and I do all kinds of art such as drawing, graphic design, and creating logos and digital painting. I can and do directly credit Brian Jacques and the Redwall series for inspring ALL of this, elements of this in the very least. My last animation project was a Little Bo Peep/Redwall crossover, and the first college paper that I did was a narrative on how Brian Jacques and the Redwall series has inspired me to where I am today. I really could go on all day, but I feel that I've already typed so much and no one will even read this far. Well, I still listen to the audios when I get around to them, for old times sake and to just relive the memories and study the characters, scenes, and plots, and I would read the books but I just procrastinate to much, so my ever-growing collection mostly collects dust.

There are so many of us fans out there. Just so many. Almost everyone I meet and mention it to, says they know of and have read and enjoyed Redwall. I want to make Redwall tshirt designs, and I think that if I do not break copyright laws, they could do very well. Well, so much wishful thinking, and yeah, like this series of books is totally good. Look how it has inspired each and every one of us? If Jacques could read this page I'm sure he could not avoid shedding a tear. He probably never dreamed he would impact so many people's lives for the better, and even inspire career paths, writing, artwork, friends. I'll leave it at that. Jacques, I can just imagine you here looking over my shoulder and smiling through your wrinkled old face and squinting eyes. Thanks so much sir and thank you fellow Redwallers. Forest-F.FAdventure calls from over red walls 03:52, January 8, 2016 (UTC)

The Mountebank

I was a little bitty thirteen year old when I started Redwall. I was a bit reluctant, since I was so self-conscious back then I didn't even want to to wear the jeans my mom got me because they were light blue and all the boys wore dark blue. i had picked up Mattimeo from a school library, when we were going to go on a vacation, and my mom always wanted us to bring a book to read in the car, because we never rode planes. Heck, I couldn't spent the whole seven hours on a plane ride just staring out the window, it would be so cool. Anyway, we had been there twenty minutes, and I still hadn't picked out a book for myself. My mom told me she'd find a book for me if I didn't hurry up. I grumbled and swore under my breath as my eyes darted across the shelves I was by, looking for any book to pretend to bring along like I'd read it. I did a quick eeny-meenie-miney-moe on one of the shelves, and during that my finger landed on some book with a title I couldn't pronounce and an author who sounded like some long-dead French guy. I grabbed it. My mom stomped over, looked at the book, turned to me in disbelief, and smiled. After we checked them out, I stuffed it into my bag and


Sayna S. Luke

Well, I guess I'll do this too ..

When I first found Redwall, I was twelve, and I really didn't have even one friend my own age, at least not anywhere near where I lived. I didn't have any goal in life, and all my dreams were empty and hopeless .. I knew being a rodeo barrel racer, my greatest ambition, would probably never happen for me. I didn't really know what I was made to do .. I could draw, but all my inspiration was gone, and in truth, I was severely depressed and felt like a total failure as a human. While visiting some friends who live a good ways from me, my closest friend at that time offered me a copy of Mossflower to read while we were there. I was honestly more concerned with spending time helping them build a clubhouse and talking to the horses in the pasture, but about halfway through our visit, I got sick. The worst possible thing at the time, I look back and realize that was the best thing that could have happened to me .. because left alone on the couch, I read Mossflower, cover to cover, and wanted more.

Back home I checked out Redwall book after Redwall book out at the library, and soon began collecting them. I'd piddled around with little story ideas here and there, but none of them had ever amounted to anything .. not until the day I created Sayna Sundew Luke, long lost daughter of Luke the Warrior and twin sister of Martin, and my dream horse, Ghostdancer, to go along with her. Lost in the attack of Vilu Daskar, and raised as the adopted sister of Rose in Noonvale, it soon became a rapidly growing plot .. an odd echo of the original.

I'd sworn to myself no one would ever see what I was doing, being painfully shy about my works and over-critical of myself. One day, fooling around with my grandpa's computer, I found Redwall Wiki simply by accident. I saw the artwork and read one of Salem's stories, and I knew .. I had to join, no matter what. Through trial and error I did, in the spring of 2013, and actually dared to share my art with the community. And as bad as it was ... you guys liked it! I started posting stories, pitiful attempts really, finally resulting in 'The Warrior's Beginning'. It was my beginning too, it really was.

I can remember getting my brother to play Redwall with me, mostly from my own fanfics, but hey. We named our tree house 'Salamandastron' and pretended to by hares and pirates and all sorts of things. Because of Redwall I convinced my dad to get me a bow and arrows, and now I'm in 4H Archery and another archery program, both of which I love. For Halloween one year, we even made our porch Kotir and dressed my mother up like Tsarmina. Also, we did Salamandastron the next year, my brother was Lord Brocktree, I was Sayna (myself of course) and mom was Ungat Trunn. Complete with lots of spiders, a cardboard Groddil and Fragorl, and celtic theme music. Needless to say, our house was the best on the block ^^ Through designing Redwall characters, I learned I love to design elaborate fantasy clothing and weapons, and through singing the poems I wrote, I learned I could (sort of) sing.

I've not been bored for almost four years now, if I wasn't writing in my free time, I was drawing, because I had inspiration to draw .. I could illustrate my books. Sometimes it was hard. Sometimes I was discouraged. Sometimes I took a critique too seriously and got nervous that I was a horrible writer. Because more than anything, I wanted to be good .. writing gave me courage, escapism from my lonely life, and friends .. real friends. I don't know where I would be without you all. I honestly don't. Redwall made me discover myself and my true personality .. I'm no longer very shy at all, and I'm simply a stronger person at heart.

Because I spent nearly every second of my time at my grandpa's house on his computer, writing, he gave it to me when he moved, and that was the first time I'd had the internet at my house and didn't have to bike to the library. It was wonderful. Consequently, I've written seven and nearly a half Redwall fanfictions, and discovered I want to be a professional author and illustrator, something I may have never discovered without Redwall. The series has inspired me to begin my own anthro novel, which could possibly be published, and has a chance to be if I do it well enough. If somehow, I do become a professional author, I'll never forget Redwall or my wiki friends .. so thank you :)

Sadly I found Redwall about July 2011, and it wasn't until a few years later I realized Brain Jacques had died that very year! I'd have loved to meet him, although I couldn't say what he'd think of my rather radical fanfics. Still, he created something, though not without its flaws, truly admirable. Redwall might not have the biggest fanbase, but it's something very special to have so much influence on me and others. I will always treasure it and the friends I've met through it, although perhaps not as good an author as some one like Charles Dickons, Brian Jacques is my role model and story-telling hero, in way .... so, Eulaliiiaaa!

Sayna the daughterof Luke 04:57, February 23, 2016 (UTC)


Well I randomly found this page, read it, and it's pretty cool!!! Most of your guys' sound a lot like mine. Now gather around, and I will tell my story.  ;)

I've always loved writing and drawing, I've been doing it since I was 5/6. My first book was called Worm's First Christmas, in case you're interested. Lol XD I've lived about half an hour away from town, and an hour away from everything, for most of my life, so I've always been rather lonely. I have my little brother, Spikes, but I'm sure you understand that's not the same thing. I read stories about girls who get to see their best friends every day, and that's always made me feel even more left out. The only time I regularly see friends is on Sunday. (Which is why I love going to church) Ever since I joined, I have not felt lonely for a long time. ^^ Anyways! When I discovered Redwall, (which you can read about on me profile on RW wiki) it inspired me to write my on book, Star of Salmonberry Pond. Then I discovered Redwall wiki, and fanfics, and decided to write my own. I started on Outlaws of Mossflower, but only got as far as the prologue, before I kinda just... I donno, I just didn't really feel like doing it. Then, just last June, I finally made an account, and posted what I had so far of Outlaws, though I didn't think anybody would really be interested. But I was wrong, of course, and once I got a couple comments, it helped me to write more, knowing that people actually liked it! Every comment, even the small ones, help me, seriously. :) If I hadn't joined Wikia, I would not be writing, I would have given up long ago, and I would be really bored, not knowing what to draw, and also my art would not have improved! (as well as I would still be lonely) So I want to say thank you to Sayna, Ox, Snow, E, Lord TBT, Reep, Lus, and if I'm forgetting somebeast they can stomp on my rudder, for being so epicly awesome!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!! *hugs everybeast* ^^ :') And from there, I have joined many other wikis, and started fanfics on httyd fanon wiki, though I haven't finished them yet. (except for one.) I've also started two of my own, and making my account was like the best thing that has ever happened to me!!! I also have to thank my friends Astrid and Gemstone, for introducing me to httyd, and helping me find out who I am!!! ^^

So now ye know. ;)

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