Earning its name from the age old stories of an unknown killer striking in the dark at a party or get together of some sort Whodunit RPGs are of similar make and can be extremely enjoyable for a group of at least 4. It is best suited for being played on a chatroom but can also easily be adapted for use in a blog.

The basic premise of the RPG is this: There is some kind of get together, party, or celebration with various characters enjoying themselves and intermingling. Normally something then happens that causes them all to be stuck in one room or a set of rooms. From this point the killer, a person who shall remain unknown and who is selected at random, shall begin their hunt and start to kill off the members of the party one by one as secretly as they can. It then becomes a race for the characters to either find a way out, or find out the identity of the killer and then find a way to subdue them or kill them.

The Rules

  1. If you are the killer you must never fully reveal that you are in fact the killer. When you kill someone you do not type it out but instead message the person privately. (PM them on chat usually) and tell them that they have been killed. In this message you tell them how they killed you, where they killed you, and how much they saw of you.
  2. As the killer you must provide SOME hints that it may be you so that the victims have a chance to figure it out. A smart killer would make these hints subtle and even try to lay down a fake trail or frame someone else as the murderer.