Hi, welcome to the Celebratory page! Here we do things specifically meant for the holidays[If you are from a different country then please leave me a message if you have any questions concerning this]. There's contests, games, and other activities for all. Try it out! The general rules are as follows:

  • You must stay within the margins of the theme, don't enter something that has nothing to do with the theme.
  • Nothing profane or suggests profanity. [I am allowing characters other than Redwall-related ones, so I'm making it clear.]
  • Nothing vulgar either. Cussing/swearing off limits.
  • Be a good sport. Don't get all PO'ed if you don't win.
  • Obey any further conditions stated in the contests.

==The Thanksgiving Day Contest Win [by a landslide] goes to - DANTHEMANB!!!. See records of all entries in this blog by going to Wiki Celebratory page - Archives


The current theme is Christmas Entries expire on December 25, 2009

Art Division

Do a picture of your favorite character in the current theme. [Post under here]

Christmas Cluny-From Verminfate No, I did not draw the picture. I just edited it.

Fanfic Division

A short tale of any characters


Redwall christmas

since no one is reading or posting i am jsut going to post a lame little polm that should win it for me....

I love Christmas I really do,

That's why on the fireplace I hang me shoe.


Secret Santa Attack of Doom(by M2)

A war between Redwall Warriors and Santa's Nefarious Elves