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The Thanksgiving play

(Please edit my spelling for me if I spelled wrong, that means you bluestripe...)

Nerarator: Long time ago in a wood that was not to far away, there lived some mice, and some otters and ext... Anyway, it was the holiday and they were preparing for a feast, for this was not just any holiday, this was Thanksgiving. But not all were happy about this coming feast.

Sasmore the hare: Wot is their bally problem wot? Just a handful of scones, a few slices of cake, a little pie, a small trifle, some ale, and a bit of Hotroot soup, and I get locked up in here on a diet of bread and water for 2 days. (At this time a nice looking mouse-wife opens the door and drops a loaf of bread and a canteen of water in the room)

Mouse-wife: Here is you food for the day, I wouldn't scoff it if I were you.

Sasmore: oh push tush! (He then scoffs at the food.

Later that day...


Voice from outside the door: No!

Sasmore: (Thinking) Hmmmmm if I can't have and good tucker on Thanksgiving no one will!

Music starts playing: Your a mean one, mister More,

You don't care about their feast you just go for the chow mister Mooooooooooooore!

You rob the ketchen's and you steal all the cream mister Moooooooooooore!

Your a mean one mister More,

(Music stops and little dibbun walks in.)

Dibbun: Mister Sasmore sir, why are you eating all our food?

Sasmore: Why I'm not scoffing all the bally food, I'm just testing it to make shure it's all good. I am going to bake alot more after this.

Dibbun: Ok (walks back to bed with a scone Sasmore gave him.)

(Music cuntenues, intill Sasmore goes back to bed)

The next morning

Frair: Omg, who would have like, done like such a mean thing?

Abbot: Sasmore.

Frair: Your lik, so toataly right, I am going to send skipper to like, go get him right like away.

Skipper: (after trying to get into Sasmore's room.) I can't get in, he baracaded the door!

(You see a bunch of woodlanders with a treestump they are useing as a battering ram attacking the door.)

After a long time battering the door open, (because of fat mice)

Random doormouse: *Glares then attacks narrorator*

At this point the narrorator is knocked off his perch and part of the stage falls over.

After a repare crew comes and fixes the damage they batter open the door only to find Sasmore fled in the night.

Skipper: I will go find him!

Abbot: But you will miss the feast...

Skipper: I will stay here!

One season later

A staving hare arrives at the salamadastorn.

Sasmore: Well, this is a jolly big mountian, wonder if there is any tucker?

After climbing most of the day he makes it high up and falls into a small window he didnt see.

Random Hare: Ahhh intruder! *spears Sasmore*

The End!


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===Poetry===-I didn't know where to post this so I put it here. As i lable the dif ppl just know that they are saying these parts and don't read them as part of the poetry.

-Ok cool, I like it! Yeah, just post under the category your entering, you got it right. Neildown-- 02:35, November 14, 2009 (UTC)

Random Abbot: Thanksgiving is the best,

That's when you get to rest.

Cluny: It's when you should fear,

A villain lord be near.

Matthias: They I detest,

For they do not let us rest.

Everyone: On Thanksgiving.

Mattimeo: I love this time,

Thought I cannot rhyme.

Another random abbot: This is not the least,

For we get to feast.

Gulo: On mice heads,

When they are not dead!

Everyone: yuuuuuuuuuuuuuk!

Log-a-log: This was a good year,

For many vermin you no longer need to fear.

Vilaya: There is still me,

And soon you will see.

Gnoff: Well I love you all,

In this good fall.

Everyone: On Thanksgiving day!

I hope you liked it!--

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