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"Zave Friend, Eat Enemy,"
Basic info
Owner Nitram the Warrior
Gender: Male
Species: Monitor Lizard
Weapons: Kitchen Blade, Natural defenses.
Birthplace: Praetoria
Faction: The Cuirezang tribe
Stories In: None, yet.
RPGs In: The War For Mossflower

The Warmblood Games


He was a very young monitor who worked on the Dragon, a machine that shoots fire, under the rules of Tiberiuz. After Tiberiuz was defeated, Vert personally broke his chain, and unofficially adopted him. He is now in path to becoming the next Chief monitor.


His eyes are green and dragon-Like. His scales have a pattern of dark green and black scales, with a golden under belly. No tattoos or protuberances. He has a slightly muscular body built. He wears the traditional monitor cape, but he has come to like the apron that Vert wears. He has an asparagus stalk hanging on his mouth as if it were a cigarette.


Charismatic, and snake like. Unusually for monitor, he is quick to make friends with outsiders. But his monitor nature cannot be denied. He will eat you if ye are his enemy, after cooking you into stew.