The crew of my grey character weasel corsair captain Zemmerug Zitspike will be listed here. (he is an Rp and Fanfic char). The ship is called the Midnight Fury. These corsairs are rivals with Gnarlspike the fox's gang of foxes, however, Gnarlspike trusts foxes, and only foxes. Zitspike distrusts weasels, thinking them to be the cleverest of all vermin. His crew consists of stoats, ferrets, and searats. He hates foxes, because he hates Gnarlspike. He accused the fox of "stealing his name".

This is the full crew, diceased characters will be included
300px-Zemmerug by FF

Zemmerug Zitspike, drawn for me by Forrestfighter

Beasts in authority

Zemmerug Zitspike (captain)

Blugsnutt (deceased first mate)

Dagg (deceased mate)

Whitepaw (current mate, former bosun)

Deddclaw (second mate)


Baggs (deceased bosun)

Waggy (current bosun)

Hogtoe (current cook)

Kubber (steersferret)


Sourback (deceased rat)

Skullug (deceased cook)

Sliptooth (deceased ferret)

Brownback (deceased rat)